SAVED    5'2m?f David, guilt, salvation, forgiveness

BOB -- (enters wearing business suit, carrying Bible, crosses to
C, looks over front lip of stage, cringes, backs away, sets down
Bible, runs toward edge, stops, looks down, cringes, makes two
more unsuccessful attempts to fling himself off the edge of the
stage from a standing start)

DAVID -- (enters wearing tunic, sandals and crown) Good morning,

BOB -- (turns, gasps) Who are you? (losses balance) Wo!

DAVID -- (grabs Bob's elbow) Steady there, friend. This building
is fifteen stories tall. You could hurt yourself.

BOB -- I know. That's the idea. Say. what's with the get-up?
(motions broadly to David's clothing)

DAVID -- The GET... UP?

BOB -- The outfit, the clothing. Why are you dressed that way?

DAVID -- I always dress like this.

BOB -- Somebody from church sent you here, didn't they?

DAVID -- Church?

BOB -- Yeah, that's it. Somebody from church somehow read my
body language and feared I would try something like this.

DAVID -- Church. Oh, church! That's what your people call a
gathering of believers of the Lord God. (picks up Bible) And
this is your individual copy of the Holy Scriptures. (offers

BOB -- (takes Bible) The Holy Scriptures. Hey, you're pretty
good! You've got the character down to a tee. The Holy
Scriptures! Very clever.

DAVID -- Back in my day not everyone had their own copy of the
scriptures. Now it looks like everybody can read the Holy
Scriptures and even in their own language. In my day, only the
priests and the kings could afford to have a copy of the
scriptures and even then, they were only written in one
language. But then, of course in my day, there weren't as many
Holy Scriptures to copy.

BOB -- You're really good. I suppose your not going to tell me
who sent you.

DAVID -- Sure. It's not a secret. God sent me.

BOB -- No. I mean what PERSON sent you?

DAVID -- God is a person and he was the one who sent me.

BOB -- I can see that this line of questioning is getting me
nowhere. How about this? Let me ask WHY God sent you.

DAVID -- Because, in spite of the fact that every person in
your... CHURCH... has his own personal copy of the scriptures
translated to his own language, you still haven't read it.

BOB -- Sure I have.

DAVID -- How about the passage in Leviticus where it says "Do
not LIE, do not DECEIVE one another?"

BOB -- Alright, I haven't read it all. But I've read most of it.

DAVID -- (tilts head)

BOB -- Alright, let's put it this way. I've read a lot of it.

DAVID -- Can you tell me where it talks about me?

BOB -- And just who are you supposed to be?

DAVID -- I am David son of Jesse, King of Israel.

BOB -- Sure.

DAVID -- Can you tell me where in your personal copy of the Holy
Scriptures you will find the story of my life?

BOB -- See, I knew it. Someone from the church sent you to lay a
guilt trip on me. But let me tell you that I've had just as much
guilt as I can handle. That's why I came up here. Now, who are
you and how do you know so much about me?!

DAVID -- I just told you. I'm David, son of Jesse....

BOB -- ...King of Israel. I heard. Alright, since I'm obviously
not going to shake your story, why would God send the King of
Israel to interrupt... what I was about to do.

DAVID -- God wants you to know that there's more to the Bible
than your New Testament. There is much wisdom in the Old
Testament as well. And my story is the one God says you need the

BOB -- If you're trying to get me to admit that I have no idea
where your story is, I admit it. I have no idea.

DAVID -- My story is in two places. The book of Samuel and the
book of Chronicles. Your translator divided both of those books
into two smaller books. And I'm in all four smaller books.

BOB -- Four books?

DAVID -- Four.

BOB -- Why would God put you in four books?

DAVID -- Maybe you should read them and find out.

BOB -- And you say that your story applies to me?

DAVID -- Yes.

BOB -- Why? I'm no king. I'm not even a president or a CEO. I'm
not even a director or a manager.

DAVID -- There are two reasons God included me in the
scriptures. The first and most important reason is that I was
one of the ancestors of Jesus. The second reason is God allowed
me to be one of the ancestors of Jesus IN SPITE of the fact that
I was an adulterer and a murderer.

BOB -- You were?! I mean, of course you were. I knew that. That
thing with Bathsheba. I remember that.

DAVID -- I stole Bathsheba from her husband and then I had him
killed to cover it up.

BOB -- Oh. Oh. (paces) Oh. I can't believe my own stupidity! I
almost... (points to edge of stage, looks over edge) I must have
been out of my mind! (paces) I almost made myself useless to God
by... (stops, looks over edge) What was I thinking?! I was so
paralyzed by my own guilt that I forgot about God's forgiveness.
You committed the two worst sins possible and God forgave you.

DAVID -- And he used me to do his work and to produce the
offspring that would be his ancestors.

BOB -- Hey, if God sent you to see me, he must have a lot of
work for me to do too. (opens Bible) I need to get to work
(exits, paging) What books did you say you were in again?

DAVID -- (follows pointing) Samuel and Chronicles. Second
Samuel. There it is. That's me there.

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