CONDEMN  3'?m2f If a Christian feels condemnation...

LIZ -- (enters, pounds head with both hands) I am such a low 

AMY -- (follows) Why? What happened?

LIZ -- I have been confessing the same sin almost every day 
since I committed my life to the Lord.

AMY -- Me to. So?

LIZ -- So, this morning during my quiet time, I made up my mind. 
I said, "Lord, I'm just not going to do that anymore." And do 
you know what happened?

AMY -- You did it again.

LIZ -- (pounds head with both hands) What is the matter with 

AMY -- Could it be you're HUMAN?

LIZ -- I'm telling you, if I was Jesus I wouldn't let me into 
Heaven. There is no way I can make it.

AMY -- You're right. You're absolutely right.

LIZ -- I am?

AMY -- Yes. We're all doomed.

LIZ -- You're kidding, right?

AMY -- Well, if you are a committed Christian and YOU are not 
going to make it, then none of us are.

LIZ -- Well, I think I might be just a little more sinful than 
most people.

AMY -- Tell me. Are you a murderer or an adulterer?

LIZ -- No. Of course not.

AMY -- King David was both. But he's the apple of the Lord's own 
eye. Is there any doubt in your mind that King David made it to 

LIZ -- Well, no, I guess not.

AMY -- But somehow you think that YOU're not good enough.

LIZ -- I sure don't FEEL good enough.

AMY -- That's because you don't feel the depth of Jesus' love 
for you.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- 1 John 4:18 "There is no fear in love. But perfect love 
drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one 
who fears is not made perfect in love."

LIZ -- I love Jesus.

AMY -- Yes, but after Jesus went to all the trouble to die, and 
rise from the dead and ascend into heaven and plead your cause 
before the Father, you still think all his work and suffering on 
your behalf are not good enough. Doesn't that kind of cheapen 
all his efforts?

LIZ -- I never thought about it that way before. He died for me, 
didn't he? ME personally.

AMY -- Near as I can tell, Jesus would have gone through all 
that pain and trouble even if he knew that you would be the only 
one who said YES to him.

LIZ -- He really loves me, doesn't he?

AMY -- I'm not sure I would still love you after I went through 
all that suffering only to have you discount it as not being 
enough to save you.

LIZ -- I guess I forgot that he did all those things for ME. I 
really come off as a spoiled brat, don't I?

AMY -- (exiting) Oh, yeah. Do you think the Lord could possibly 
forgive you for that?

LIZ -- (follows) Very funny.

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