WELL     4'0m1f The woman at the well

WOMAN -- (enters excitedly wearing tunic, carrying terra cotta
jar with rope attached, speaks to audience) Come quickly! He's
here! The messiah is here in Samaria!

(examines a few faces in audience) What's the matter? Why are
you looking at me like that? I told you, the messiah is here in
Samaria right now. Here in Sychar! His name is Jesus.

(examines a few faces in audience) What's the matter? Don't you
believe me? He's out there right now! He's out at Jacob's well!
(points offstage) I just drew some water for him from the well!
With this very jar! (holds out jar) I'm sure he's still there.
He and his disciples are eating right now. So if we go now, we

(examines a few faces in audience) You don't believe me, do you?
You think I'm making this up? Why would I make this up?

(examines a few faces in audience, paces) Oh, I see. I see. You
think that just because I've just lost my fifth husband, I'm
just looking for attention. You think that just because I'm
living with a man I'm not married to, you can't trust a thing I

(holds up finger) Or maybe you think that the messiah would
never lower himself to accept a drink from the likes of me. Yes,
that's it, isn't it? You think that the Jewish messiah would
never drink from the same jar as a Samaritan. You think that the
Jewish messiah, would never even associate with a woman, let
alone a Samaritan woman. You're thinking that if he's really the
true messiah we've been expecting, he'd know what a sinful woman
this was he was asking for a drink.

(stops pacing, sigh) Well, I guess I can't blame you. Now that I
think about it, it does seem unbelieveable, doesn't it? But I
know it's Him! I know it!

(examines a few faces in audience) Listen, people, I know how
the Jews abhor us Samaritans. But we have Jewish blood too. I
know they look down on us because we married idol worshippers.
But they can't deny our Jewish roots! If the Lord became a man
and dwelt among us, would he not announce himself to ALL those
with Jewish blood? Of course he would! And He did!

(examines a few faces in audience) You still doubt me, don't
you? (paces) How can I convince you? (stops, snaps fingers)
That's it! If it convinced me, it will convince you too. (paces)
Alright, listen, don't we read in the scriptures about our
messiah that when he comes to earth he will prove himself by
doing signs and wonders?

(stops, points at audience) Well, isn't that what the scriptures
say? Well, he did it. He did it for me. He didn't know me from
Adam. I never introduced myself or anything. He didn't know my
name. But right out of the clear blue sky he asked me to go get
my husband and bring him back to Jacob's well with me. So, I
told him I'm not married. Then... Then... he told me that I've
been married five times and the man I'm living with is not my
husband! If he's not the messiah, how did he know about my

I'm telling you, people, he's not like other men I've known
(shakes finger) and I've known a lot of men! He's certainly not
like the Jews. He's... he's different. And he didn't talk like
other men talk. (waves hand) Oh, he spoke Aramaic, like the
other Jews, but there wasn't even a hint of condemnation in his
voice. He talked about... about LIVING WATER! I could just
picture the stream of water flowing past the throne of God, pure
and clean. He said that if I put my trust in him I would never
thirst again! And He talked about...  ETERNAL LIFE. Can you
imagine living forever? ...where noone ever dies? (relives the
experience) When he talked to me, his eyes looked right down
into my soul. (pats chest)

(regains composure) I'm telling you, people, this is no ordinary
man! And I'll tell you something else. The scriptures tell us
he's only coming once before the judgement. And I don't think
you can afford NOT to check him out for yourselves!

I don't know about you, but I am going back out to Jacob's well
to get some LIVING WATER from the source! (exits)

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