BIGBANG  3'?m2f Atheism, creation, the big bang

LIZ -- (enters, begins crossing)

AMY -- (follows, raises starter pistol, fires)

LIZ -- (stops, gasps, turns) What on earth was that?!

AMY -- (conceals pistol, looks around innocently) Some kind of 
noise. What do you think it was?

LIZ -- That was a gun shot!

AMY -- Naw. Probably just random noise.

LIZ -- Random noise?! Are you deaf?! That was a gun shot!

AMY -- I really don't think it could have been anything but just
random noise.

LIZ -- Have you taken leave of your senses?! You had to hear the

AMY -- So, you think that just because there's a big bang, that
somebody or something caused it?

LIZ -- Things like that don't just happen! Somebody fired a gun!

AMY -- So, what you're saying is that it can't be someTHING that 
caused it. It has to be someBODY?

LIZ -- Well, of course! Things don't just make big bangs like
that. It had to be a person.

AMY -- (smiles) Thank you. You just proved my point.

LIZ -- Point?! What point?!

AMY -- (smiles)

LIZ -- It was you. You fired that shot! (backs away) Wait a 
minute. You're not trying to...

AMY -- (reveals pistol) Relax! It's a starters pistol! I was
only making a point.

LIZ -- You rat! You scared me to death! I thought somebody was
shooting at me! What do you think you're doing?!

AMY -- I'm trying to demonstrate to you that the big bang
implies a person. And YOU just confirmed it for me.

LIZ -- Oh. You're talking about that lame idea of creation

AMY -- I don't think it's so lame. And now it looks like you
don't either.

LIZ -- I don't follow.

AMY -- There is hardly a cosmologist or astronomer in the world
today who doesn't believe in the theory of relativity.

LIZ -- Yeah. So?

AMY -- The theory of relativity insists that time, space and
matter all had a beginning about 15 billion years ago in the big

LIZ -- Yeah. So?

AMY -- So, I just questioned your assumption that a big bang
could happen at random. You said NO. I questioned your
assumption that a big bang could be caused by a thing instead of
a person. You said NO.

LIZ -- That's different.

AMY -- How is it different?

LIZ -- The person I'm talking about is... a person. The person
YOU're talking about is a...

AMY -- He's a person too. Do you have a better explanation for a
big bang?

LIZ -- Well, no. But if I did, it wouldn't include God!

AMY -- In other words, in spite of the fact that you yourself
insist that big bangs don't happen at random and big bangs are
caused by people and not things, in this one case, you're
willing to set aside your principles if the answer includes God.

LIZ -- (exiting) Oh, there's no communicating with you! You
Christians are so closed minded.

AMY -- (turns) Yes, but I can explain this. (fires pistol)

LIZ -- Stop that! (exits)

AMY -- (exiting) How can I stop a random event without a cause?

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