ACLU     4'2m?f The key to communism: get God out of our schools

BOB -- (enters pulling Dan's elbow) Come on. This way.

DAN -- Why are you taking me outside? Why can't you tell me in 
the office? (points over shoulder)

BOB -- Because they wouldn't understand.

DAN -- Understand what? What could be so important?

BOB -- (looks around makes sure noone is listen) I think I've 
perfected a way to make America a socialist country.

DAN -- Oh, brother!

BOB -- What?

DAN -- We've talked about this before. This is the 1920's. 
America is not ready for socialism. They're dead set against it. 
Besides socialism has gotten a bad name. It's been a miserable 
flop in Russia. Farm production and industrial production are 
among the lowest in the civilized world. Stalin has killed 
millions of his own people because they wouldn't cooperate. What 
makes you think that America will be an more receptive to it?

BOB -- Because we won't make the same mistakes that they made in 

DAN -- Alright. I'm listening.

BOB -- When the communists took over Russia, it was a Christian 
nation. The people had a sense of right and wrong that only 
comes from a belief in God. So, when the state began to take 
property away from hard-working people, the Christians were 

DAN -- I don't know how to tell you this, but America is a 
Christian nation. All of our laws here are based on Biblical 

BOB -- Uh huh! So, that's the first thing we'll take care of 
BEFORE we put the first socialist in the White House.

DAN -- What are you talking about?

BOB -- The communists were premature in taking over Russia. They 
SHOULD have first eliminated the influence of the church BEFORE 
they made their move.

DAN -- And just how are you proposing to eliminate the influence 
of the church in America?

BOB -- Through the courts and through the schools.

DAN -- You lost me.

BOB -- First of all, we know that people will never vote for 
socialism, so we have to centralize power to the federal 
government through the courts and then seize power when the time 
is right. It's going to take years, maybe even generations, but 
we have to load up the courts with judges who like to throw 
their weight around, be little dictators. We'll supply them 
pious sounding arguments that will let them literally dictate 
public law from the bench.

DAN -- You can't do that. The judges will be impeached.

BOB -- No. We'll call it "judicial activism". And our first 
priority for the courts will be to get God out of our schools. 
And if the legislature tries to overrule the courts, the new 
laws will be declared unconstitutional.

DAN -- On what grounds?

BOB -- Pious sounding arguments like "separation of church and 

DAN -- "Separation of church and state"?! That's not in the 

BOB -- No, but I found it in one of the letters from Thomas 
Jefferson. Listen, with liberal judges who like to throw their 
weight around, you don't need much precedent, just something 
that looks good in the headlines of the newspapers.

DAN -- Americans won't just sit by and watch us do that to their 
schools. American schools were originally founded so that people 
could learn to read the Bible. All but a handful of our founding 
fathers were dedicated Christians. The rest believed in God.

BOB -- Yes, but how many Americans remember that?

DAN -- The ones who graduated from Harvard and Yale will. Those 
colleges started out as Bible colleges.

BOB -- I'm not saying that this will all happen overnight. It 
could take us fifty years to pack the courts with liberal judges 
and while we do that, we will also infiltrate the school systems 
ourselves and dumb down the graduates. We'll change the 
curriculum to make it "politically correct" and historically 
"revisionist". I'm telling you, in a few generations, all 
they'll remember is a wall between church and state.

DAN -- You'll never get away with it. There was never intended 
to be separation between church and state. In fact, at the time 
of the signing of the Bill of Rights, the state of Massachusetts 
had the Catholic Church as its state religion. The purpose of 
the first amendment was to prevent the federal government 
establishing a federal religion and from telling states like 
Massachusetts that they couldn't be Catholic.

BOB -- I'm telling you, by the time we're done packing the 
courts and dumbing down American schools, all the American 
people will remember is "separation of church and state".

DAN -- (turns exits) You must think Americans are stupid.

BOB -- (follows) That's what I'm counting on.

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