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ADULTER2 8'1m3f Woman caught in the act of adultery ADULTERY 3'2m0f Woman caught in the act of adultery ADULTRES 6'0m1f Monologue: Woman caught in the act of adultery ANANIAS 5'5m1f Ananias and Sapphira pay with their lives ANANIAS2 7'?m4f Why were Ananias and Sapphira killed? ANNA 5'1m1f Herod's hit man stalks baby Jesus ARRESTED 4'1m*f RT: Apostle Paul arrested, appeals to Rome ASCEND 5'?m2f Puppets attend the ascension of Jesus ASCEND2 5'1m*f RT: Jesus ascends into Heaven, end times AUDITION 3'3m0f An audition for the part of Judas BAPTIST 5'3m0f John the Baptist almost fails to baptize Jesus BAPTIST2 6'1m*f RT: John Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River BAPTIST3 6'2m*f RT: John the Baptist doubts Jesus, is beheaded BEGGAR 3'4m0f John and Peter heal a crippled beggar BEHEADED 4'1m*f RT: Herod has John the Baptist beheaded BETHLEHM 9'1m4f King of the Jews born in Bethlehem BETRAYAL 8'1m3f Judas betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver BLIND 3'2m0f Interrogation of blind man who now sees BLIND2 3'2m0f Interrogation of blind man who now sees BLIND3 6'1m*f RT: Jesus heals the blind beggar on the sabbath BLINDSAM 9'1m4f Jesus heals the blind beggar on the sabbath BREAKER 4'2m?f A surfer witnesses Jesus calming the storm BUILDERS 6'2m0f The parable of the wise and foolish builders BUSYNESS 4'0m3f The parable of the sower (teen) CAIAPHAS 4'1m*f RT: Caiaphas condemns Jesus for blasphemy CASTLOTS 4'3m0f Matthias is chosen by lot to replace Judas CAUGHT 6'*m1f RT: Woman caught in the act of adultery CHRISTMS *'4m3f A one-hour old-fashion melodrama about Christmas CIRCUMCI 3'2m0f Two teenagers witness Jesus' circumcision COMMUNE 6'1m*f RT: Passover, communion, transubstantiation CONTENT 5'2m0f Paul teaches Timothy contentment COUNCIL 5'2m*f RT: Jerusalem council, works, baptism, sabbath COUNCIL2 6'1m*f RT: Simon Peter at the Jerusalem council, pope COVER-UP 9'3m0f The great resurrection cover-up COVERUP2 7'1m0f Monologue: The great resurrection cover-up CRIMINAL 3'4m0f After Peter's denials, forgiveness, salvation CRIPPLED 5'3m1f Jesus heals on the sabbath CROSS 3'1m0f Legend: Jesus built the cross that killed him CRUISE 3'2m?f Jesus's plans miracles on the Sea of Galilee DAMASCUS 6'2m2f Paul's blindness is cured by Ananias DEADLINE 5'1m*f RT: Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem DEBATE 6'*m0f RT: Palm Sunday: is Jesus God in human flesh? DELUSION 4'2m?f Peter walks on water, almost DEMON 5'4m0f The disciples could not drive out the demon DENIAL 4'2m1f Peter denies Jesus three times, but why? DISHONST 7'1m2f The parable of the dishonest steward DREAMS 4'1m1f John's Revelation of end times EASTER *'?m*f A one-hour play about Easter for ten girls ELIZBETH 4'0m1f Monologue: Elizabeth, John the Baptist & Jesus EMMAUS 7'3m0f They didn't recognize the risen Christ EUNUCH 5'2m0f Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch EUTYCHUS 5'2m1f Paul's sermon puts Eutychus to sleep FALSE 5'2m0f Herod encounters the messiah... or does he? FEED5000 3'2m?f Feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves & a few memories FEEDING 6'1m*f RT: Jesus feeds 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish FISHING 7'4m0f Third appearance of Jesus after the resurrection FISHTAX 5'4m0f Jesus pays the temple tax from a fish's mouth FORGIVE 5'3m0f The parable of the unforgiving servant FULFILL 8'?m2f Lineage of Jesus, prophecy fulfillment GOODSAM 5'?m3f The parable of the good Samaritan HANGED 8'1m3f Judas went out and hanged himself HEAL 3'3m0f Peter and John heal a blind beggar HEALING 3'2m0f Jesus heals the fever of Simon's mother-in-law HERB 4'2m0f What are the qualities of a book of the Bible? HUCKSTER 4'1m*f RT: The parable of the dishonest steward INN 3'2m?f A phone reservation for the virgin birth IOBJECT 5'4m?f Jesus on trial for claiming to be God IWITNESS 5'2m0f At last, an eye witness to the resurrection? JAIRUS 8'3m3f Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead JAIRUS2 7'1m*f RT: Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead JOHN 4'1m0f Monologue: John, love, trust, sacrifice JOHNMARK 4'1m0f Monologue: The gospel according to Mark JOSEPH 6'1m0f Joseph awaits the birth if his son Jesus JUDAS 3'2m0f Betrayal for 30 pieces of silver KUNGFU 3'3m1f Non-traditional three wise men from the east LAODICEA 4'2m?f Laodicea: the heat is on but they're lukewarm LAZARUS 5'1m*f RT: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead LEPERS 4'3m0f Jesus cures 10 lepers without going near them LICENSE 2'1m?f Monologue: Jesus needed a license for miracles LOSTCOIN 4'?m1f Monologue: the parable of the lost coin(ring) MAFIA 8'3m0f The Sanhedrin before and after the crucifixion MAGDALEN 8'*m1f RT: Mary Magdalene refutes resurrection myths MARTHA 5'2m3f Martha worried and upset about many things MARY 3'0m1f Monologue: Mary Jesus' Jewish mother MARYNJOE 6'1m1f Mary announces her pregnancy to Joseph MARYSMOM 5'0m1f Monologue: Mary's mother at Jesus' birth MARYTEEN 5'0m1f Monologue: Mary announces her pregnancy MURDER 9'1m4f Jesus heals the blind, deaf, and leper MYRRH 7'0m2f The significance of gold, incense and myrrh NATIVITY 4'1m1f Mary and Joseph see their destiny ODDS 5'?m3f What are the odds that Jesus is the messiah? OFFER 3'1m0f Monologue: Jesus overturns tables in the temple OTHERSON 4'1m0f Monologue: parable of the prodigal son PAINTER 5'1m0f Monologue: The sign said "KING OF THE JEWS" PAINTER2 5'2m0f The sign said "KING OF THE JEWS" PALMS 5'2m?f Palm Sunday: the triumphal entry (puppets) PARALYZE 5'3m0f Paralytic is lowered through a hole in the roof PASSOVER 4'2m0f The arrangements are made for the last supper PENTECOS 7'1m1f Newspaper coverage of Pentecost PERSIST 4'2m0f The parable of the persistent friend PIGS 5'1m*f RT: Jesus drives demons into a herd of pigs PIGS2 9'1m?f Jesus' exorcism kills a herd of pigs PILATE 7'1m0f Pontius Pilate explains the crucifixion PILATE2 8'4m0f The Jewish elite convince Pilate to kill