EXAMPLE2 4'?m2f Christian example, witnessing, evangelism

AMY -- (enters looking around, stops, looks around, continues

LIZ -- (follows) Hey.

AMY -- (stops, turns) Huh?

LIZ -- Where am I?

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I don't remember coming here. What is this place?

AMY -- I'm not sure. But, I think I know.

LIZ -- Well?

AMY -- I think we're... dead.

LIZ -- What?!

AMY -- Well, the last thing I remember is stepping off the curb
into the street and this big bus was coming.

LIZ -- Me too, except I was swimming and there was this water
ski boat. But how could we be dead? There wasn't any pain.

AMY -- Me either.

LIZ -- How sure are you that we're dead?

AMY -- I'm pretty sure. That bus was coming to fast and was too
close to miss me. Besides, (points to far exit) there's the
tunnel of light that everybody talks about.

LIZ -- Oh... Oh, so you're going that way, huh?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- So, that must be Heaven that way, huh?

AMY -- Yes. I'm pretty sure now.

LIZ -- And that's where you belong?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I guess that means "I" go this (points back) way.

AMY -- Oh, I'm sorry. So, you're not a Christian?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- So, I guess you're really looking forward to meeting
Jesus, huh?

AMY -- Of course! Heaven will be so much fun!

LIZ -- I suppose you're wondering what Jesus will be like.

AMY -- Oh, I already know that.

LIZ -- You what?

AMY -- I already know what Jesus will be like.

LIZ -- How could you possibly know what Jesus is like?

AMY -- Because of my friend Pat.

LIZ -- Your friend Pat.

AMY -- Yes. I'm sure that Jesus is just like my friend Pat.
That's how I know that Heaven will be so much fun.

LIZ -- But how do you know that Jesus is just like Pat?

AMY -- Because I've read the Bible. Pat does everything just
like Jesus, except, of course that Pat can't do any miracles.
But Pat spends lots of time with sinners like me and tends to
their needs, then makes disciples of them and expects great
things from them -- just like Jesus did.

LIZ -- And that's why you're pretty sure you know Jesus?

AMY -- Well, the Bible also says that after people become
Christians, they become like Jesus. But I think that people like
Pat, who works harder at it, become even more like Jesus.

LIZ -- So, you became a Christian because you knew a Christian?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Funny, that's exactly the reason why I DIDN'T.

AMY -- What do you mean?

LIZ -- I knew a couple of Christians really well in my lifetime.
And both of them had this superior attitude -- like the reason
they were chosen to go to Heaven is because they were already
perfect, you know?

AMY -- Oh, I'm sorry.

LIZ -- One of them said that if I didn't go to his church, I had
no chance of being saved.

AMY -- So, did you go to his church?

LIZ -- Are you kidding?! If all the people in his church were
like him, who would want to go to THAT church?!

AMY -- What about the other one?

LIZ -- She pasted on a smile and talked in Christianeze phrases
about how everything was so wonderful and if it wasn't actually
wonderful now, (imitates) everything will come out so wonderful.

AMY -- What's the matter? Didn't you think she was sincere?

LIZ -- I KNOW she wasn't.

AMY -- How?

LIZ -- A couple of people she was close to had serious problems
that she could help them with. But she just backed away from
them, (imitates) "If you have faith, everything will come out
just fine!" (pastes on smile, sighs)

AMY -- But she didn't help them?

LIZ -- She didn't lift a finger. So, I decided that if that's
the kind of people Jesus wants to surround himself with, that's
the way Jesus must be too.

AMY -- So, you chose NOT to go to Heaven?

LIZ -- Yeah. But now that I've talked to you about your friend
Pat, I'm not so sure I made the right decision. And now it's too
late, isn't it?

AMY -- I think so. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you didn't meet my
friend Pat before you made your decision.

LIZ -- (backs away) Well, I made my bed and now I have to lie in
it. Have a nice time in Heaven.

AMY -- (backs away) I... I don't know what to say.

(both exit)

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