DEDUCE   6'?m2f Go where the evidence leads, except evolution

(light cue: dim to dark)

LIZ -- (enters bent at waist, carrying flashlight, tape recorder 
with headphones and microphone, straightens, crosses slowly, 
moving microphone left and right)

(light cue: fade up 50%)

AMY -- (follows at a distance bent at waist, carrying 
flashlight, straightens, notices Liz, sneaks up, talks into 
microphone without Liz noticing) Hello, Professor Johnson.

LIZ -- (startled) Yaouw! (pulls off headphones) Tizdale, you 

AMY -- Fancy meeting you here. Looks like you're studying bats 
again, huh?

LIZ -- It's my area of expertise. What are you doing in MY cave?

AMY -- Oh, I'm studying the dung beetles that feed on bat 

LIZ -- How very appropriate.

AMY -- Professor Johnson, do I detect a note of hostility?

LIZ -- Tizdale, you have been a thorn in my side since you 
joined the faculty. Can't you find another cave to study those 
silly bugs?

AMY -- Actually, as you know, there aren't that many bat caves in 
this area. I'm afraid we'll be sharing this cave for a while.

LIZ -- Well, just stay away from me while I'm recording.

AMY -- So, what are you recording? 

LIZ -- This is a bat cave. What do you think I'm recording?

AMY -- Well, I assumed that you were recording bats. I was just 
curious whether you were recording their sonar sounds for 
navigation or predation.

LIZ -- Are you trying to impress me with your knowledge of bat 

AMY -- No, but if you're interested in how they avoid objects in 
the dark, there's a bat coming right at you.

LIZ -- (ducks) Where!

AMY -- You don't have to duck, Professor Johnson. Bats are very 
good at avoiding things in the dark.

LIZ -- I know that! I'm a world expert in bat sonar, Tizdale! 
This happens whenever you're around me!

AMY -- What happens?

LIZ -- You push my buttons! What am I going to have to do to get 
you off my faculty, Tizdale?!

AMY -- We could make another wager.

LIZ -- No! Every time I make a wager with you, I end up in 

AMY -- Oh, by the way. Our pastor is studying the Book of 
Genesis now. Would you like to come an hear about creation?

LIZ -- That's very funny, Tizdale! But I'm not going to let you 
rile me. Every time you rile me, we end up in a wager and I end 
up in church! Now, stay away from me while I'm recording! (puts 
on head phones)

AMY -- (picking up stone) Oh, what's this?

LIZ -- (pulls off head phones) What is it now Tizdale?

AMY -- It's an interesting stone. Here. (offers stone to Liz, 
shines light on stone)

LIZ -- (examines for a fraction of a second) This is no ordinary 
stone, Tizdale, this is an arrow head! You don't have to be an 
archaeologist to know an arrow head when you see one!

AMY -- An arrow head.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- How do you know it's not just a stone?

LIZ -- You can't really be that stupid, Tizdale. Look at the way 
the stone has been chipped away to form a point, look at the 
sharp edges, look at the indentation here, where the arrow head 
is tied onto the arrow's wooden shaft.

AMY -- Oh, I see. So, what you're saying is that if an object 
appears to have a purpose, then it is probably the object of 
intelligent design.

LIZ -- Exactly. Now, do you mind if I get back to recording 
my... (puts on headphones)

AMY -- ...excuse me. 

LIZ -- (removes head phones) What is it now?!

AMY -- What were you recording again?

LIZ -- I told you, I'm recording navigation sounds from bats.

AMY -- And these bats, do they emit these sounds for a purpose?

LIZ -- You can't be that stupid, Tizdale. Everybody knows that 
bats emit high pitched sounds to echo-locate objects in the 

AMY -- That's pretty sophisticated technology, isn't it, 
Professor Johnson?

LIZ -- (sigh) If you must know, a bat can locate tiny flying 
insects at great distances and catch them while flying at 30 
miles per hour, all in complete darkness. 

AMY -- Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a feat that still 
can't be duplicated after 6000 years of human technology, isn't 

LIZ -- That's correct. Why this sudden fascination with bats?

AMY -- So, there's a purpose to bat sonar.

LIZ -- I just said that!

AMY -- So, by definition bat sonar must have been the object 
of intelligent design.

LIZ -- Tizdale, you're trying to rile me again, aren't you?

AMY -- No. I'm after the truth. You said that this stone was 
obviously the object of intelligent design because it's shape 
suggests a purpose.

LIZ -- Yes I did. 

AMY -- So, bat sonar, which serves a much more sophisticated 
purpose must be the object of a much more intelligent designer.

LIZ -- No! It is the object of evolution, which only looks like 

AMY -- And your evidence is...

LIZ -- I don't need any evidence. The theory of evolution is a 
proven fact.

AMY -- And the proof of evolution is...

LIZ -- I don't need any evidence. We operate on the assumption 
that evolution is true. If evolution is not true, the only other 
explanation is untenable.

AMY -- The only other explanation is an intelligent designer. 

LIZ -- I suppose it is.

AMY -- If an arrow head is so obviously the result of 
intelligent design, why is it so difficult to conclude that a 
much more sophisticated design like bat sonar or even a bat's 
wing is the work of a sophisticated designer?

LIZ -- You're not going to rile me, Tizdale! You're not!

AMY -- I'm not trying to rile you, Professor Johnson. I just 
asked a question. You follow the evidence to where in leads in 
every other area of science. But when it leads to an intelligent 
designer greater than man or animals, you won't follow the 
evidence to where it leads. Why not?

LIZ -- Because the intelligent designer is God. And if I 
admitted that, I would have to act like God exists. There! Are 
you happy now!?

AMY -- I'm happy. Are you?

LIZ -- (turns to exit) Alright. Come on!

AMY -- Where are you going? (follows)

LIZ -- I'm going to church. That's where I'll end up anyway.

(light cue: dim to dark)

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