Jesus PIRATE 4'2m0f A pirate sees two miracles on the Sea of Galilee PREGNANT 4'4m1f A skeptical view of the virgin birth PRESS 9'1m*f RT: A press conference after the resurrection PRISONER 5'2m0f Discipleship, God's purpose and plan for Paul PRODIGA2 8'1m4f The parable of the prodigal son PRODIGAL 4'0m3f The parable of the prodigal son [daughter] PROPHECY 6'2m0f John the Baptist asks Jesus, "Are you the One?" PUNCTUAT 4'2m?f Greek lacks important punctuation RAISED 6'1m0f To disprove the resurrection: produce the body RHODA 4'1m1f Peter breaks out of jail, but noone believes it RICH 4'2m0f The rich young ruler seeks salvation RICHFOOL 5'2m0f The parable of the rich fool RICHMAN 7'1m1f The Rich Man and Lazarus RULER 5'1m0f Monologue: the rich young ruler SACRIFIC 4'2m0f Joseph buys the sacrifice for his first born SAMSPADE 8'1m3f A detective looks for Jesus' body SANHEDRI 6'2m0f The messiah is seen as competition to Sanhedrin SAPPHIRA 6'1m*f RT: Why were Ananias and Sapphira killed? SAUL 7'1m4f Private-I traces Saul's conversion to Paul SAVIOR 9'1m4f Christ the savior is born in Bethlehem SERVANT 5'1m*f RT: Jesus heals the centurion's servant SHEET 3'2m0f Peter interprets his vision of the sheet SHEPHERD 3'1m1f An angel announces the messiah's birth SIMEON 6'2m0f A hollywood producer puts glitz on Christmas SLIDES 3'1m1f Paul summarizes his tribulations SNATCHER 5'2m0f Jesus' resurrection said to be body snatching SORCERER 4'4m1f Philip teaches Simon the sorcerer real magic SPIT 3'3m0f Jesus heals a blind man without spit or anything STANDUP 3'1m0f A standup comic at the last supper STENO 3'1m1f Paul's epistle to the Colossians is inspired STEPHEN 5'1m*f RT: Stephen the first Christian martyr STEWARD 6'4m0f The parable of the dishonest steward SUPPER 5'1m*f RT: The last supper, transubstantiation TALENTS 5'0m5f The parable of the talents TEMPTED 5'2m0f Jesus is tempted by Satan TENANT 4'2m0f The parable of the tenant THEKID 4'3m1f Twelve-year-old Jesus predicts Palm Sunday THERAPY 6'2m?f Peter seeks a shrink after denying Jesus THOMAS 8'4m?f Doubting Thomas confronts the risen Jesus THOMAS2 6'1m0f Monologue: doubting Thomas and the trinity THORN 3'2m2f The clear meaning of Paul's thorn in the flesh TOMB 6'2m0f Jesus' burial method demands resurrection TRANSFI2 6'1m*f RT: Mount of transfiguration, resurrection TRANSFIG 5'3m0f The transfiguration, a matter of life and death TWOSONS 3'0m3f The parable of the two sons [daughters] UNJUST 6'1m1f The parable of the unjust judge URGENT 5'1m1f Suffer the children...: urgency vs conviction VIRGIN 4'1m*f RT: Joseph announces Mary's pregnancy VIRGINS 5'3m?f The parable of the ten virgins (campers) WATCH 4'2m0f Jesus prayed while John and Peter schlept WEDDING 6'*m1f RT: wedding in Cana, water to wine WEEPING 5'2m1f Jesus weeps over Jerusalem on Palm Sunday WELL 4'0m1f The woman at the well WELLWELL 4'1m1f The woman at the well in a modern setting WHATIF 9'2m4f If Jesus came to modern America not of Israel WIDOWS 4'1m1f Peter puts Stephen in charge of feeding widows WILLING 4'2m0f Jesus prayed, Peter and John slept WISEMEN 5'1m1f Three wise men bring gifts to the Christ child WISEMEN2 6'1m*f RT: Three wise men bring gifts to the messiah WITNESS 5'3m0f A false witness at Jesus' trial WORKERS 6'?m3f The parable of the workers WORMS 4'1m*f RT: King Herod is eaten by worms YAHOSHUA 9'1m2f Deity of Jesus, resurrection, Judas' betrayal ZACCHEUS 5'3m3f Zacchaeus has Jesus and sinners for dinner ZECHARI2 5'1m?f Monologue: Zechariah on John the Baptist ZECHARIA 4'2m1f John the Baptist's father is speechless
AARON 3'3m0f Aaron speaks to Pharaoh for Moses ACHAN 4'3m0f Achan takes some Jericho plunder for himself ACHAN2 5'3m0f Achan steals from the Lord, Ai defeats Israel ADAMEVE 5'1m2f Adam and Eve are evicted from the Garden of Eden AHABDAVE 5'2m0f Ahab & David: best and worst, all have sinned AHAZIAH 4'2m0f Elijah gets an invoice for fire & brimstone AHAZIAH2 4'1m*f RT: Elijah predicts Ahaziah's death AI 5'1m*f RT: Joshua and the battle of Ai AMALEKIT 4'2m0f Moses and Joshua fend off the Amalekites ARAUNAH 5'2m0f King David buys the land for the temple BABEL 4'2m?f God stopped the building of the Tower of Babel BABYMOS2 9'1m3f Pharaoh's daughter adopts baby Moses BABYMOSE 5'2m2f Pharaoh's daughter adopts baby Moses BALAAM 4'1m*f RT: Balaam and the donkey BARAK 5'1m*f RT: Prophetess Deborah pushes Barak into battle BATHSHEB 4'1m1f RT: love letters of David and Bathsheba BUD 3'2m0f Aaron's staff buds, blooms and produces almonds BURNING 6'1m*f RT: Moses and the burning bush BUSH 2'1m1f Moses calls 911 when the bush burns BUSH2 6'1m0f Monologue: Moses and the burning bush BUSH3 6'1m0f Monologue: God asked Moses "What's in your hand" BUSTED 5'3m0f Jacob's swindling finally catches up with him CAIN 5'1m*f RT: Cain murdered Abel, is exiled CAIN2 9'3m1f Cain murders Abel CAINABEL 6'3m?f Cain slew Abel, firstborn vs first born CALEB 4'3m0f Joshua and Caleb report on the promised land CALEB2 4'1m*f RT: twelve spies report on the Promised Land CARMEL 5'*m1f RT: Elijah vs 450 prophets of Baal CAVE 5'?m2f David vs Saul in the cave, a lesson in revenge CHARIOT 4'2m0f Mechanical problems with the chariot of fire COVENANT 4'2m1f The Lord gave Abram circumcision CROSSING 6'1m*f RT: Hebrews cross the Jordan River into Canaan DAGON 7'2m0f The Ark of the Covenant destroys Dagon DAGON2 5'1m*f RT: The Ark of the Covenant destroys Dagon DANIEL 4'1m*f RT: Daniel and the lions' den DANIEL2 9'1m3f Daniel and the Lion's den DAVID 1'1m?f Boy David applies for the job of king by phone DEBORAH 5'1m1f Prophetess Deborah pushes Barak into battle DESIGN 3'2m0f In the beginning... creation, purpose, love DESIGN2 6'2m?f Creation, justice, salvation, cults DINER 4'1m1f Eat at Jacob's diner and lose your birthright DITCHES 5'1m*f RT: Kings of Judah, Israel and Edom dig ditches EDEN 5'2m0f Satan in the garden of Eden ENDOR 5'1m1f King Saul seeks advice from the witch of Endor ENDOR2 4'1m*f RT: King Saul and the witch of Endor ESTHER 9'2m1f Esther stops