ATHEISM2 5'?m2f Atheism, no morality, no value on human life

AMY -- (enters carrying vendor's box, holding package of Cracker
Jacks high, shouting to audience while crossing) Peanuts,
Cracker Jacks. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- (enters opposite hopping, arms and legs wrapped heavily
with ropes and/or chains) Amy! Amy! You've got to help me!

AMY -- I'd love to. But I'm a little busy now. (strolls, shouts)
Peanuts, Cracker Jacks. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- (follows hopping) What's the matter with you?! Can't you
see what they've done to me?

AMY -- Actually, I think you've done that to yourself. (strolls,
shouts) Peanuts, Cracker Jacks. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- (follows hopping) How can you say that?! I was kidnapped
from my bed by two thugs. I was tied up and imprisoned. I was
lucky to get away when I did. If you don't help me, something
really bad is going to happen. I just know it!

AMY -- Yes, that's the plan. (strolls, shouts) Peanuts, Cracker
Jacks. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- (follows hopping) What do you mean, that's the plan?!

AMY -- As soon as they catch you, they're going to start
torturing you while all these people watch and cheer. (strolls,
shouts) Peanuts, Cracker Jacks. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- (follows hopping) Torture me?!

AMY -- Yes, they're going to torture you to a slow agonizing
death. (strolls, shouts) Peanuts, Cracker Jacks. Peanuts,
Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- They can't do that and get away with it! (follows
hopping) Hey, wait a minute. They can't just torture a person
and get away with it, can they?

AMY -- Well, sure. This is what happens when the last vestiges
of Christian influence are removed from government. This was
your idea, remember? (strolls, shouts) Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.
Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- I never said anything about torturing people! (follows
hopping) Did you hear me? I never said anything about torturing

AMY -- No. But you did say it would be better if there was no
Christian influence in Government. (strolls, shouts) Peanuts,
Cracker Jacks. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- I know what I said, but I never advocated torturing
people, especially not myself!

AMY -- (strolls, shouts) Peanuts, Cracker Jacks. Peanuts,
Cracker Jacks.

LIZ -- (follows hopping) Will you please stop selling peanuts
and Cracker Jacks and talk to me?! You can't let those people
just torture me to death for no reason!

AMY -- Oh, there's good reason.

LIZ -- What reason could people possibly have for torturing an
innocent person to death?!

AMY -- Well in an atheistic society that rejects God's morality,
the only morality that remains is economics and aesthetics..

LIZ -- What do economics and aesthetics have to do with
torturing a person to death?!

AMY -- The people in this audience are all sadists. They derive
great pleasure from watching people suffer. They paid a thousand
dollars per ticket to watch your torture. Tonight's torture will
be good for the economy.

LIZ -- Well, that's immoral!

AMY -- I'm sorry, but since the government got rid of the last
vestiges of Christianity in government, you're not allowed to
use that argument anymore.

LIZ -- Why not?

AMY -- Morality is from God. And God has been removed from the

LIZ -- Well, you can't just let those thugs torture me!

AMY -- I have no choice. This is all perfectly legal in an
atheist society. In order to get their permit, the promoters
merely had to show that there was economic and/or aesthetic
value in it. Without morality, there is no good and bad, only
aesthetic and economic value.

LIZ -- Well, what about the value of human life?!

AMY -- I'm sorry, the value of human life comes from being made
in the image of God. Without God in the equation, human life is
no more valuable than cows or chickens.

LIZ -- Well, that's barbaric! I'm more valuable than a cow or a

AMY -- You're right, tonight you are more valuable. In addition
to the ticket price the promoters received for torturing you,
they will receive $10,000 for your body after you're dead.

LIZ -- $10,000?!

AMY -- Yes, you will be the guest of honor at the cannibals'

LIZ -- Cannibals?! You mean, they're going to eat me?!

AMY -- Yes. I'm sure you'll be delicious. Can you see now how
you will be much more valuable to society dead than alive?

LIZ -- This is a nightmare!

AMY -- Yes, it is. But it won't last much longer.

LIZ -- You mean, it won't be much longer before they kill me!

AMY -- No. I mean your nightmare is almost over. This is all a

LIZ -- A dream? You mean... You mean I'm asleep?!

AMY -- Yes. Last night just before bed time, you suggested that
government would be better off without any influence from
Christians. I told you to sleep on it. You apparently took me at
my word.

LIZ -- Can't you get me out of this?

AMY -- It's your dream... (turns)

LIZ -- Wait!

AMY -- (turns) Yes?

LIZ -- Alright, listen, it looks like I'm not going to wake up
from this dream until I get this thing resolved.

AMY -- What is there to resolve? I think everything is under
control, don't you?

LIZ -- You're not making this very easy for me. What you said
about government... I think it's probably true.

AMY -- What's that?

LIZ -- That government is all about imposing values on society.
There's no such thing as a society without values. If Christian
values are not imposed on society, non-Christian values will be
imposed instead.

AMY -- You mean you LIKE all us judgemental Christians imposing
our values on you?

LIZ -- Not on me, them! Impose your values on THEM! (nods at

AMY -- (exiting) Okay, have a nice dream.

LIZ -- (follows hopping) Alright, alright! Impose your values on
me too. A little Christian morality never hurt anybody. Can I 
wake up now, please?!
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