COMMUNE  5'1m2f Communion: a link between Easter & Passover

(phone rings)

KATIE -- (runs on stage with open book in hand) I'll get it.

MOM ---- (enters opposite with cordless phone) I got it. 

KATIE -- Oh. (stops, looks at Mom for a moment, turns, begins 
exiting reading book)

MOM ---- (turns on phone) Hello. Oh, hi. Sure, no problem. I'll 
have it for you in plenty of time. Sure. Bye bye. (clicks phone 

KATIE -- (turns) Who was it?

MOM ---- It was Pastor Tom. He asked me to make the bread and 
buy the wine for the communion service tomorrow.

KATIE -- Oh, cool. We're studying the passover in Bible study.

MOM ---- Passover? What does that have to do with communion?

KATIE -- You know when Jesus says, "Whenever you do this, 
remember me."?

MOM ---- Yes. He said that at the last supper.

KATIE -- The last supper was the passover meal. He was saying to 
his Jewish friends, whenever you celebrate the passover, 
remember me.

MOM ---- Oh, yes. I remember now. 

KATIE -- So, you're going to do it authentic, right?

MOM ---- If by authentic, you mean, "Am I going to bake the 
bread myself?" The answer is yes. I thought I'd bake that light 
french bread with the flakey crust that you and Daddy like so 

KATIE -- That's not authentic.

MOM ---- What, you think that just because Jesus was Jewish he 
wouldn't like French Bread?

KATIE -- He'd probably love it. But I'm sure he would never 
serve it at passover.

MOM ---- Alright, Miss encyclopedia, how did they bake bread in 

KATIE -- The first passover was in Egypt, not in Israel.

MOM ---- Yes, but I'm sure they baked bread the same all over 
the Mediterranean.

KATIE -- Except at Passover.

MOM ---- What's different at passover?

KATIE -- Moses told the Jews that they were leaving in a hurry 
in the morning and they didn't have time to wait for bread to 
rise. So, he told them to bake bread without yeast.

MOM ---- Oh that. 

KATIE -- You do want to be authentic, don't you, Mom?

MOM ---- Do you know what french bread looks like without yeast? 
It looks like pancakes. Besides, we're not Jewish. And I'm sure 
there's not going to be a single Jew in church tomorrow.

KATIE -- There's another reason for leaving out the yeast, you 

MOM ---- (sigh) I'm dying to hear it.

KATIE -- Almost always in the Bible, yeast or leaven is a symbol 
of sin.

MOM ---- So, you think that if I bake my beautiful light French 
Bread with the flakey crust, I'll be insulting Jesus with the 
suggestion of sin?

KATIE -- I don't know if I'd go that far....

MOM ---- I really thought people would enjoy my French Bread. 
But how can I bake French Bread now, knowing that some people 
might associate it with sin? Jesus was completely without sin.

KATIE -- I'm sorry I brought it up.

MOM ---- No. I'm glad you did. 

KATIE -- On second thought, people use leavened bread all the 
time in communion services.

MOM ---- Yes, but now that I know about the symbolism of yeast, 
I'm not sure I want it in the communion service tomorrow. I 
don't want any hint of sin in a rememberance of Jesus.

KATIE -- Good for you, Mom.

MOM ---- What does your book say about the wine? I suppose a 
chablis or a rose' wine are out of the question, huh?

KATIE -- Only if you want to be authentic.

MOM ---- I'm listening.

KATIE -- The Jews use a heavy red wine in the passover and they 
dilute it with luke warm water. 

MOM ---- Yuk.

KATIE -- Well, the Jews think red wine symbolizes the blood of 
the lamb that they painted on their door frames in Egypt before 
the angel of the Lord passed over to kill the firstborn 
children. The blood saved their lives, you know.

MOM ---- It means more than that to Christians. 

KATIE -- The lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

MOM ---- Now that I see the symbolism, there's no way I could 
justify using Chablis or even rose' to symbolize the blood of 
Jesus.... although, there's no comparison for taste.

KATIE -- There's nothing that says you HAVE to be authentic, Mom. 
If you think it would taste better....

MOM ---- No. You're right, Katie. You're absolutely right. If I 
want to impress people with my cooking, I'll invite them over 
for dinner. The communion service is a reminder of the sacrifice 
of Jesus. Even grape juice would be a better reminder of Jesus' 
shed blood than Chablis. 

KATIE -- Can I help you bake the bread, Mom?

MOM ---- Sure, come on. 

(they turn to exit)

DAD ---- (enters with newspaper under arm) Did I hear the phone 

KATIE -- Yeah, it was Pastor Tom asking Mom to bake the bread 
and buy the wine for the communion service tomorrow.

DAD ---- (smiles broadly, strokes own tummy) You going to bake 
that delicious French Bread of yours with the flakey crust?

MOM & KATIE -- No.

DAD ---- No?!

MOM ---- No Chablis wine either.

DAD ---- Well, if you're not serving bread and wine for 
communion, what ARE you serving?

MOM ---- (exiting) Little Miss Encyclopedia will explain it to 

KATIE -- (exiting with Dad) Well, you see, Daddy, it has to do 
with Passover.

DAD ---- Passover? What does that have to do with communion?

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