Haman from wiping out the Hebrews ESTHER2 8'1m2f Esther becomes queen, safeguards the Jews EVE 5'0m1f Temptation leads to sin in the Garden of Eden EVICTED 7'1m*f RT: Adam and Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden FATHER 5'2m0f Abraham and Isaac: the first Father's Day gift FIRE 4'2m0f Two of Aaron's priests are killed: picky, picky FIRSTBOR 7'2m0f The link between passover and tenth plague FISHGATE 3'2m0f What are all those gates in the city wall for? FRIENDS 9'0m2f Ruth and Naomi: an example of true friendship GARDEN 6'3m?f Salvation: Adam and Eve, creation, love of God GIBEON 5'1m*f RT: Joshua and the deception by the Gibeonites GIDEON 6'2m0f Gideon rides a cab to conquer the Midianites GIDEON2 5'1m*f RT: Gideon conquers Midianites and Amalekites GILGAL 4'2m0f Before entering the promised land: circumcision GO! 4'2m1f Sarai, not Abram, gets the call to Go! GOLDCALF 3'2m0f Moses returns to find Aaron's new idol GOLIATH 4'2m0f David confronts the Philistine giant GOLIATH2 5'1m*f RT: David confronts the Philistine giant HELL 4'2m?f Creation, Heaven, Hell, salvation, good, evil HEZEKIAH 5'2m0f King Hezekiah lets the Lord fight the battle JABEZ 4'1m0f Monologue: The prayer a Jabez JACOB 9'1m3f Jacob flees from Esau, later reunited JEHOSAPH 5'2m0f Jehoshaphat defeats three armies at once JERICHO 5'1m*f RT: Joshua and the battle of Jericho JEZEBEL 5'1m1f Jezebel gets land for Ahab, no money down JOB 6'2m0f Job's life goes downhill JOB2 5'1m1f RT: Job's love letters to his wife JOB3 8'1m5f The story of Job JONAH 9'3m0f A non-traditional tale of Jonah and the whale JONAH2 3'?m2f Did Jonah live for three days inside a fish? JONAH3 8'?m2f Jonah, backsliding, prophecy, salvation JOSEPH 9'1m4f A private-I finds Jacob's missing son Joseph JOSEPH2 5'2m0f Joseph waits in prison for God's timing JOSEPHBW *'*m*f A one-hour old-fashion melodrama about Joseph JOSEPHRT 5'1m*f RT: Joseph conquers famine in Egypt JOSHUA 3'2m0f Joshua prepares for the battle of Jericho LEPROSY 6'1m*f RT: Elisha cures Naaman's leprosy LIONSDEN 7'2m2f Daniel and the Lions' den: a melodrama MANNA 6'1m1f Moses parries complaints, feeds Hebrews MANNA2 6'1m*f RT: Manna, meat and water during the exodus MANUAL 5'1m1f The Bible, creation, Adam and Eve MEPHIBOS 4'1m*f RT: King David shows mercy to Jonathan's son METHUSIL 3'1m1f An interview with the world's oldest man MIRIAM 4'0m1f Monologue: Miriam opposes Moses and gets leprosy MORDECAI 8'1m1f RT: Esther and Mordecai save the Hebrews MOSES 5'2m0f Two ad agents want to publish Moses' new Torah MOSES2 6'2m0f Moses offers to sacrifice himself for the people MTSINAI 3'2m0f Moses and Aaron receive the ten commandments MYSISTER 9'3m0f A private-I finds Sarai is not Abe's sister NAAMAN 6'1m1f Elisha cures Naaman's leprosy, refuses reward NATHAN 5'5m?f Nathan confronts King David about Bathsheba NEHEMIAH 6'2m0f Nehemiah rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem NINEVEH 4'1m*f RT: Jonah and the whale NOAH 4'1m1f Noah breaks the news of the flood to his wife NOAH2 6'1m*f RT: Noah announces the coming flood OLIVE 7'1m3f Elisha's miracle gives a widow rent money OLIVEOIL 6'2m1f Elisha's miracle gives a widow rent money ONAN 6'1m*f RT: the sin of Onan, masturbation PASSOVER 6'1m*f RT: The tenth plague of Egypt, passover, exodus PLAGUES 4'1m*f RT: ten plagues of Egypt POTIPHAR 5'1m3f Joseph and Potiphar's wife: flee from sin PREGNANT 5'1m*f RT: Abraham announces Sarah's pregnancy PSALM23 9'2m?f A verse by verse debacle of our favorite psalm PSALM23M 7'3m?f Psalm 23 - Peace and provision in adversity PURIM *'9m9f A one-hour old-fashion melodrama about Esther RACHEL 5'2m0f Laban tricks Jacob into marrying both daughters RAHAB 5'2m3f Rahab protects two Hebrew spies in Jericho REBEKAH 4'2m0f Eleazar tries to avoid matchmaking for Isaac REBEKAH2 6'1m*f RT: Abraham's servant finds a wife for Isaac REDSEA 5'1m*f RT: Moses, ten plagues, parting the Red Sea REHOBOAM 2'3m0f Son of Solomon reluctantly discusses Proverbs REUNION 8'1m0f Fearing death, Jacob tries to buy off Esau REUNION2 4'1m*f RT: Fearing death, Jacob tries to buy off Esau RUTH 3'2m0f Boaz negotiates for the hand of Ruth RUTH2 9'1m3f The story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz RUTH3 5'1m*f RT: Boaz announces his marriage to Ruth SACRIFIC 6'1m*f RT: Abraham sacrifices Isaac SAMSON 6'1m*f RT: Samson and Delilah SAMUEL 6'1m*f RT: Samuel hears the voice of God, judgement SANBALAT 6'2m*f RT: Nehemiah rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem SARAH 5'0m1f Monologue: Sarah, firstborn vs first born, islam SAVED 5'2m?f David, guilt, salvation, forgiveness SHADRAC2 4'1m*f RT: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego SHADRACH 6'4m1f Shadrach, Meshach & what's his name SIEGE 5'2m0f Elisha is blamed for siege and food shortages SIEGE2 5'1m*f RT: The Aramian Army lays siege to Samaria SINGING 6'1m*f RT: Jehoshaphat defeats three armies with prayer SNAKE 5'2m?f Puppets: Why God made Satan as a snake SODOM 4'1m*f RT: The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah SOLOMON 5'2m?f Solomon speaks about values: Ecclesiastes SONG 3'1m1f A husband and wife discuss SONG OF SONGS STERILE 5'1m*f RT: Abraham calls Sarah his sister STRUCK 5'1m*f RT: Moses struck the rock in anger SUNSTOP2 5'1m*f RT: Joshua asks for the sun to stand still SUNSTOPS 4'2m0f Joshua's confrontation with Gibeonites, Amorites TABLOID 4'3m?f A sleazy newspaper looks at Sodom & Gomorrah TAMAR 4'1m*f RT: Tamar, Judah have twins, coming messiah TEN 7'1m*f RT: Moses and the ten commandments TWOSPIES 9'1m2f Rahab protects two Hebrew spies in Jericho TYRE 6'2m0f Tyre: why justice was delayed UPINARMS 5'1m*f RT: Moses and Joshua fend off the Amalekites URIAH 7'1m3f David and Bathsheba, the death of Uriah VINEYAR2 9'1m3f Jezebel commits murder and steals a vineyard VINEYARD 4'*m1f RT: Jezebel commits murder and steals a vineyard WIDOW 5'1m1f Elijah seeks shelter at a Widow's house WISDOM 5'3m?f Children replay Solomon's first show of wisdom WRITING 7'3m2f Daniel interprets the writing on the wall WRITING2 5'1m*f RT: Daniel interprets the writing on the wall
