EXAMPLE  3'0m3f Like it or not, parents are a child's example

GRANDMA -- (old, feeble, enters with cane, begins to cross, 
carrying suitcase)

KATIE -- (pre-teen, enters catches up with grandma) Let me carry 
that for you, Grandma. (takes suitcase)

GRANDMA -- (stops, turns) Thank you, Katie.

KATIE -- (turns) Mom, why does Grandma have to go to the Poor 

LAURA -- (enters, approaches) It's not the "poor house". I told 
you, it's a state run retirement home. We don't have any money 
for a regular retirement home. Mother, do you have to turn Katie 
against me like this?

GRANDMA -- When I turned my bank accounts and my house over to 
you and Dennis, you promised I could live with you for the rest 
of my life.

LAURA -- Do we have to cover that ground again, Mother? We 
INTENDED to keep you, but things just didn't work out.

GRANDMA -- What didn't work out was that you spent all my money. 
And now that the money is all gone "Let's just get rid of the 
old bag".

LAURA -- Mother, you know that's not how it is. You know you 
can't be home alone anymore and now that I have to get a job, 
this is the only answer. Can we please just get this over with?

GRANDMA -- (sobs) 

LAURA -- Mother, please don't cry. I told you we'd visit at 
least twice a week.

GRANDMA -- I'm not crying for me. I'm crying for you and Katie.

LAURA -- (pulls hanky from purse, hands it to Grandma) I'm sure.

GRANDMA -- You don't remember when I brought MY mother here, do 

LAURA -- Yes, I do. I visited her more often than you did. What 
does that have to do with Katie and me?

GRANDMA -- About thirty years ago, I promised my mother that she 
would always live with me until she died. I broke my word to her 

LAURA -- Mother...

GRANDMA -- You don't remember what happened between you and me 
after that, do you?

LAURA -- What I remember is that when you got a job, you started 
missing my class plays and my dance recitals. You always 
promised you'd go and then you always had an excuse.

GRANDMA -- It wasn't always because I didn't have time. It was 
because I no longer valued my promises. Do you remember how 
things were between you and me back then?

LAURA -- When we were speaking to each other, we fought like 
cats and dogs. 

GRANDMA -- You pulled away from me because you couldn't trust my 
word. Other people did the same thing. Everybody knew I broke my 
word to my mother and they thought I couldn't be trusted. And 
you know what? I couldn't. And now I've passed on the family 
tradition to you and Katie. (turns toward far exit, cries) I'm 
sorry. (walks) Let's get this over with.

LAURA -- Mother. Wait.


LAURA -- (grabs Grandma's arm) Wait, Mother. We can't do this.

GRANDMA -- What do you mean?

LAURA -- I mean we're not going to put into this "poor house". 
I made you a promise and I'm taking you home.

GRANDMA -- I can't be home alone. What about your job?

LAURA -- I don't know... I'll get a night job... We'll work 
something out.

GRANDMA -- Are you sure?

LAURA -- I'm sure about one thing. (they begin walking back) 
Breaking my word is one family tradition I can't afford to pass 
on to MY daughter. 

(all exit)

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