JAIRUS   8'3m3f Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead

JOANNA -- (enters from audience rear, moves toward corner of 

JAIRUS -- (follows) Joanna, where are you going?

JOANNA -- (turns) I'm going to talk to Jesus.

JAIRUS -- But our daughter needs you.

JOANNA -- Jairus, honey, our little Anna will die if we don't do 
something. And you won't go, so....

JAIRUS -- ...How could I go? The last time Jesus was in town, I 
was among those who incited the crowds to stone him to death for 
claiming to be God.

JOANNA -- Then I'll go. You stay here with Anna. 

JAIRUS -- But I'm no good with at these things. Anna needs you.

JOANNA -- Jairus, honey, we've been over and over this. We have 
tried everything to keep Anna alive and nothing worked. We need 
God's help to keep her alive. And Anna says she has faith that 
Jesus is the Son of God. So, if you won't go, I must go.

JAIRUS -- But Anna needs you.

JOANNA -- Jairus, while we are sitting here arguing, our little 
girl's life is slipping away.

JAIRUS -- I'll go. I'll go. I think.

JOANNA -- What are you afraid of?

JAIRUS -- Jesus has done so many miracles lately that it looks 
like I might have been wrong about him. It looks like he may be 
the Son of God after all.

JOANNA -- Well, are you afraid that you'll have to humble 
yourself before him?

JAIRUS -- Actually, I'm afraid he might remember me. If he is 
who he claims to be, he could call down lightening to strike me 

JOANNA -- Then, I should go.

JAIRUS -- No. You stay with Anna. I'll go. I'm getting on in 
years anyway. My life is not as valuable to me as my little 
Anna's life.

JOANNA -- (turning back) Go then! Hurry!

JAIRUS -- If I don't come back,....

JOANNA -- (turns) Yes?

JAIRUS -- If I don't come back, tell our little girl that I love 

JOANNA -- I will.

JAIRUS -- And I love you. (backs to corner of stage, waiving)

JOANNA -- I love you too. (turns, exits drying eyes)

JESUS --- (enters opposite with noisey crowd, holds up hand to 
silence crowd, all look at Jairus) Well, Jairus, have you come 
to try to stone me to death again?

JAIRUS -- (crossing quickly) No, Rabbi, I have come to beg for 
your mercy and to ask for your help. (kneels) Please help me.

JESUS --- What can I help you with, Jairus?

JAIRUS -- My only daughter Anna is very sick. The doctors have 
tried everything they know to save her. But she continues to 
slip closer and closer to death. Anna has faith that you can 
cure her.

JESUS --- What about you? Do you believe I can cure her?

JAIRUS -- At one time I believed that you were a fake and phony. 
But now I am not so sure.

JESUS --- Yet, you stop short of admitting that I am the Son of 

JAIRUS -- (bows low, shouts) But I would be lying if I said I 
have faith in you.

JESUS --- Very well, I will cure your daughter so that you may 
have confidence that I am the Son of God.

JAIRUS -- (stands) Oh, thank you, Rabbi, thank you. Come 
quickly, please. Each moment we delay could be her last.

JESUS --- Lead the way. (motions broadly toward Jairus' end of 
the stage, crowd begins chattering loudly among themselves about 
Jairus and the mercy of Jesus, as they begin crossing)

WOMAN --- (enters through audience, runs up behind and touches 
Jesus' sleeve)

JESUS --- (motions for people to stop, all hush) Who touched me?

WOMAN --- (slowly sneaks back the way she came)

PETER --- Rabbi, there are many people on all sides. I'm sure 
that all of them touched you.

JAIRUS -- Rabbi, I hate to rush you. But my daughter will die if 
we don't hurry.

JESUS --- Be patient for a moment, Jairus. There is a lesson to 
be learned here

JAIRUS -- But....

JESUS --- (holds hand up) Hush now! (turns and shouts to crowd) 
Listen carefully. Someone who needed healing, touched me and my 
healing power went out to them. Tell me, who just received 

WOMAN --- (turns, walks toward Jesus while explaining, and 
bowing constantly) Rabbi, I knew that you were the Holy one of 
God and that at your touch many in Israel have been healed. I 
knew that if I merely touched you, I would be healed. And so 
without asking, I came up behind you and touched your sleeve.