ABORT 5'?m2f Abortion in the case of rape and incest ABORT2 4'2m1f Abortion in the case of rape and incest ABORT3 7'?m3f Abortion: the personhood of the fetus ABORTED 5'?m3f A mother meets her aborted baby in Heaven ABORTED2 5'?m2f A look at the future of abortion ABORTED3 3'?m2f Abortion and the right to privacy ABORTION 5'1m1f Abortion: sorting through the rhetoric ABUSED 6'?m2f Abortion: unwanted children will be abused ACCESS 3'?m1f Monologue: salvation by grace vs works ACCOUNT 5'?m3f Salvation: works vs grace through faith ACLU 4'2m?f The key to communism: get God out of our schools ADOPTED 4'?m1f Monologue: Salvation parallels to adoption ADOPTED2 3'?m2f Salvation parallels to adoption, assurance ADULTERY 4'2m1f Adultery: To have and to hold until... ADVICE 7'6m?f Drug addiction, Breaking old habits AGAPE 2'4m5f Love is not talking or feeling, it's doing ALIEN 5'?m2f Prayer, Bible reading, salvation, creation ALLEGORY 5'4m?f Christmas allegory of shepherd and sheep AMNESIA 5'?m2f Salvation, sin, confession, forgiveness ANGELS 6'0m3f Guardian angels are just airy-fairy... right? ANTENNA 4'?m2f An analogy from science on the Holy Spirit ANTIDRUG 4'?m4f Drug abuse message with Christian theme APPLEEYE 4'2m?f What is the apple of your eye? ARMOR 7'1m2f Put on the full armor of God ARMOR2 5'?M2f Spiritual warfare, armor, God's word ARTIST 5'?m2f Evolution, creation, design ASK 5'?m1f Monologue: Salvation, faith, belief, works ASSAULT 7'?m5f Assault with a deadly weapon: the tongue ASSERT 5'?m2f Apologetics: assertion vs argumentation ATHEISM 4'?m2f Atheism: pointless, purposeless, leading nowhere ATHEISM2 5'?m2f Atheism, no morality, no value on human life ATTITUDE 4'?m3f Is your attitude affected by your circumstances? AUCTION 5'4m?f Salvation: works vs grace through faith AUTONOMY 6'?m2f Suffering, self-sufficiency and dependence AWARD 4'?m1f Monologue: evangelism, spiritual warfare AWAY 4'?m6f Secular going-away party BACKSLID 5'?m2f Backsliding, using God's name in vane BALANCE 5'3m?f Spiritual warfare, standards, compassion BAPTISM 5'?m2f Is baptism needed for salvation? BATTLE 3'2m2f Marriage, communication, conflict, love BIGBANG 3'?m2f Atheism, creation, the big bang BIRTHDAY 3'?m6f Secular birthday celebration BLASPHEM 5'?m2f Unforgivable sin: blasphemy of the Holy Spirit BLEACHER 5'2m?f Discipleship, ministry and suffering BLIND 8'?m2f Salvation: to discover blindness, shine a light BLIND2 7'?m3f Spiritual blindness, scientism, physicalism BLOOM 5'?m2f Ministry: Bloom where you're planted BLOT 4'?m2f The book of life, losing one's salvation BOAST 4'?m2f Works, rewards, good deeds, discipleship BOBSNEWS 5'4m?f Salvation: Bob's body reacts to an alter call BODYPART 6'?m6f Evangelism, witnessing, courage, Holy Spirit BOO_YAY 1'2m?f The history of the Hebrews from Moses to Jesus BOREDOM 4'?m2f Boredom, discipleship, ministry BORNNOW 6'2m0f If Jesus was born today... BOTHER 5'?m3f Don't bother God with petty prayer requests BOTTLE 3'?m2f Discipleship: in the world, not of the world BOXES 6'?m2f Answered prayer is linked to ministry BOXES2 5'2m?f Puppets link ministry with answered prayers BURDEN 5'1m0f Monologue: "my yoke is easy, my burden is light" BURGLAR 5'?m2f Suicide, despair, hope BURNING 4'?m2f The Bible vs the burning in your bosom CALVIN 4'?m2f Calvinism vs Arminianism, choice CANDY 3'2m?f Children speak about friendship and candy CAPITAL 5'?m2f Death penalty unfairly applied CAPTIVE 4'?m2f Take captive every thought CAROLS 3'2m?f Christmas carols vs scripture CHAIN 3'3m3f Prayer ministry recruitment promo CHAIR 5'?m2f More important than faith: the object of faith CHANGEEM 4'?m2f Forgiveness, unequally yoked, prayer, change CHANNEL 2'2m2f Channel surfing mixes Bible verses CHEEK 5'?m5f Christian witness: turn the other cheek CHOICE 8'?m3f Creation, God's sovereignty, choice, sin CHRIST 5'?m3f Putting Christ back into Christmas CLAIMIT 4'?m2f Name it and claim it. Faith in faith CLEANING 3'?m2f Salvation by grace through faith or by works CLEANSE 4'2m?f "Washing wives with water through the word" CLOSET 5'?m2f Hearing God's voice, prayer, God's will, Balaam COMA 4'?m3f Abortion: the humanity of the unborn COMEDOWN 6'1m3f Back from the women's retreat to real life COMFORT 5'?m2f Discipleship, success, comfort COMMIT 5'*m1f RT: Salvation, three components of faith COMMUNE 5'1m2f Communion: a link between Easter & Passover COMPARE 4'?m2f Resentment is caused by inadequate comparison COMPASS 4'?m2f Meditation, confession, purpose, quiet time CONDEMN 3'?m2f If a Christian feels condemnation... CONDEMN2 4'4m?f Guilty Conscience: Who is he that condemns? CONDOMS 3'?m2f Free condoms as dangerous as free cigarettes CONFESS 4'?mf2 We're already forgiven. Why confess our sins? CONFESS2 3'?m1f Monologue: backsliding, confession, prayer CONFESS3 4'?m2f Discipleship, confession, healing CONFESS4 4'?m2f Prayer, confession, sin affects performance CONSCIEN 7'?m2f Conscience, salvation, sin, forgiveness CONTEXT 4'?m3f Christianeze jargon, the Lord's name in vain CONTROL 6'2m?f Fruit of the spirit - self-control CORRECT 4'1m1f A closer look at political correctness COST 7'?m3f Count the cost of your salvation COVERED 3'?m2f Salvation, sin, confession, forgiveness, Heaven CRIME 3'?m2f The death of truth and reason in the church CULT 4'?m2f Salvation, cults, grace vs works CUREALL 5'?m2f Evangelism, the Lord's name in vane DAD 3'1m3f Father's Day (secular) DARKNESS 6'?m2f Salvation: light and darkness DATING 8'2m2f Sex and dating DAUGHTER 3'?m2f Mother - daughter relationships, forgiveness DEADSURE 4'?m1f Monologue: salvation, truth, cults DEATH 5'?m2f Proof of God's love: death and suffering DEATHBED 5'?m3f Values, relationships, discipleship, forgiveness DEATHROW 4'?m4f Salvation, grace, mercy, justice, fairness DEBATE 5'2m2f Debatable issues: a matter of conscience DECISION 4'?m2f Decision making for believers DEDICATE 6'?m4f Dedication of a new church