BOTTLE   3'?m2f Discipleship: in the world, not of the world

AMY -- (enters carrying large carton, crosses by Liz) This is
the last of the boxes. Are you sure you want ALL those loose
things to go to the Salvation Army? (exits)

LIZ -- (enters opposite crosses by Amy) Let me take one last
look to make sure I didn't forget anything. (exits)

AMY -- (reenters without carton, concealing a beer bottle with a
seedling growing from the top, crosses to Liz) Well, you may not
be able to see out your rear window. But everything is packed.

LIZ -- (reenters carrying teddy bear, crosses to Amy) Not quite

AMY -- Aren't you a little old for teddy bears?

LIZ -- When I'm away from my best friend, I'll need all the
comfort I can get. Oh, Amy, what am I going to do without my
friends and my church?! Maybe I shouldn't go.

AMY -- You need to go! You said yourself that the Lord confirmed
this move three different times through three different

LIZ -- I know, but...

AMY -- Here, (offers bottle) I have a parting gift for you.

LIZ -- (receives bottle, examines it, obviously insincere) A
twig in a beer bottle. How nice.

AMY -- It's a fruit tree seedling. It's name is Elizabeth.

LIZ -- You named it after me. How quaint.

AMY -- It's just like the plant I got from my Mom when I moved
away from home.

LIZ -- You don't even drink. Where did you get a beer bottle?

AMY -- I had to look all over for it. Most people drink beer
from cans these days. I finally found it the other day when I
was jogging down by the creek.

LIZ -- You mean you WANTED a beer bottle?!

AMY -- Yes. The whole thing is a reminder to you of your
relationship with God.

LIZ -- I'm sure.

AMY -- No, really. I chose a beer bottle because the brown glass
protects Elizabeth from the harsh rays of the sun.

LIZ -- Oh, I get it. Just like God protects me as a seedling in
my new home.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Well, good. I'll transplant it as soon as it grows roots.

AMY -- It would be better if you wait until Elizabeth produces

LIZ -- She can't produce fruit in a bottle, can she?!

AMY -- Yes, she can. She'll fill the bottle with roots and
she'll even produce fruit. But her growth will always be stunted
in this life and her fruit will be limited because this is not
her real home.

LIZ -- Oh, I get it. Elizabeth should be a constant reminder to
me that the earth is not my real home, that I should constantly
prepare myself to be transplanted to fertile soil and a
permanent home!

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- What a terrific gift! Thanks!

AMY -- You're welcome.

LIZ -- I'm going to miss you. (hugs)

AMY -- (hugs) Me too. (taps bottle, backs toward exit) You be
sure and stay inside the protection of the Lord.

LIZ -- (backs toward exit) I will. Thanks, again... (holds
bottle high) for everything.

AMY & LIZ -- Good bye.

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