CLEANING 3'?m2f Salvation by grace through faith or by works

AMY -- (enters wearing apron, vacuuming carpet)

LIZ -- (knocks on door or rings door bell offstage)

AMY -- (shouts) Come on in. It's open.

LIZ -- (enters) What are you doing?

AMY -- I'll be done in a minute. (passes by a piece of
furniture, removes feather duster from apron, dusts furniture,
resumes vacuuming)

LIZ -- You don't have to do that.

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- I said you don't have to do that.

AMY -- (switches off vacuum) What?

LIZ -- I said you don't have to do that.

AMY -- Sure I do.

LIZ -- You told me that you hired a cleaning service to come in

AMY -- (pushing vacuum offstage) I did.

LIZ -- So, what happened. Aren't they coming?

AMY -- (reenters without vacuum) Oh, they're coming. They'll be
here when we get back. (removes apron)

LIZ -- You're kidding.

AMY -- Why would I kid you about that?

LIZ -- You're not kidding.

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- So, let me get this straight. You hired a cleaning
company to come in and clean this place. But you cleaned before
they arrived?

AMY -- Ridiculous, isn't it?

LIZ -- If it's ridiculous, why do you do it?

AMY -- To make a point.

LIZ -- What point?

AMY -- You do the same thing.

LIZ -- I beg to differ. I have never hired a cleaning service
and then cleaned the house before they arrived.

AMY -- No. But you did something rather similar.

LIZ -- Like what?

AMY -- You put off letting the Lord clean house for you until
after you clean your own house.

LIZ -- That's not similar.

AMY -- How is it different? The Bible says that cleaning house
is God's job. Why do you think you have to do his job before you
hire him?

LIZ -- I don't know. I just do. It can't be as simple as hiring
someone to clean your house. It can't be!

AMY -- So, you think it makes more sense to clean your house
before the cleaning crew comes in.

LIZ -- Well, when you put it like that, I don't know. I keep
thinking that there must be SOMEthing "I" do first.

AMY -- What do you think the cleaning crew will think of me when
they arrive?

LIZ -- (pauses) What does she need US for? Oh. But this isn't
like house cleaning.

AMY -- No. It's even worse.

LIZ -- How's that?

AMY -- God can clean things you can't clean on your own. He sees
you working and scrubbing and the dirt never goes away. It's the
kind of dirt that only God can clean. So, what do you think He
thinks about you when you try to do his work?

LIZ -- (sighs) What does she need me for? I guess my problem is
that I have to be in charge. If I admit that God does all the
work I can't claim any credit. What kind of credit can I expect
if all I did was admit that my house needs cleaning?!

AMY -- None. But if you let God get the credit for the cleaning,
he gives you credit in Heaven for all the other good works you
do here on earth.

LIZ -- That sounds like a good division of labor. How do I hire
God to do my cleaning?

AMY -- (beckons, exits) Come on. Let's get my Bible. I'll show

LIZ -- (follows, points to floor) Hey, you missed a spot.

AMY -- Aw, let the pros take care of it.

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