building DEDUCE 6'?m2f Go where the evidence leads, except evolution DEEDS 9'?m3f Salvation: good deeds have no effect on sin DEMONS 5'?m1f Monologue: Spiritual warfare, demon possession DENYSELF 9'?m2f Discipleship: obedience, deny self DEPOSIT 7'*m1f RT: Salvation, Holy Spirit, power, gifts, cults DESIGN 4'?m2f Evolution debate: Design implies a designer DETHRONE 3'?m1f Monologue: backsliding, is Jesus on the throne? DISCOUNT 2'5m2f Salvation at a discount DISEASE 3'?m2f Salvation: truth is more important than comfort DISEASE2 4'?m2f Salvation, the cure for a fatal disease DOLL 4'0m3f A new doll recites Bible verses DONTWAIT 4'?m2f Procrastination, denial, salvation, judgement DOUBLE 5'1m1f Secrets, deception: walk the walk DOUBT 5'?m2f Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts DOUBTS 5'?m3f Feelings, nagging doubts and the Holy Spirit DOWSING 5'?m2f Decision making, movements of the spirit DREAM 3'?M1f Monologue: Salvation, paid in full, works DRESS 4'1m4f Judging people by outward appearance DRIFT 3'?m2f Discipleship, success, comfort, drifting DRIFTING 4'?m1f Monologue: backsliding, confession, prayer DRIVEIN 4'1m2f Conquering temptation by drivein counseling DRIVERS 4'?m5f Busyness, rest, peace, "take my yoke upon you" DRIVING 5'?m2f Humility, communication, listening, love DRIVING2 3'?m1f Monologue: God's sovereignty, man's free will DROPOUT 5'?m2f Maturity, accountability, failure, quiet time DYNAMITE 3'?m2f Anger management, patience ECHO 6'?m3f Parenting by example, breaking addictions EDITORIA 9'1m1f Editorials evaluate the pastor's sermons EMOTIONS 5'?m2f Salvation, emotions, faith, cults EMPTY 4'?m2f Salvation, sacrifice, rewards, count the cost ENVELOPE 4'2m?f Christmas questions are answered magically ENVY 5'1m1f The distinction between envy vs jealousy EPITAPH 5'?m2f Communication, confession, human relations EVANGEL 8'1m3f Witnessing, evangelism: Living in the past EVIDENCE 6'?m4f Salvation, works, evidence of saving faith EVIL 5'?m2f Proof that God exists: evil in the world EVIL2 4'?m2f Are good and evil arbitrary distinctions by God? EVIL3 3'?m2f If God created everything, did God create evil? EVOLVED 6'?m2f Evolution: a theory in search of evidence EVOLVED2 4'?m2f Evolution vs creation: missing genes EXAMPLE 3'0m3f Like it or not, parents are a child's example EXAMPLE2 4'?m2f Christian example, witnessing, evangelism EXCUSES 5'?m2f Discipleship, ministry is not optional FACTORY 3'?m2f Evolution and automation FAILURE 3'?m2f Leadership, compassion, failure FAIRNESS 8'?m3f Homosexual marriage: a matter of fairness? FAITH 4'1m1f Leap of faith, no foundation, no mind FAKE 6'?m3f Liberalism, counterfeits of God's good things FALLACY 9'3m?f Perfect tolerance is a self-defeating fallacy FALLGUY 4'?m2f Scapegoat: salvation by proxy FALSE 4'2m0f End times: many will claim to be the messiah FALSE2 7'1m*f RT: End times: many will claim to be the messiah FAMILY 5'1m5f Spiritual warfare, Satan attacks families FAMILY2 8'1m4f Christian witness, family values, Holy Spirit FAMILY3 7'1m4f Christian witness, family values, Holy Spirit FANATIC 4'?m1f Monologue: disciple compared to sports fan FATHER 4'?m6f If your life turned out okay, thank your father FATHER2 4'?m2f Salvation, forgiveness, God the Father's love FATHERS 2'0m2f Father is sooooo demanding! (based on a script FEAR 3'?m2f Fear of the Lord FEELGOOD 8'?m4f Witnessing, evangelism, cure the disease of sin FEMALE 4'0m3f Mothers: ...and female he created them FEUD 6'6m5f Christmas edition of FAMILY FEUD game show FISHBOWL 4'?m2f Constant repentance: confession, conscience FISHING 7'2m?f Lessons about witnessing from going fishing FLOW 4'?m2f Go with the flow: conformity and peer pressure FLYING 7'2m?f Salvation: trust, belief, no leap of faith FOREKNOW 6'?m2f Omniscience, omnipotence, evil in the world FORGIVE 4'2m0f "I forgive you" does not mean "I trust you" FORGIVE2 5'?m2f Forgiveness vs justice/consequences FORGIVE3 5'?m3f Forgive, not for his sake but for yours FORTY 3'?m1f Monologue: secular fortieth birthday celebration FREEDOM 5'?m3f Freedom: the ability to sacrifice FREEGIFT 4'?m2f Salvation by grace vs works, legalism, sabbath FREEWILL 3'?m2f Free will, election, Arminianism, Calvinism FRUIT 5'?m2f The fruit of the Spirit FUTURE 5'2m?f Salvation: eternity, past, present and future FUTURE2 8'?m2f Why doesn't God reveal the future in advance? GADGET 6'?m3f Don't blame demons for human nature GAMBLING 6'?m5f Gambling: the lottery is a tax on the poor GIFTS 5'3m?f Spiritual gifts: ministry recruitment GIRLYMAN 7'2m0f Anger management, denial, confession GIVING 5'?m2f A financial analyst recommends giving GIVING 5'?m2f Discipleship, giving, stewardship GIVING3 3'?m1f Monologue: Giving, stewardship, materialism GODSAID 4'?m2f "Personal revelation" means "I am a prophet" GOLDMINE 5'?m2f Cults, belief, faith, Bible reading GOODFRI 3'2m0f Good Friday: Let's celebrate someone's death GOSPEL 4'?m2f Salvation: sin and forgiveness GOSSIP 7'?m3f Gossip: the ministry of under-achievers GOSSIP2 3'?m4f Gossip, prayer, using God's name in vane GOSSIP3 5'?m2f Discipleship, gossip, rewards in Heaven GREEK 3'2m0f Greek and Hebrew are difficult to understand GUARD 3'?m1f Monologue: Anger, bitterness, forgiveness GUILT 6'?m2f Guilt, forgiveness, salvation, mental health GUMBALL 4'?m1f Monologue: spiritual warfare, faith movement HALFPAGE 9'?m?f Dozens of half-page scripts, some secular HANDS 6'?m1f Monologue: self-control, sin, condemnation HANGIN 4'2m1f Hopelessness vs perseverance HAPPY 4'?m2f Prosperity, faith, and the pursuit of happiness HATE 5'?m3f Hate crimes laws: politics as usual HATETALK 6'?m3f Hate crimes, hate speech, tolerance, inclusion HEALING 4'?m2f Sin, forgiveness, pain, healing HEARING 5'?m1f Monologue: Spiritual warfare, God's voice HEARING2 6'1m*f RT: Hearing the voice of God, Biblical context HEART 4'?m2f Salvation, death for one is life for another HEAVY 2'?m1f Monologue: stress management, balance, pace HELL 4'?m2f Heaven and Hell: So close, yet so far HERESY 5'?m2f