NATIVITY 4'1m1f Mary and Joseph see their destiny

(Mary very pregnant, enters slowly)

JOSEPH -- (enters backward, shouting back at exit) Thank 
you anyway. (one arm around Mary's waist, takes her hand)

MARY ---- It's hopeless, Joseph. All the inns are full.

JOSEPH -- The man said there might be a room at this other 
inn, Mary. It's just over here. (nods toward opposite exit)

MARY ---- What's the use? All the inns are full because of the 

JOSEPH -- We have to try. You can't just have a baby out here in 
the street.

MARY ---- (stops, cringes in pain, grunts) There it goes again, 
Joseph! He's coming!

JOSEPH -- Please try not hold off just a little longer, Mary, 

MARY ---- I'll try, but, I can barely walk anymore.

JOSEPH -- Please, Mary, just a few more steps. We're almost 

MARY ---- Why couldn't Momma be here?

JOSEPH -- I told you, she has to go with here husband to his 
home town for the census, just like you do.

MARY ---- Oh, yes, of course. I'm not thinking straight. It just 
doesn't seem right that the savior of the world will be born all 

JOSEPH -- He won't be alone, Mary. He has YOU, my darling.

MARY ---- You're so sweet to put up with me, Joseph. Everybody 
back home thinks I'm just a sinful little girl having a baby out 
of wedlock.

JOSEPH -- But you and I know better, don't we?

MARY ---- How do we know this baby is really the one, Joseph, 
you know, the messiah, the son of the living God?

JOSEPH -- Because just like it says in the scriptures, he will 
be born from the seed of the woman. This will be the first baby 
in history to be born without the seed of a man.

MARY ---- Keep talking, Joseph. It takes my mind off the...( 
clutches his hand, bows, and grunts) PAIN!

JOSEPH -- The prophet Isaiah promised that the messiah would be 
born of a virgin. That's you.

MARY ---- That's me. 

JOSEPH -- Yes, and right now, the ends of my fingers are turning 

MARY ---- (lets go) I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was squeezing 
that hard. 

JOSEPH -- (shakes hand vigorously) It's okay. It's not half as 
painful as what you're going through. Can we keep moving?

MARY ---- (resumes walking) Maybe you should go on ahead and ask 
if there's room in the inn for us.

JOSEPH -- I hate to leave you out here alone. We're just a few 
steps away.

MARY ---- (grabs his hand, bows in pain, grunts) There it goes 
again, Joseph. He's coming.

JOSEPH -- Hold on, Mary. Please.

MARY ---- Tell me again what our baby will be like when he grows 

JOSEPH -- Many people back home in Nazareth believe the messiah 
will conquer the Romans and throw them out of Israel.

MARY ---- But he won't will he?

JOSEPH -- No. It doesn't say that in the scripture.

MARY ---- It makes me sad to think that I am giving birth to a 
man who is born to die.

JOSEPH -- But that is his destiny, Mary, darling. The Book of 
Genesis says that the messiah will crush the serpent's head, but 
not before the serpent bruise the messiah's heal.

MARY ---- Does that necessarily mean he will die, Joseph?

JOSEPH -- It's not all so sad, Mary. There are many scriptures 
that predict he will rise from the grave. He IS the God-man, you 

MARY ---- (grunts and bows in pain) Yes, and he wants to come 
out now.

JOSEPH -- Oh, please, Mary, darling, don't have our baby out 
here on the street. Hold on! Listen, maybe you're right. I'll go 
on ahead and ask if there's room in this inn. (backs away from 
Mary) Will you be alright? (exits)

MARY ---- I'll be fine. Go. (grunts, grimaces, rubs her belly) 
Hold on, my sweet baby. Hold on. Don't come yet.

JOSEPH -- (reenters a moment later) Bad news, I'm afraid. 

MARY ---- No room there either?

JOSEPH -- No, but he says we can stay in the stable. (helps Mary 
continue on toward the exit). At least there will be a roof over 
our heads.

MARY ---- Tell me about our baby boy again, Joseph.

JOSEPH -- His destiny is in his name, Mary, the name the Angel 
gave you.

MARY ---- Jesus.

JOSEPH -- Yes. It mean God is Salvation. Our little baby boy 
Jesus will grow up to save the world.

(both exit, moments later, a baby cries offstage)

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