EVE      5'0m1f Temptation leads to sin in the Garden of Eden

EVE -- (enters wearing a dress of fig leaves) Hi. Welcome to the 
Garden of Eden. My name is Eve. I will be your tour guide 

Our tour starts right here in the very center of the garden. The 
Lord says this tree behind me is "the tree of the knowledge of 
good and evil". And He says that it's the only tree in the 
entire garden that my husband and I are not supposed to eat 
from. I have no idea why. It's just something the Lord said to 
do. So, we don't eat from it. The Lord doesn't even want us 
spending much time around this tree... something about 
temptation. It's a shame, don't you think? It's such a pretty 
tree! (points off stage, exiting) Now, if you'll all come right 
this way, I'll show you the other fruit trees in the garden. You 
can even sample all of the delicious fruit from them. Right this 

(reenters) Wasn't that delicious fruit, ladies and gentlemen? 
Now, if you'll follow me to the other side of the garden, I'll 
show you the wild animals that my husband gave names to. I may 
have told you that the Lord warned us to avoid going near this 
tree (points), but this is the shortest route to where we're 
going, so I'm sure it'll be alright. I may have mentioned that 
the Lord called this tree "the tree of the knowledge of good and 
evil". Well, we shouldn't be spending so much time here, so if 
you'll follow me, I'll show you the wild animals. (exiting 
opposite) Right this way.

(reenters) Okay, those were the wild animals. Now, if you'll 
just follow me, I'll show you the domesticated animals. I 
suppose we should really avoid going this way again, but, well, 
as I said, this is the shortest route to get where we're going. 
I think you'll agree it's a very attractive tree and the fruit 
looks delicious. It sure would be nice to know what good and 
evil are all about, wouldn't it? I've asked my husband what good 
and evil are, but he doesn't know either. I've often wondered 
what good and evil are. I thought maybe GOOD and EVIL are names 
for other people that we haven't met yet. My husband thinks 
maybe GOOD and EVIL were the names of two different kinds of 
fruit that grow in different seasons. But so far we've only 
seen, one kind of fruit on this tree. Well, I suppose I'll never 
know. Anyway, right this (points) way to the domesticated 
animals. (exits)

(reenters) Okay, those were the domesticated animals. My husband 
named each animal himself. Now, right this way and I'll show you 
our vegetable garden. Let's not spend a lot of time here, ladies 
and gentlemen, the Lord warned us... (points to floor) Well, 
what have we here? (bends, picks up apple, holds it up for all 
to see) One of the fruits of the tree of good and evil 
apparently fell off a limb. I really shouldn't be handling the 
fruit like this, but I wanted you all to see how shiney and 
attractive this fruit is. I can't imagine why such delicious 
looking fruit is off limits. Isn't it beautiful? Well, right 
this way to the vegetable garden. (exits)

(reenters) Okay, that was the vegetable garden. The Lord has 
really provided some delicious fruits and vegetables here in the 
garden, hasn't he? (holds up apple) But none of them are as 
delicious looking as this fruit from this tree of good and evil. 
Isn't it gorgeous? I think I'll have my husband give it a name. 
It's too beautiful not to have a name, don't you think? I wonder 
what it tastes like, don't you? I sure would like to know what 
good and evil are, wouldn't you? Oh, well, our next stop on the 
tour (points) is the reptile exhibit. There's a talking snake in 
the reptile exhibit that I'd like you to meet. He seems very 
wise for such a small snake. He uses a lot of the same words 
that the Lord uses. Perhaps he can tell us more about this fruit 
and the knowledge of good and evil. (stops) Listen, strictly 
speaking, I shouldn't be carrying this piece of fruit around 
with me, but I have to show it to the snake and what harm could 
it do anyway, right? Okay, right this way to the reptile 
exhibit. (exits)

(reenter) Okay, that was the reptile exhibit. Wasn't that snake 
a convincing speaker? What he said made a lot of sense, don't 
you think? I mean, like he said, human beings WERE made in the 
image of God, right? And God knows everything, right? Everything 
includes good and evil, right? So, if we were created by God in 
the image of God, what could be the harm in knowing good and 
evil like God does, right? I mean it's only logical. Right? So, 
logically, I have every reason to eat of the fruit and no 
logical reason not to. Right? I mean, the Lord told us not to 
spend much time near this tree, but nothing happened when I 
spent a lot of time here. And nothing happened when I held its 
fruit in my hand. Isn't this fruit gorgeous? I mean, look at it! 
I mean, what harm could come from taking just one little bite 
from such a delicious looking fruit? Right?

(small bite)Mmmmmm. I knew it! It's just as delicious as it 
looks. The snake was right. (smile melts) Well, isn't that 
interesting! I now know what good and evil are! Good is what God 
is... and evil is... evil is anything that opposes God, like 
that talking snake... and me. I disobeyed God. That was evil. 
(forced smile) Well, on with the tour. (stops) Listen, ladies 
and gentlemen, our last stop on the tour was the living quarters 
for my husband and me. I really did want you to meet my husband, 
but, well, if you'll excuse me, I have to cancel the rest of the 
tour. Thank you all for coming. If you'll all exit the way you 
came in, I've got to... find my husband and have him try some of 
this fruit. (exiting) I can't be the only one to take the blame.

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