EVIL3    3'?m2f If God created everything, did God create evil?

AMY -- (enters, crosses slinging backpack over one shoulder, 
reaches into a paper bag, pulls out donut, about to bite)

LIZ -- (follows, carrying tablet) Alright, Crocket, I've got you 
this time.

AMY -- (stops, turns, looks longingly at donut) Do I detect 
another attack on Christianity?

LIZ -- You're not going to wiggle out of this one. 

AMY -- Alright, I'm listening but make it fast, I haven't had 
anything to eat all morning.

LIZ -- I'll bet you don't even know what a syllogism is.

AMY -- Can I assume you just came from Philosophy class?

LIZ -- How did you know?

AMY -- A lucky guess. (looks longingly at donut) Listen, if you 
don't get to the point,...

LIZ -- Alright, for your information, a syllogism is a 
three-part deductive argument: two premises or assumptions that 
lead to a logic conclusion.

AMY -- Tick, tock, tick, tock.

LIZ -- Okay. Okay, (read tablet) PREMISE #1: God created 
everything. (looks to Amy) Are you with me so far?

AMY -- If you're asking if that's a valid premise, yes, I'd say 
that if God created the universe, he created everything in it.

LIZ -- Good. (reads) PREMISE #2: Evil is a thing. LOGICAL 
CONCLUSION: God created evil. (sneers) Now, tell me, Crocket, 
how can your God be GOOD if he created evil?

AMY -- He didn't. (turns, begins to exit, puts donut to mouth)

LIZ -- (steps into Amy's path) Wait a minute. That's no answer. 
I just proved that your God is evil. 

AMY -- (looks longingly at donut) No, you didn't. And I'm 
getting hungrier by the minute.

LIZ -- Yes, I did. Show me where my logic is faulty.

AMY -- Your second premise is not true.

LIZ -- What do you mean my second premise is not true? (reads) 
Evil is a thing.

AMY -- No, I'm sorry, but evil is not a THING. Evil is merely 
the absence of something, like the hole in this donut.

LIZ -- What in the world are you talking about?

AMY -- There are lots of things in the world like that. Darkness 
is merely the absence of light. Cold is merely the absence of 
heat. A donut hole is merely the absence of donut and evil is 
merely the absence of Good. God didn't create cold, he created 
heat. He didn't create darkness, he created light. And God 
didn't created evil, he created good. The Bible says that after 
every day of creation, God said "It is GOOD."

LIZ -- Oh, well, but, God did create people that he knew would 
do evil, it's the same thing.

AMY -- No, it's not. If I give you a steak knife to cut your 
steak with, but you use the steak knife to kill me, have I 
caused you to kill me?

LIZ -- Well, no. But you didn't create me with the ability to do 
evil. God did.

AMY -- Yes, and aren't you glad he did?

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- God created the universe as a perfect tool for his good 
purposes. He put clues for his design and purpose in everything 
he made, in the DNA molecule, in subatomic particles, in the 
expanding universe, in everything. And then He created you with 
enough intelligence to see the evidence and conclude that he 
exists and that he is good. But he also gave you a free will so 
you could choose to ignore all the evidence and deny His 
existence and even insult Him with your petty arguments. I'm not 
sure that if I was God I would have been so generous. (turns to 
exit) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm hungry. (eats, exits)

LIZ -- (turns, exiting opposite) I had her. I was SURE I had her 
that time.

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