DISEASE  3'?m2f Salvation: truth is more important than comfort

(scene: medical office or two chairs facing each other)

LIZ -- (enters backward wearing white lab coat, stethoscope)
Okay, I guess we've poked and prodded you enough. Have a seat
here while I look at the results of your blood tests. (turns to

AMY -- (enters buttoning shirt and tucking it in) Okay. Say,
have you given anymore thought to the discussion we had earlier?

LIZ -- (turns) You mean about admitting that I'm a sinner and
accepting the Lord's forgiveness?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Ah, yeah, ah. I've thought about it. But... I don't think
it's for me.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- Well, Christianity is just one of many religions and I'm
not really comfortable with it. I've decided that I'll pick and
choose the best parts of all religions.

AMY -- I see.

LIZ -- (backs away, exiting) I'll be right back with your test
results. (reenters a few seconds later, carrying file folder,
flipping through pages) Ooooo.

AMY -- Ooooo is not good.

LIZ -- No. This confirms my suspicions. You're definitely going
to need surgery.

AMY -- No, I've decided not to have surgery.

LIZ -- You what?

AMY -- I've decided not to have surgery. I've decided to take
aspirins instead.

LIZ -- Amy, your condition is serious. Surgery is the only
treatment that will cure your illness. Aspirin will have no
affect whatsoever! What gave you the idea to take aspirin

AMY -- Well, surgery is just one of several medical treatments
available, and I'm not really comfortable with it. I've decided
that I'll pick and choose the best parts of all medical

LIZ -- Wait a minute! Doing what's comfortable isn't going to
get you anywhere! If you take aspirin when you need surgery you
could die! (notices Amy's sly smile) Oh. You devious little....

AMY -- What's the matter?

LIZ -- You're not really thinking about choosing your own
treatment, are you?

AMY -- Sure, why not?

LIZ -- This is your way of getting me to look at my decision
about religion.

AMY -- Actually, this is my way of getting you to look at truth.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I mean, truth does not become truth merely because it's
comfortable. A person could be very comfortable about a
decision, but he could be wrong, DEAD wrong.

LIZ -- You think I'm dead wrong?

AMY -- Well, yes, I do. The Bible has proven itself to be a
reliable document. Each year that passes brings more
confirmation of the Bible's accuracy. No other holy book can say
that. When you rely on the promises of the Bible, you're not
buying a pig in a poke.

LIZ -- I know. But...

AMY -- But it's not comfortable.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Neither is surgery. But it could save your life.

LIZ -- (sigh) You're right. Choosing a religion because it's
comfortable is quack medicine. If I don't do something soon, it
might be too late for me. (sigh) Come on. (turns to exit)

AMY -- (stands) Where are we going?

LIZ -- (turns) First, we're going to schedule YOUR surgery, then
we're going to my office so you can help me with MY surgery.

(both exit)
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