FEMALE   4'0m3f Mothers: ...and female he created them

(all dressed in party dresses)

MOM -- (enters with purse and a hair brush, begins crossing, 
while shouting back to exit) Are you girls ready to go?

MEL -- (from offstage, sings) Coming.

TIF -- (enters in a huff, carrying hair ribbon) Mom, do you ever 
wish you were born a boy instead of a girl? (turns, faces 
audience with back to Mom)

MOM -- (brushing Tif's hair into ponytail) Not since I became a 
Christian. Why?

TIF -- Oh, it's just all this GIRL stuff, you know? It took me 
forever to get my tights on, and then I discovered a big hole in 
them. So, I had to dig through my drawers for some new tights. 
Then, I couldn't find the hair ribbon that went with this dress. 
And I thought, boys don't even have to wear tights or hair 
ribbons. I wish I could be a boy.

MOM -- Well, I, for one, would be very disappointed if your were 
suddenly to become a boy. I think your Dad would be too.

TIF -- Why?

MOM -- Well, for one thing, boys your age are not as cuddly as 
girls. Girls stay cuddly forever. Besides girls are prettier. 
Daddy says having girls around the house is like having a 
bouquet of flowers in every room. 

MEL -- (enters in huff, carrying hair ribbon) Mom, do you ever 
wish you were born a boy instead of a girl? 

TIF -- (laughs)

MOM -- Funny you should ask. 

MEL -- What's so funny?

TIF -- I just asked the same question.

MEL -- Well, what did you say?

MOM -- I said "not since I became a Christian."

MEL -- What happened when you became a Christian?

MOM -- I realized that girls are made in the image of God, the 
same as boys. (finished with Tif's ponytail)

MEL -- Oh, that. (turns, faces audience with back to Mom)

MOM -- (brushing Mel's hair into a ponytail) Did you ever wonder 
why God made two sexes instead of one? I mean, he could have 
created us all one sex. But he chose to create TWO sexes.

TIF -- Why?

MEL -- Yeah, now that you think of it, why are there TWO sexes 
instead of one?

MOM -- I think the answer is in Genesis 1:27.

MEL -- That was my very first memory verse.

TIF -- Mine too.

MOM -- I had you both memorize that verse first because it tells 
you who you are and what you are.

TIF -- Genesis 1:27. "So God created man in his own image, in the 
image of God he created him... "

MEL and TIF -- "...male and female he created them."

MEL -- But I still don't understand why you'd rather be a 

MOM -- Because I think we got the better half of the split.

MEL and TIF -- What split?

MOM -- I think God's image is too big for a single human being. 
So, he split his image into two images, male and female. I think 
he emphasized his power and provision in the males and I think 
he emphasized his softness and tenderness in the females. And I 
think the females got the better half of the split.

MEL -- (smiles) What do you mean?

MOM -- I mean, I think God emphasized his arms and legs in men, 
so they could fight the battles, plow the ground for food, and 
protect their families, things like that. But I think that God 
emphasized his loving heart and his gentle hands in women, so 
they would love to pat and pet their babies, care for the sick, 
and brush their daughter's hair. (kiss)

TIF -- You think so?

MOM -- I don't expect that you'll fully understand God's gentle 
hands and loving heart until you become a mother. (finishes 
Mel's hair) I feel sorry for men, because they will never fully 
experience the heart and hands of God, like a mother can. (hugs 

MEL -- I changed my mind. I'm glad I'm a girl. 

TIF -- Me too. (exiting opposite, holding out and admiring own 
hands) I think I've got the hands and the heart for it.

MEL -- (follows) I think I'll go tell Daddy how he got the short 
end of the split.

MOM -- (follows) Let's keep that our little secret, just between 
us females.

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