CAPTIVE  4'?m2f Take captive every thought

LIZ -- (enters carrying purse or backpack, shouts) Okay, I'm
leaving. Don't forget to feed the cat before you leave.

AMY -- (follows carrying a walkman and sunglasses) Oh, before
you leave, check out my new invention!

LIZ -- You and your INVENTIONS.

AMY -- Come on, try it. It's really cool. (puts sunglasses and
headphones on Liz)

LIZ -- I already have a walkman and I already have sunglasses.

AMY -- (makes final adjustments) Yes, but these are not your
ordinary walkman and sunglasses. (takes walkman, presses button
with great flair)

LIZ -- (cocks head, turns head left, right, up and down) What is
this? There's like a television image on the inside of the

AMY -- Told you it was cool.

LIZ -- (gasps) Where did you get this! Do you know what this
is?! (gasps, pulls off glasses) How many people have you shown
this to?!

AMY -- I just finished it. Your the first one. Why?

LIZ -- What is this. This is like blackmail, right?

AMY -- Blackmail?!

LIZ -- Why are you doing this?!

AMY -- Well, I...

LIZ -- How many copies have you made of this tape?

AMY -- There are no copies. This isn't a tape. It's just a....

LIZ -- How much?

AMY -- How much... what?

LIZ -- How much are you asking to keep this quiet?

AMY -- To keep what quiet?

LIZ -- You KNOW what's on the tape, right?

AMY -- I told you. It's not a tape. So, I don't...

LIZ -- So, this is not recorded anywhere?

AMY -- No, I just finished it. I haven't had time to make a
recording device for it yet. I don't understand why you're so...

LIZ -- So, if this isn't a recording,... the image... and the 
sound here... this is not a recording.

AMY -- That's what I've been trying to tell you...

LIZ -- So, you don't know what I was just looking at?

AMY -- How could I?

LIZ -- If you're not doing this for money, why are you harassing
me like this?

AMY -- Harassing you?!

LIZ -- What else would you call it?

AMY -- It's just an application of a Bible verse.

LIZ -- What Bible verse?

AMY -- First Corinthians Chapter ten, verse five. "We take
captive every thought...."

LIZ -- Is that what this is?

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- (puts on glasses) These images on these glasses.... these
are my own thoughts?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- So, I'm looking at my own thoughts here.

AMY -- What's the matter, don't you like it?

LIZ -- Yes. No. Yes.

AMY -- Well, which is it?

LIZ -- (removes glasses) Listen, what you did here. These sounds
and images.... This is really... clever.

AMY -- Why, thank you.

LIZ -- But I think you may have missed the meaning of Second
Corinthians 10:5.

AMY -- I missed it?

LIZ -- When the Bible says we take our thoughts captive, it
doesn't mean we capture the video.

AMY -- It sure looks like vidcaps to me.

LIZ -- No. It's not vidcaps and it's not audio caps. It's
thought caps.

AMY -- (opens walkman, or begins unscrewing a screw) What
equipment do I need in order to do thought caps?

LIZ -- It's not a matter of hardware. It's a matter of....

AMY -- Of what?

LIZ -- Commitment.

AMY -- Commitment.

LIZ -- That's right.

AMY -- That's not hardware.

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- That's not software.

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- What do you commit to?

LIZ -- Well, the idea is that you can't control what thoughts
come into your head. But you can control how long you let them

AMY -- Like an unwelcome guest.

LIZ -- Exactly.

AMY -- I can tell by your reaction that the thoughts you looked 
at just now were unwelcome guests.

LIZ -- (removes headphones, offers glasses and headphones to
Amy) I don't want to talk about it. (exits) Don't forget to feed 
the cat.

AMY -- (mimics) "Don't forget to feed the cat." (takes 
equipment, puts on headphones, glasses, exits opposite) Wow! 
There's an unwanted guest. Oooo! There's another one. I seem to 
have a lot of unwanted guests.

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