CONDOMS  3'?m2f Free condoms as dangerous as free cigarettes

LIZ -- (enters, pounds gavel) This meeting of the school board
will now come to order. Our first order of business is my
proposal for the distribution of free condoms at the Junior High
School. All in favor....

AMY -- (stands in audience) Excuse me, but aren't you going to
open this meeting for public testimony before you vote on this

LIZ -- I don't think there's any need for discussion. We know
these children are going to engage in sexual activity. We need
to make sure they have the means at their disposal to do so

AMY -- Aren't you encouraging sexual activity by doing this?

LIZ -- I'm sorry, there's no room for discussion here. All those
in favor...

AMY -- Excuse me, if there's no room for discussion, I'd like to
amend this proposal.

LIZ -- Amend it?

AMY -- Yes, as long as we're distributing free condoms in the
Junior High School, I move that we should also distribute
filtered cigarettes free also.

LIZ -- You want to give children cigarettes?!

AMY -- Yes. But, unlike the condoms, the cigarettes wouldn't 
cost the school district anything. I'm sure that one or more of 
the tobacco companies would be happy to offer them for free.

LIZ -- Do you realize what you're saying?!

AMY -- Yes. I think the arguments for distributing free
cigarettes are exactly the same as for distributing free

LIZ -- No, they're not!

AMY -- Yes, they are. You said that children will have sex
anyway, and that distributing free condoms will make it safer.
Children are going to smoke cigarettes anyway, and giving them
cigarettes with filters will make smoking safer.

LIZ -- Yes, but giving children cigarettes will only encourage
them to smoke.

AMY -- The same can be said for condoms. Studies by planned
Parenthood have shown that where free condoms are available,
sexual activity increases by one-third and teen pregnancy
INCREASES by ten per cent.

LIZ  -- Yes, but cigarette smoking is dangerous.

AMY -- The ten per cent increase in teen pregnancy nearly always
leads to an increase in abortion. Even if you discount the idea
that a baby dies during an abortion, you can't discount the
dangers of the surgical procedure to the teen aged girl,
including infections, infertility and of course death.

LIZ -- I said there would be no discussion on this proposal.

AMY -- I merely moved to amend the proposal to include filtered 
cigarettes to the distribution. It was YOU who was doing the 

LIZ -- That's ridiculous!

AMY -- Yes, it is. No person in his right mind would give
children something that would encourage dangerous behavior.

LIZ -- This meeting is adjourned. (pounds gavel, exits)

AMY -- (follows) What about my motion?
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