Cults and heresy: clashing with the Bible HERETIC 7'2m?f Cults, heresy, quoting the Bible out of context HIGHLOW 6'?m2f Ministry, discipleship, highs and lows HIGHWIRE 5'2m?f A tightrope walker demonstrates faith vs belief HOLDEM 5'?m2f Salvation, works, grace, mercy HOLINESS 5'?m2f Holiness: a reputation for attending to details HOLOCAUS 5'?m2f Moral impact of killing abortionists HONESTY 7'?m6f Honesty, spiritual warfare, choice HONOR 4'0m2f Honor your father and your mother HOSPITAL 5'?m1f Monologue: suffering for God's purposes HUMBLE 4'?m1f Monologue: humility, balance, rest, recreation HUMILITY 4'?m2f Humility: consider others better than yourselves HURT 4'?m2f Isolation is the last thing a hurt person needs HUSBAND 6'2m?f Marriage and divorce: husbands, love your wives I_AM 3'4m2f Trinity, deity of Jesus, the great "I AM" IDENTITY 4'?m3f Christian identity from ministry or from Christ? IMPACT 5'?m2f Resolutions, discipleship, ministry IMPOSTOR 4'?m1f Salvation, cults, heresy, evangelism IMPRESS 6'?m3f Spiritual warfare, success vs being impressive INDWELL 3'?m2f Baptism and in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit INERRANT 4'?m3f Bible inerrancy, apologetics, prejudice INNOCENT 5'?m3f Forgiveness, sin, honor parents, unequally yoked INVEST 4'?m2f Salvation, invest in things that will last ISLAM 4'?m2f Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? ISLAND 5'?m2f Salvation, grace vs works, humility ISOLATE 4'?m2f Sanctification means set apart, not isolated JESUSDO 4'1m3f A family problem. What would (did) Jesus do? JOY 5'1m1f The distinction between joy and happiness JOY2 7'1m4f The distinction between joy and happiness JULY4 5'2m?f Puppets celebrate the first Independence Day JULYFOUR 4'1m1f An historical look at our Christian roots JUMP 2'3m?f Salvation: faith vs belief JUNKFOOD 4'?m2f Christian literature can't replace the Bible JUSTICE 6'5m?f Lord, why must I wait for justice to be done? KILLING 7'?m2f It's not mercy killing. It's just plain killing KINGDOM 5'3m4f Salvation allegory: Children of the King KINGDOM2 7'5m5f A fairy tale allegory of the Easter story KNEEBOW 4'8m?f End times: very knee shall bow KNEEL 2'?m2f Why do we kneel when we pray? KNOCK 5'?m2f Salvation: answer the knock at the door KNOWING 4'?m2f God allows evil, so God is responsible for evil LASTMAN 5'2m0f End times: the last man to hear gospel LAWSUIT 6'?m3f Salvation, trinity, deity of Jesus, cults LAWYERS 3'2m2f Marriage, communication, conflict resolution LEADERS 2'?m9f Biblical leadership, discipleship, maturity LEAP 6'?m2f The term "leap of faith" is not in the Bible LEDGE 5'?m2f Suicide, despair, moral failure, hope, salvation LETGO 5'?m2f Forgiveness, resentment, anger management LICENSE 2'1m?f Monologue: Jesus needs licenses for miracles LIGHT 5'?m2f Salvation, evangelism, witnessing, light LIMITED 5'?m2f Salvation: Eternal life for a limited time? LINCOLN 2'2m?f Abe Lincoln makes Thanksgiving a holiday LISTEN 6'?m2f Key to answered prayer: be quiet and listen LOST 4'?m2f Salvation, sin, missing the mark, being good LOVE 3'1m1f How do I love thee: eros, phileo, or agape? LOVE2 4'?m2f Great commandment, love, management skills LOVE3 4'?m2f Spiritual Warfare, relationships, love, hate LOVE4 9'1m4f Love, eros, phileo, agape', Holy Spirit MAGIC 5'?m3f Pharisees' tradition vs commands of God MAKEOVER 4'?m2f Self-esteem, made in the image of God MAKER 6'?m2f Evolution: the blind watch maker analogy MARRIAG2 7'2m1f Marriage, past guilt, resentment MARRIAGE 6'1m2f Marriage out of sync? Check the owner's manual MASK 4'?m2f More effective witnessing: remove the mask MATERIAL 6'?m3f Physicalism, atheism, argumentation, proof MATURITY 5'?m2f The purpose of spiritual maturity: ministry ME 6'?m2f Works, maturity, ministry, past, future MEDICINE 5'?m2f Salvation: medicine that cures the fatal illness MEDIOCRE 5'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, success, failure MEEK 3'3m?f Meek does not mean weak MEMORIAL 4'?m2f AIDS memorial, commemorating dangerous behavior MEMORIES 2'1m1f Valentine's day, anniversary, love, marriage MEMORIZE 4'?m3f Cults vs Scripture memory: tongues, the trinity MERCY 6'2m1f The distinction between Grace and Mercy MERCY2 3'1m*f RT: Salvation, grace, mercy, justice, fairness MIKE 5'0m5f What are women thinking while praying aloud? MINISTRY 5'?m5f Ministry, preparation for your life purpose MINUTIA 4'?m2f Salvation, religion, cults, group Bible study MIRRORS 3'?m1f Monologue: self image, maturity, Bible reading MISSION 3'1m?f Monologue: missions promo MISSION2 3'?m2f Giving to Missions: travel without leaving home MISSION 3'?m2f Do missionaries impose their culture on others? MISSIONS 4'?m2f Missions ministry promo MISTAKE 3'?m1f Monologue: Salvation, cults, deity of Jesus MOM 2'0m2f Mother is sooooo demanding! MONUMENT 3'?m2f Salvation, ministry, works vs grace MORALITY 3'1m2f Is abortion moral just because it's legal? MORALS 3'?m2f Objective moral standard, absolutes, truth MORTON 4'2m?f Dubious new bible scrolls found in a salt mine MOTHER 4'2m3f Mother's Day (off) MOTHER2 4'1m1f What does a stay-at-home mother do all day? MOVEMENT 6'?m2f Movements of the spirit a shortcut to maturity? MURDER 5'?m9f The sixth commandment: Do not murder MURDER2 2'?m3f The sixth commandment: Do not murder MURDERED 5'?m3f When is abortion murder, when is it not? MUSIC 4'2m0f Puppets, praise, worship, music: a gift from God MUTATION 6'1m1f Evolution by mutation and natural selection MYTHS 5'?m2f Is the Bible just myths and legends? NECROTIC 4'?m2f Salvation, works, sin, denial, being good NEEDS 4'?m2f Discipleship, prayer, singles, marriage NEWBORN 4'1m0f Monologue: parenthood, uniqueness, self-esteem NEWBOSS 4'?m2f Work ethic, discipleship, laziness, salvation NO 4'?m2f Discipleship, productivity: Say NO more often NOPRAYER *'9m7f A full length melodrama on the power of prayer OFFER 4'2m0f Salvation: grace vs works OMISSION 4'?m2f Sins of omission, ministry OMNI 5'?m2f Omnipresence: God is everywhere ONEGOD 4'?m2f Cults: "One