DRIFT    3'?m2f Discipleship, success, comfort, drifting

(both characters wear fishing clothes, carry fishing gear)

AMY -- (enters, crosses to DC) Here we are. Hop in.

LIZ -- (follows, pauses, looks over edge of stage at audience
floor) You can't be serious.

AMY -- Is something wrong?

LIZ -- This can't be the boat.

AMY -- Sure. Hop in.

LIZ -- But, there's no motor.

AMY -- I don't see the problem.

LIZ -- There are no ores. (looks around) I don't see any ores

AMY -- But it floats. What's the problem?

LIZ -- We're going fishing.

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- And the fishing spot is UP river.

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- How are we going to get there without a motor or any

AMY -- Oh, I thought you liked doing things that way.

LIZ -- What way?

AMY -- Drifting.

LIZ -- I don't know how to tell you this, but if we drift on a
river, the current will take us DOWN river.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- But the best fishing is UP river.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You don't see a problem here?

AMY -- But that's how you do things. I thought you'd be
comfortable with that.

LIZ -- (paces) I can't believe anyone can be so thick-headed. If
we drift we will be getting farther away from... Oh.

AMY -- Is something wrong?

LIZ -- You.

AMY -- Me.

LIZ -- This is not about fishing.

AMY -- It isn't?

LIZ -- You know it isn't.

AMY -- Then, what's this about?

LIZ -- I should have never confided in you.

AMY -- About what?

LIZ -- You know about what. I confided in you that I was getting
stale in my Christian walk. That I didn't even feel like a
Christian anymore. That's what this is about.

AMY -- So, you don't want to get into this boat?

LIZ -- You're going to make me say this, aren't you?

AMY -- Say what?

LIZ -- The reason my Christian walk is getting stale is because
I have been drifting.

AMY -- Drifting, you say?

LIZ -- You're really getting a kick out of embarrassing me,
aren't you? Alright, I'll admit it. I can see now that the 
reason I have been drifting away from the Lord lately is that I 
have been in a boat without a motor and without any ores. What I 
want is upstream but I am making no effort to fight the current 
in order to get there. Drifting just brings be further and 
further from the Lord. I can see now that, without putting in 
SOME effort I never just stand still, I always drift away from 
the Lord.

AMY -- What kind of effort do you think will bring you closer to
the Lord?

LIZ -- (sighs) All the efforts you've been inviting me to during
the past few months and I've been too busy or too lazy to do.
Things like Bible Studies, seminars, workshops... even my daily
Bible reading would have at least kept me from drifting down

AMY -- So, do you want to fish or cut bait?

LIZ -- As soon as we get back home, I'm going to sign up for a
Bible Study.

AMY -- (continues to far exit) In that case, let's go fishing.

LIZ -- Wait a minute. Where are you going?!

AMY -- To my boat.

LIZ -- Who's boat is this?

AMY -- I don't know. I just chose the first boat without ores to
get your attention. (exiting) My boat is over here.

LIZ -- (follows) Oh, I should have known.

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