IOBJECT  5'4m?f Jesus on trial for claiming to be God

(scene: courtroom, podium is judge's bench, a bar stool is the 
witness stand)

(PROC enters, stands L of judge's bench, DEF enters, stands R of 
Judge's bench) 

JUDGE - (enters, stands behind bench, pounds gavel) Court is 
again in session. Mr Prosecutor, call your next witness.

PROC -- Prosecution calls Rabbi Nathan Smith to the stand.

SMITH - (enters, crosses to witness stand, raises right hand)

JUDGE - Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth 
and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

SMITH - I do. (sits)

PROC -- Alright, Mr Smith, tell the jury (points to audience) 
what you heard the defendant, Jesus of Nazareth, say on the date 
in question.

SMITH - He said, "Before Abraham was born, I am."

PROC -- And what did you take that to mean?

DEF --  Objection, calls for a conclusion.

JUDGE - (to proc) Counsel?

PROC -- Your Honor, the witness is a rabbi, an expert in Hebrew 
scripture and history. As such, he is qualified to draw some 
conclusions about what Jesus meant.

JUDGE - Objection overruled. The witness may answer.

SMITH - Well, everyone there knew that he was claiming to be 

PROC -- And how did you arrive at that conclusion?

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Well, he used the term "I AM", which is the name God 
called himself when he talked to Moses over 2000 years ago.

PROC -  And what made you conclude that the defendant was not 
merely using bad grammar?

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Well, Jesus taught in the temples and synagogues all 
over Judea. He was renowned for his learned teaching. He would 
never make a mistake like that. He would never say I AM when he 
was talking about a past event. Abraham lived thousands of years 

PROC -  And how do you know that Jesus was not merely claiming 
to be thousands of years old?

DEF --  objectionable.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Because Jesus slipped away into the crowd as soon as he 
said it.

PROC -  And why do you think he slipped away?

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Because he knew that saying it made the Jews angry.

PROC -  And how did you know that he was making the Jews angry?

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - They were picking up stones to stone him to death.

PROC -  And why do you think they were going to stone him to 

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Our law requires us to stone people to death for 

PROC -  And how do you know that they were interpreting his 
words as blasphemy?

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - The Jews don't stone people to death for bad grammar or 
for claiming to be old.

PROC -  So, there's no doubt in your mind that Jesus was 
claiming to be God?

DEF --  Objection.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Besides claiming to be the I AM, Jesus claimed, on 
several occasions, to be the fulfillment of several prophetic 
terms used by God to talk about himself in the scriptures. Oh, 
he was claiming to be God, alright.

PROC -  The prosecution rests.

JUDGE - Your witness.

DEF --  Rabbi Smith, did you ever see Jesus do a miracle?

PROC -  Objection. Irrelevant.

JUDGE - Overruled.

SMITH - Well, yes, of course. That -- and teaching -- were just 
about all he did for the last three years. I once saw him raise 
a man from the dead.

DEF --  Your honor. The defense moves for a summary judgement.

PROC -  Summary judgement?

JUDGE - The charges of blasphemy against the defendant Jesus of 
Nazareth are hereby dropped.

PROC -  I object. 

JUDGE - On what grounds?

PROC -  The evidence in this case is compelling. This man was 
obviously claiming to be God.

JUDGE - Objection overruled. The defendant committed blasphemy 
if he claimed to be God, UNLESS the defendant IS GOD. In this 
case the defendant's miracles and the fulfillment of several 
prophecies proves he IS who he claimed to be.

DEF --  Then my client is free to go?

JUDGE - Not so fast. The defendant must still die on the cross.

DEF --  Your honor, I object!

PROC -  I object too. I think.

JUDGE - Objections overruled. 

DEF --  But this is highly irregular.

PROC -  Yes, you can't condemn an innocent man? Can you?

JUDGE - Well, let me put it this way. If Jesus DOESN'T die and 
raise from the dead, we will all spend an eternity in hell. NOW 
are there any objections?

PROC -  Not from me.

DEF --  Well, when you put it like that....

JUDGE - Then, it's done. This court stands adjourned. (gavel, 

(all exit)

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