god" does not mean "same god" ONFIRE 5'2m0f Discipleship: recharging your batteries OPENGIFT 5'2m?f Salvation: Puppets introduce an alter call OPTIMUM 4'?m2f Prayer, God is outside of time and space ORACLE 4'2m2f An oracle spews the meaning of life OSMOSIS 3'?m2f Bible reading, truth, hearing God's voice OUTLAW 5'?m?f Justice, law, evil in the world OVERVIEW 3'?m2f Discipleship, adversity, plans, roadblocks OWNER 5'?m2f Ownership, stewardship, materialism, values OXENYOKE 4'3m0f Salvation, works, rest: Take my yoke upon you PAINPILL 6'?m3f Salvation, religion vs saving faith PARTS 5'?m1f Monologue: discipleship, ministry, one body PARTY 5'?m3f Small group Bible study, fellowship, standards PASSOVER 9'1m3f Communion, connection to passover PAST 9'?m9f Worry, judging, living in the past PASTOR 5'1m2f Appreciating the duties of a full-time pastor PATIENCE 5'?m2f Fruit of the Spirit - Patience PEACE 9'1m1f Forgiveness, peace, conflict, anger management PEACE2 6'?m2f Salvation: Peace that surpasses understanding PENALTY 9'?m4f Death Penalty: "cruel and unusual" or justice? PENALTY2 6'?m3f Death Penalty: "No, Jesus would forgive" PERFECT 3'?m2f Ministry: don't wait for perfect conditions PERSECUT 4'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, suffering, persecution PERSONAL 3'2m0f A new translation of the Bible gets personal PHARISEE 4'?m2f Man looks at appearance, God looks at the heart PICTURE 3'?m2f Keeping the Sabbath is not a ticket to Heaven PLANK 3'?m3f Hypocrisy, the speck or plank in your eye PLAYSAFE 5'?m2f Abortion: the humanity of the fetus PLEASURE 6'?m3f Spiritual warfare, drug abuse, sex abuse POISON 5'?m2f The mark of a cult: "The only true church" POLARITY 2'?m1f Monologue: salvation, design, works POLITICS 4'1m1f The ultimate effects of evolution on politics POMPOUS 3'?m4f Prayer, vanity, double-minded POOR 3'?m1f Monologue: discipleship, charity, giving PORNO 4'?m2f Pornography Awareness PORTRAIT 5'?m3f Salvation: value the Son and inherit His estate POTTER 3'0m2f Two pots contemplate the sovereignty of God POTTERY 4'?m1f Monologue: discipleship, ministry PRAISE 5'?m2f Music, praise and worship PRAISE2 4'?m2f Music, praise and worship PRAYER 5'1m1f The Lord's prayer spoken to the Lord PRAYERS 5'?m2f Make prayers meaningful and thoughtful PREJUDIC 5'?m2f Homosexuals vs Boy Scouts: A study in prejudice PREVIEWS 3'0m2f The Book of Philemon, a message of forgiveness PRIDE 5'?m2f Discipleship, The cure for pride: ministry PRIORITY 7'?m2f Family vs other priorities PRISON 5'3m0f The future for thoughtless husbands: prison PROBLEMS 3'?m2f Problems, suffering, thankfulness PROLIFE 7'?m2f Abortion: is the fetus a human and a person? PROLIFE2 4'?m2f Abortion in the case of rape or incest PROMISE 7'1m2f Integrity: doing the right thing when it hurts PROMO 5'?m6f Generalized promo to advertise church event PROMO2 4'*m1f RT: Generalized promo to advertise church event PROOF 2'?m2f Bad argument against the existence of God PUMP 5'?m1f Monologue: Give back to the Lord PUREMAN 3'2m0f Discipleship, ministry, purity, accountability PURGATOR 4'?m2f Purgatory, sins, forgiveness, salvation PURPOSE 6'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, spiritual gifts, serving PUZZLING 6'2m?f Penances, purgatory, priests, pope... puzzling QUALITY 6'?m2f Family: "Quality Time" is code for "too busy" QUESTION 2'1m?f Questions I will ask when I get to heaven QUIET 3'0m4f An attempt at quiet time is not quiet QUIET2 4'?m2f Monthly quiet time: listening to silence QUIET3 5'?m4f During quiet time, when your mind wanders.... RACE 4'?m6f Confession: the key to lightening your load RAPTURE 9'1m1f End times rapture: people just disappear READMORE 2'?m1f Monologue: prayer cannot violate the Bible READY 3'?m1f Monologue: family, relationships, priorities REBUKE 4'1m3f Discipleship: rebuke of a backslider RECEIVE 5'?m2f Giving and receiving salvation REJECT 4'?m3f Rejection: causes and affects RELATE 8'?m2f Relationships, communication skills RELATIVE 7'?m2f Relativism: there are no objective morals RELIGION 4'?m2f Evil in the name of religion REMOTE 3'2m1f A time machine vs the Holy Spirit REPLAY 5'?m5f Salvation, forgiveness, repentance REPLAY2 5'?m5f Prayer, maturity, temperance, humility REST 6'1m1f Burnout, rest, hope, priorities, quiet time REST2 6'?m2f Burnout, rest, hope, priorities, quiet time REWARDS 6'2m?f Salvation: works vs grace through faith REWARDS2 5'?m3f Works, rewards in Heaven, prayer REWORDED 4'?m2f Salvation, cults, Bible inerrancy ROBOT 3'2m1f A robot is reprogrammed to recite Bible verses RODEO 3'9m?f Fellowship, Psalm 23, spiritual warfare ROOFLEAK 2'?m2f Promo for roof repair RUBIX 5'?m2f Answers to prayer: yes, no, or wait RUINS 5'?m2f Will we be caught by surprise in the end times? RULES 4'?m2f Legalism: majoring in the minors SABBATH 6'1m1f Remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy SAILBOAT 6'1m1f Salvation analogy in a sailboat SALESMAN 6'2m?f A salesman sells everything but salvation SATAN 6'2m?f Spiritual warfare, Satan, lies, deception SAVIOR 6'2m0f Cults: salvation by works or a savior, not both SAVIOR2 3'?m1f Monologue: cults, salvation by grace or works SCHEDULE 5'?m1f Monologue: quiet time, Bible reading, prayer SCHIZO 5'?m1f Monologue: salvation, decisions, excuses SCI_FI 6'?m2f The Easter story is better than science fiction SCI_FI2 8'?m2f The Bible: a message from outside of time/space SCIENCE 1'2m1f Do science and the Bible collide or merge? SCORE 5'?m2f Assurance of salvation, grace vs works SCRABBLE 4'?m2f Evolution, creation, intelligent design SCROLLS 3'2m0f Are these new Bible scrolls authentic? SECURE 3'?m2f Eternal security: Can I lose my salvation? SECURITY 3'?m2f Eternal security: Can I lose my salvation? SEEDLING 4'?m2f Ministry, relying on God, works, backsliding SEEKING 6'1m1f Seeking Christ at Christmas Time SELF 3'?m2f "You shall have no other gods before me" SEMINAR 3'?m2f The Jesus Seminar, miracles, bible inerrancy SEPARATE 4'?m3f Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? SERGEANT 2'1m4f Salvation: being good is not good enough SERVANT 5'?m2f Ministry, discipleship, servant, leadership SERVE 5'9m?f Ministry should be a glimpse of Heaven SERVICE 6'?m2f Ministry, discipleship, service, humility SETBACKS 5'2m?f Trials: turn setbacks into blessings SEWER 4'?m2f Sin, discipleship, light, darkness SEX 5'?m2f Dating: why demons use sex against Christians SEXUAL 6'?m3f A response to inappropriate sexual relationships SHEEP *'1m4f *Several short scripts: crucifixion, sins SHELL 6'?m3f Salvation: cults, works, truth, hope SHOPPING 7'?m2f Shopping addiction no substitute for confession SHORT 2'2m0f The Bible can be used to prove anything SHORTS ?'