FAITH    4'1m1f Leap of faith, no foundation, no mind

PROF -- (enters tucking papers into file folder)

BARB -- (follows with backpack slung over shoulder) Professor? 
Professor Johnson?

PROF -- (stops, turns) Yes?

BARB -- May I talk to you... about your class? (points over 

PROF -- My class? Did you enjoy it?

BARB -- No.

PROF -- No?

BARB -- No, I've decided to drop the course. May I.... (digs in 
back pack for half page)

PROF -- ...But this was only the first lecture of the semester. 
We haven't had a test yet. Why do you want to drop the course 

BARB -- It isn't because of the lecture. Not actually.

PROF -- Then, what is it about ACTUALLY.

BARB -- It's the course itself.

PROF -- Apologetics?

BARB -- Yes.

PROF -- What's wrong with apologetics?

BARB -- I don't believe that a Christian should use arguments 
and logic to contend for the faith. 

PROF -- You don't?

BARB -- No. I think a Christian should just tell people about 
Jesus and let faith take over.

PROF -- ...Let faith takeover.

BARB -- Yes.

PROF -- Blind faith.

BARB -- Yes. It's not faith if you have to get all logical and 

PROF -- I see.

BARB -- So, will you... (hands half page to Prof) will you just 
sign this request?

PROF -- (pulls out pen) What's your date of birth?

BARB -- My date of birth?

PROF -- Yes. What's your date of birth?

BARB -- (tries to read form) The request doesn't ask for my date 
of birth.

PROF -- (pen to paper) I'd like to know it. What's your date of 

BARB -- July 11, 1980. Why?

PROF -- (looks up from paper amazed) I knew it! What time of day 
were you born?

BARB -- Why do you need to know the time of day?

PROF -- Humor me. What was the exact hour and minute of your 

BARB -- 2:32 am. What... Why....

PROF -- Amazing! I knew it the moment you started speaking to 

BARB -- What's amazing? What did you know?

PROF -- You're not going to believe this. But a person I know... 
this person has the gift of prophecy. He told me yesterday that 
I was going to meet my sole mate today.

BARB -- I... I don't understand.

PROF -- This prophet told me that some time today I would meet 
my marriage partner.

BARB -- (takes a step back before every line) Marriage?! Me?! 

PROF -- (follows every step) Yes. Isn't that incredible? He said 
"the person you will marry was born July 11, 1980 at exactly 
2:32 am.

BARB -- That's... unbelieveable.

PROF -- I told you you wouldn't believe it. So, (looks at watch) 
if we leave now, we can be back by dinner time tonight.

BARB -- Leave now. ... back from where?

PROF -- Las Vegas. There are flights leaving every hour. We can 
be married within a few hours and be back in time for dinner.

BARB -- You expect me to marry you?!

PROF -- Well, sure. You're the one.

BARB -- No, I'm not.

PROF -- But the prophet said...

BARB -- I don't care what the prophet said! I'm not going to 
marry you!

PROF -- Why not? I told you everything you need to know about 
the marriage.

BARB -- No! I don't know anything about you!

PROF -- (pulls a paper from file folder, offers it) Here. Here's 
a brief biography. This should tell you all you need to know 
about me. So, tell me. How many children should we have?

BARB -- Listen, Professor Johnson,...

PROF -- ...Call me Chris. 

BARB -- Please don't do this! I'm not going to marry you!

PROF -- But why not? You have all the facts. Why can't you just 
accept the marriage on blind faith?

BARB -- (relaxes) Professor Johnson, you're putting me on. 
You're making fun of me.

PROF -- (smiles) Yes, I am. Why wouldn't you marry someone after 
you have all the facts about them?

BARB -- Becoming a Christian is not like marrying someone.

PROF -- I'm sorry, but it's EXACTLY like marrying someone. A 
marriage partner has questions, biases, preconceptions and 
consequences that must be dealt with before tying the knot. 
Unless you're foolish, YOU will not be married until all these 
things are handled for you. Why would you expect a prospective 
Christian to take a larger leap of faith FOR ETERNITY on blind 
faith alone, with nothing driving him but a quiver in his liver?

BARB -- (takes back half page, backs away) 

PROF -- What are you doing? Where are you going? (exits smiling)

BARB -- (backing away to exit) I've decided NOT to drop the 
course afterall. You're quite an apologist.

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