TRANSFIG 5'3m0f The transfiguration, a matter of life and death

(all enter from audience rear, walk to stage while speaking, 
Peter down one aisle, James and John down another aisle)

PETER -- Hey, John.

JOHN -- Yeah, Peter.

PETER -- Where did Jesus go?

JOHN -- He went on ahead. He said he'd meet us up at the top of 
the mountain.

PETER -- Oh, okay.

JAMES -- I hate it when he does this.

JOHN -- Me too.

PETER -- When he does what?

JAMES -- When he leaves us alone like this. Then he always 
springs a surprise on us.

PETER -- Oh, James, where's your sense of adventure?

JOHN -- James is right, Peter. Remember that night Jesus left us 
alone in the boat and later came out on the lake, walking on the 
water? He scared the wits out of me.

JAMES -- That's not all he scared out of you. (to Peter) John 
had to change his tunic.

JOHN -- James!

PETER -- Change his tunic? I was the one who tried to walk on 
water and got all wet.

JAMES -- It wasn't water that got John's tunic wet.

JOHN -- James! You didn't have to tell him that!

PETER -- (chuckles) I don't know why Jesus calls you two the 
Sons of Thunder. You should be called the Sons of Chicken.

JOHN -- Very Funny.

(they meet at one end of stage, cross to other while speaking) 

JAMES -- Does anybody know what we're doing up here on this 


JOHN -- I hate it when Jesus does this. I hate surprises.

JAMES -- Me too.

PETER -- The Sons of Chicken.

(all exit, immediately all lights out)

VOICEOVER -- (deep, powerful) This is my Son, whom I have 
chosen; listen to him.

(lights up)

JOHN -- (enters cautiously, holding tunic away from his body, 
crosses rather stiff-legged to opposite side) I hate it when he 
does that!

JAMES -- (enters, hypnotized, walks like a zombi with John, 
stands open mouthed gazing into the sky)

PETER -- (dances merrily behind James) Wait til I tell the rest 
of the apostles! They are not going to believe what we just saw!

JOHN --  Peter, are you deaf or something? Jesus just told us 
not to tell anyone about what we just saw.

PETER -- You're not actually going to keep this to yourself are 

JOHN -- If that's what Jesus said to do, that's what we ought to 

PETER -- John, you've got to be kidding! We just saw Elijah and 
Moses face to face! We just heard the voice of God and were 
surrounded by the same pillar of cloud that used to occupy the
Most Holy place of the temple! And you're not going to tell

JOHN -- No.

PETER -- What about you, James?

JAMES -- (still a zombi looking off in space)

PETER -- (waves hand in front of James' face) Yo, James, baby. 
Is anybody in there?

JAMES -- I'm waiting for my alarm to go off, so I can wake up.

PETER -- (chuckles) He thinks this was all a dream. 

JOHN -- Well, you'll have to admit that it was pretty fantastic.

PETER -- You guys just amaze me. One of you goes catatonic, and 
the other wets himself.

JOHN -- (looks self-consciously at own behind without turning) 
Does it show?! James, can you see anything?!

JAMES -- Huh? (recovering, looks) Oh, ah, no, you can hardly see 
anything at all, John. Was that really Moses and Elijah up 

PETER -- In the flesh!

JOHN -- (examines tunic again) Are you sure it doesn't show? 
This is really embarrassing. 

PETER -- (chuckles) The Sons of Chicken.

JOHN -- As if you were the epitome of calm, cool and collected. 
At least, we didn't open mouth and insert foot.

PETER -- I... I didn't know what else to say. What do you say to 
two people you thought have been dead for hundreds of years?

JAMES -- "Hey, Elijah baby, need a garage for your Chariot of 

PETER -- Well, that was better than what I was thinking of 

JOHN -- What were you thinking of saying?

PETER -- Hey, Moses, you look pretty good for a dead man.

JAMES -- I think I'd rather be catatonic.

JOHN -- And I think I'd rather.... (looks at own behind) 
Nevermind. Why would Jesus embarrass us all like this?

PETER -- Good question. Why did he bring us up here in the first 

JAMES -- Well, if we had any doubts about Jesus being the 
messiah, I think the pillar of cloud and the voice of God 
removed all doubt.

PETER -- Yes, but, why bring Moses and Elijah into it?

JOHN -- I think it has to have something to do with death or 

JAMES -- You do?

PETER -- Why?

JOHN -- Well, remember, last week Jesus told all of us that some
of us will not taste death before we see the kingdom of God?

PETER -- (points offstage) Well, if that wasn't the Kingdom of 
God up there, I don't know what is.

JAMES -- That was undoubtedly God up there, but I doubt that it 
was the KINGDOM of God. Jesus isn't sitting on David's throne 
yet. Besides, none of the twelve apostles died. He said SOME of 
you will not taste death.

PETER -- Yeah, but, what does this (points offstage) have to do 
with dying?

JOHN -- I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it does.

JAMES -- Well, let's think about it for a minute. Elijah went 
right to Heaven on a chariot of fire. He didn't die. Right?

JOHN & PETER -- Right.

PETER -- But Moses died in the desert.

JOHN -- Yet, both of them looked like they were in the same 
shape. They were both very much alive.

JAMES -- John's right. They both had bodies. We could see them. 
They weren't ghosts or anything like that.

PETER -- That means that what the rabbis have been teaching us 
about death is all wrong. 

JOHN -- What do you mean?

PETER -- The rabbis think that when we die, we stay dead until 
the messiah sits on the throne of David..

JOHN -- Well, it's pretty obvious Moses didn't stay dead.

PETER -- (grabs James' arm heads down the steps through 
audience) That's it! That's what we can tell the others! Let's 

JAMES -- Peter, we can't tell them about what happened up here!

PETER -- No, but we can tell them for sure that we'll all go to 
heaven when we die.

JAMES -- But, only if we put our trust in Jesus.

PETER -- Right. (now at back of audience, turns) Where's John? 
John, aren't you coming? (exits)

JOHN -- (side-steps to exit) Ah, yeah, but, I have to change my 
tunic first.

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