DRIVEIN  4'1m2f Conquering temptation by drivein counseling

TAMMY --  (Enters looks around, approaches Sally cautiously)

          I ... I'd like to see a counselor?

SALLY --  (Begins with back to audience, phone in hand, wearing 
          a paper fast-food hat, turns, faces audience)

          Goodbye and thank you for calling Counseling City.
          (hangs up)
          Hi. Welcome to Counseling City, may I take your order?

TAMMY --  I'd like to see a counselor?

SALLY --  (shoves a card and a pen into Tammy's face, smiles)

          I'm sorry, there are no counselors available now, but
          I'm sure one will be available when your finished
          filling out this card.  Do you have any coupons?

TAMMY --  Coupons?

SALLY --  (Answering the intercom)

          Hi, welcome to Counseling City, may I take your order?

          (to P.A. system)

          Richie to the drive-thru, please.  Richie to the

TAMMY --  Drive-thru?

SALLY --  Yes, but we can only treat phobias and anxieties in the
          drive-thru.  Manias and Compulsions we treat one-to-one
          in the showroom here.

TAMMY --  Showroom?

SALLY --  Yeah, so everyone can see what great progress they're
          making.... Excuse me...

          (answering the phone)

          Counseling City crisis intervention hot line.  May I
          take your order?  Yes, we offer Bible oriented
          Counseling.  One moment, please.

          (to the P.A. system)

          Kareem, hot line one, please.  Kareem, hot line one.

          (to tammy)

          Now, may I take your order?

TAMMY -- I'd like the Christian counseling, please.

SALLY -- (to P.A. system)

         Christian counselor to showroom, please.  Christian
         counselor to showroom.

         (to Tammy)

         He'll be with you in just a moment.

RICHY -- (Enters L, shakes Tammy's hand vigorously)

         Hi. I'm Richie.

TAMMY -- From the drive-thru?

RICHY -- Yeah. How may I help YOU.

TAMMY -- Well, I'm the youngest woman vice-president in our 
         company.  But, I'm afraid my lack of self-control may
         severely limit my further climb up the corporate ladder.

RICHY -- You mean, you're yielding to temptation?

TAMMY -- Exactly.

RICHY -- Give me an example.

TAMMY -- Well, I gave up smoking a couple years ago and every-
         thing was going along well until I went into one of
         those high pressure meetings in a smoke-filled room.
         I... well, I just lost my presence of mind and before I
         knew it my hand was reaching for a cigarette...

RICHY -- You REACHED for a cigarette.

TAMMY -- Yeah, like this, I just reached for a cigarette.

RICHY -- (Grabs her hand, tapes it to her body)

         "No temptation has seized you except what is common to
         man, and Counseling City is faithful.  We will not let
         you be tempted beyond what you can bear...

TAMMY -- That's not-all. My company is in the sports-fashion
         business.  I have to wear some of our fashions when we
         go to shows and conventions.  I have to be slim and
         trim.  But somebody in the office is always bringing
         in homemade cookies or candy.  Before I know it's
         happening my hand is sneaking a treat that my mouth
         just said "no" to.


RICHY -- (grabs and tapes her other arm to her body)

         Luke 22:40 says "call on the name of Counseling City
         to keep you from falling into temptation."

TAMMY -- Then, when I go to the health spa to work off all those
         cookies.  That's when I see all those muscular guys ...

RICHY -- (taping her eyes)

         Matthew 43:12 says "If your eyes cause you to sin, tape
         them over"

TAMMY -- ...the worst thing though is the on-the-job pressure.
         Sometimes, when I just don't think I can take it
         anymore, I slip out the side door and play hookie for
         the rest of the day.

RICHY -- You WALK out?

TAMMY -- I walk out.

RICHY -- (taping her legs)

         "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,,

TAMMY -- (struggling, irritated)

         Hey, I can't even move.  Is this counseling or some
         kind of nonsense!?  Does anybody here really know what
         they're doing?

RICHY -- (wrapping her mouth)

         "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and
         slow to become angry" James 1:19

         There.  Now you have complete control over temptation.
         Now you can resume your climb to the top of the
         corporate ladder.

         (boosting her onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes)

         Let's get you back to your office.

SALLY -- Was that Visa, Master Charge or America Express?

TAMMY -- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

SALLY -- Okay. And thank you for choosing Counseling City.

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