JESUS --- And were you healed?

WOMAN --- Rabbi, I have been bleeding constantly for the last 
twelve years. But the moment I touched your sleeve my bleeding 
stopped completely.

JESUS --- (holds up hand to quiet crowd as they nod and converse 
loudly about the healing) Daughter, your faith has healed you. 
Go in peace.

WOMAN --- (bowing and backing away) Thank you, Rabbi, thank you.

JAIRUS -- Rabbi, I beg you to hurry. My daughter is dying.

JESUS --- Jairus, do you think that it was a mere coincidence 
that that woman crossed our path when she did?

JAIRUS -- Rabbi, I... I don't know. All I know is that my 
daughter will die if you don't hurry to her.

JOANNA -- (enters through audience, followed by two men carrying 
Anna on a table or bed) Jairus, it's too late. Don't bother the 
Rabbi anymore. Our daughter is dead.

JESUS --- (holds up hand to quiet crowd as they converse loudly 
about the death) 

JAIRUS -- (sinks to knees, sobs) Rabbi, I begged you to hurry. 
Now my daughter is dead. (face to ground) I fear that now even 
you cannot help her.

JESUS --- Jairus, you have seen proof that I am of God, yet you 
still don't believe. Your daughter is not dead, but asleep. 

JAIRUS -- Oh, please don't make jokes, Jesus.

JOANNA -- Rabbi, I assure you that our daughter is quite dead. 
The doctors have confirmed it.

(the two men place the bed on the front edge of the stage)

JESUS --- Your faith in me is weak, and so is the faith of your 
husband. But your daughter had faith in me. So, death is not 
permanent in her, but temporary, as though she were sleeping. 
Don't be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.

JAIRUS -- (pleads while kneeling) I desperately want to believe, 
rabbi. Help me with my unbelief.

JESUS --- (takes Anna's hand) Child, get up!

ANNA ---- (sits up) Jesus. My Lord Jesus.

JESUS --- (helps her to her feet, holds up hand to quiet crowd 
as they nod and converse loudly about the healing) Give the girl 
something to eat.

(someone in the crowd gives Anna a piece of bread)

JAIRUS -- Oh, Rabbi, how can I ever thank you?! 

JESUS --- Go to the temple and give a sacrifice in keeping with 
the blessing you have received. But don't tell anyone that I 
was the one who healed her.

JAIRUS -- But, Lord, surely you are Messiah the King that was 
prophecied by the prophet Daniel. Why would you keep that a 

JESUS --- I have a question for you, Jairus. Would you have 
believed that I was Messiah the King if I had merely cured your 
daughter of her illness and not raised her from the dead?

JAIRUS -- Lord, I must admit that if my Anna had been merely 
cured of her sickness, in the back of my mind I would have 
thought that perhaps she had recovered on her own. But, because 
you waited until she was dead, you not only raised her from the 
dead, but you also made a believer out of me. (kneels)

JOANNA -- (kneels) And me.

JAIRUS & JOANNA -- My Lord and my God.

JESUS --- It is as you say. But you must tell noone.

JAIRUS -- But why? If you would let me, I would shout it from 
the roof of the temple!

JESUS --- You mentioned the prophet Daniel.

JAIRUS -- Yes.

JESUS --- If you calculate when Daniel predicted Messiah the 
King is to ride into Jerusalem, you will see that my time has 
not yet come.

JAIRUS -- I see. There a many who would make you king of Israel 
by force before your appointed hour. We will do as you say and 
keep it to ourselves.

JOANNA -- Thank you for saving our daughter.

JAIRUS -- Yes, and thank you for saving us.

JESUS --- Go now and give thanks to the Father in Heaven.

JAIRUS & JOANNA -- (hold hands with Anna, exit through audience, 
singing the doxology) 
Praise God from whom all blessing flow,

ALL ----- (exit, singing)
Praise Him all creatures here below,
Praise Him above the Heavenly Host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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