FATHER2  4'?m2f Salvation, forgiveness, God the Father's love

(scene: a conference room or several chairs in a horseshoe)

(light cue: dim to 50%)

LIZ -- (enters carrying several file folders and notebooks,
sits, sighs)

AMY -- (enters) Liz? Elizabeth? I just saw her. (turns to exit)
Where did she disappear to?

LIZ -- I'm here.

AMY -- (flicks on light switch)

(light cue: lights up full)

Liz, the presentation is in the boss's office. (points to exit)
What are you doing in the conference room?

LIZ -- I'm... I'm... hiding.

AMY -- Hiding?! Why are you hiding? Say, you're not worried
about your presentation, are you? I saw your presentation. It's
flawless. Why are you....

LIZ -- (cries)

AMY -- Liz,... (sits) What's wrong?

LIZ -- Amy, if something happened to me, would you.. would you
take care of by baby?

AMY -- Liz, don't talk like that. You're scaring me.

LIZ -- Promise me. Promise me that if anything should happen to
me, you'll take care of Sarah.

AMY -- Yes! Yes, of course I'll take care of Sarah! Liz, you're
not thinking of... of ending it all, are you?

LIZ -- No. No, of course not.

AMY -- Then why all this talk about leaving Sarah behind?... Oh,
this is about flying to Cleveland this afternoon, isn't it? You
get agitated every time you're about to fly.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- I thought we covered that. I told you last time that you
have a much greater possibility of getting into an accident on
the way to the airport than...

LIZ -- But at least I'm in control of the car. In an airplane,
I'm completely out of control.

AMY -- I thought your fear of flying would stop after you gave
your life to Christ.

LIZ -- So did I. But...

AMY -- But what? Why do you still feel eligible to be punished?

LIZ -- I don't know. I've done so many things that God doesn't
like. I guess I... I guess I...

AMY -- What, you don't think the death of Jesus on the cross is
enough to pay for all your sins?

LIZ -- Well, I'm sure it's enough. It's just that I've done so
many stupid and rebellious things, I don't think God wants to
forgive all of it.

AMY -- Oh. (pause) Tell me about your Dad.

LIZ -- My Dad?! Why do you want to know about my Dad?

AMY -- Humor me. Tell me about your relationship with your

LIZ -- Well, I didn't see him much. He was a workaholic. Most of
the time he came home just as I was going to bed. So we didn't
talk much, which was okay with me, since my grades were never
good enough for him. When I got A's on my report card, he told
me I should be getting A+'s. Then when I was twelve, he divorced
my mom and now I hardly ever see him. So, what does that have to
do with my fear of flying?

AMY -- Your problem is that you think God is just like your Dad.
He's distant and judgemental and unpleasable.

LIZ -- Oh, I see.

AMY -- And just when you need his protection, you think he'll
dredge up some mistake from your past and throw it in your face.

LIZ -- You don't think God is like that?

AMY -- Do you love your daughter?

LIZ -- Sarah? Yes, of course, she's the best thing that ever
happened to me. But what does...

AMY -- When Sarah was going through the terrible twos and said
no to everything you asked her to do, did you forgive her?

LIZ -- Well, of course.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Why? Because she's my daughter.

AMY -- But she willfully disobeyed you.

LIZ -- Yes, but that's just the way kids are.

AMY -- So, where do you think you got your ability to love and
forgive your daughter unconditionally?

LIZ -- Oh... Of course. From God. How could I be so blind?! I
have been superimposing my dad's image onto God the Father.
That's why it took me so long to yield control of my life to
him. But his love for me is more like my love for my daughter!
How could I have been so stupid?!

AMY -- You're right, that was kind of stupid. Gee, I wonder if
God could possibly forgive you for being stupid.

LIZ -- Ha, ha. Very funny. (stands, looks at watch) That reminds
me. I promised the boss I'd show him my presentation before I 
leave for Cleveland. (exits) What are you doing here in the 
conference room?! The presentation is in the boss's office!

AMY -- (follows) Will you ever forgive me? (flicks off light)

(light cue: lights off)
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