?m?f Several short scripts, self-defeating arguments SICKNESS 3'?m1f Monologue: pain, testing, spiritual healing SIGNS 7'?m2f Salvation: just enough evidence to believe SIMPLE 5'2m?f Christian priorities, family: keep it simple SIN 5'?m2f Discipleship, ministry: sins of omission SINLESS 3'?m3f Sin in the believer, confession SINS 5'1m2f Discipleship, freedom, sin, confession SKIPROMO 3'2m0f Ski retreat promo SLINGER 3'2m?f A life-like arcade game (secular) SLIVER 4'?m2f Sin, forgiveness, suffering, unequally yoked SMALLGRP 4'?m2f Small group promo, spiritual gifts SMARTER 7'6m?f RT: Independence, constitution, bill of rights SMOOTH 8'?m2f Eternal security: knowing where you're going SNAIL 6'2m0f Priorities, purity, goals: lesson from a snail SNAKEOIL 6'3m3f Televangelist sells everything but salvation SPENDER 3'3m0f Money management, priorities, family values SPIN 5'2m0f The secret to acceptance of evil: spin SPIRIT 4'2m?f The role of the Holy Spirit in Scriptures STANDARD 7'?m2f Moral standards, salvation, sin, Heaven STARS 5'?m2f Ministry, discouragement, failure, discipleship STEMCEL2 7'?m3f Stem cell research, euthanasia, ethics STEMCELL 6'?m3f Abortion, death penalty, stem cell research STING 3'?m1f Monologue: Where, oh death, is your sting STRATEGY 6'2m?f Satan's strategy against ministry: distraction STREAKER 4'?m2f Put on the full armor of God STRETCH 4'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, trust, impossibilities STRUGGLE 5'?m1f Monologue: Why God allows trials SUBMERGE 5'?m2f Denial, depression, confession, recovery SUBSTANC 3'?m2f Rewards on Earth and in Heaven, idolatry SUCCESS 3'?m1f Monologue: Procrastination, success, need, want SUFFER 5'0m2f Why does God allow pain and suffering? SUFFER2 5'?m2f Faith, suffering, and resurrection bodies SUFFER3 3'?m2f Disciples suffer because Jesus suffered SUNDAY 2'8m?f Sunday School promo SUNDAYKD 3'2m2f Sunday School promo for kids SUPPORT 4'2m?f Small groups, pastoral care, church membership SURVIVOR 4'?m7f Judge not, legalism, salvation, eternal security SWOON 5'?m2f The swoon theory: "there was no resurrection" TEAPARTY 8'0m4f Tolerance, inclusion, hospitality, priorities TEMPLE 4'?m2f Body is Holy Spirit's temple, worry, confession TEMPTED 4'?m2f Temptation, Holy Spirit, ministry, rewards TEMPTING 5'?m2f Discipleship, temptation, sin, spiritual warfare THANKS 6'1m7f The Thanksgiving police THEDREAM 6'?m3f Ministry, dreams, roadblocks, discipleship THEEND 3'2m0f Salvation in a person, not in confession THELAW 4'?m4f The law vs the new covenant, legalism, sabbath THETORCH 7'?m3f Christian bashing: show me the money THOROUGH 5'?m2f Confession, sin, forgiveness, salvation TIME 4'1m1f Dying to know more about time management TINYBABY 3'?m1f Monologue: Why would God create people who sin? TITEROPE 3'?m1f Monologue: witnessing, balance, the Holy Spirit TOLERANT 5'?m2f Truth and tolerance: not all beliefs are true TOMORROW 4'?m2f Heaven, Hell, truth, eternity, salvation TONGUES 4'2m?f Is speaking in tongues proof of salvation? TOOBIG 4'?m4f Discipleship, ministry, "I am the Vine" TRANSLAT 2'1m1f The Bible was misunderstood, not mistranslated TRIAL 6'4m5f Salvation: Works, keeping the law, or faith TRIALS 5'?m2f Joy in the face of trials TRIALS2 4'?m2f Consider it pure joy when you face trials TRINITY 9'1m4f Deity and humanity of Jesus, trinity, cults TRINITY2 9'1m4f Deity and humanity of Jesus, trinity, cults TRINITY3 9'1m4f Deity and humanity of Jesus, trinity, cults TRINITY4 9'1m4f Trinity, Holy Spirit, cults TROUBLE 5'?m6f Salvation, count the cost, discipleship TRUST 4'?m2f Trust before and after salvation TRUST2 3'?m1f Monologue: Salvation, trust vs leap of faith TRUTH 4'?m2f Relativism: the world without truth TUGOFWAR 4'?m2f Forgiveness, stress management, denial ULCERS 3'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, faith, works, stress UNITY 3'?m3f Unity: Let's attack the enemy, not each other UNREAL 5'?m2f Scientism, spirituality, atheism, worth, value UNWANTED 3'?m2f Abortion: does "unwanted" mean "less human"? URGENCY 4'?m1f Monologue: witnessing and personal evangelism USED 3'0m1f Monologue: Secondary virginity, sex, dating VALUABLE 6'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, made in God's image VALUE 5'?m2f Why oppose abortion? The intrinsic value of life VANDAL 5'?m2f Name-calling, judgementalism, self-deprecation VERACITY 6'?m2f Is the Bible scientifically accurate? VIDEO 3'?m7f Salvation, Heaven, sin, forgiveness, judgement VOICES 5'?m2f Salvation, no condemnation, sin, eternity WAIT 7'?m2f Why does God make us wait for answered prayers? WAREHOUS 4'?m2f Evangelism, witnessing, all take, no give WATCHME 5'?m2f The sabbath: salvation by grace or works WEAKNESS 3'3m?f My power is made perfect in your weakness WELFARE 6'1m*f RT: Coveting, government, rewards, equality WHALES 5'?m2f Child rearing, parenting, communication skills WHITELIE 5'2m0f Do people lie about praying? WHOLE 7'6m?f Salvation: Filling the God-shaped hole WHYME 3'?m2f God always gets credit for evil, rarely for good WIDOW 3'?m2f Giving, charity is not optional for believers WIRES 4'?m2f Hearing God's voice vs Bible reading WISDOM 5'?m2f Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up WITNESS 4'?m2f Witnessing with gentleness and respect WORDS 5'?m2f Salvation, faith, will words get you to Heaven? WORKOUT 5'?m?f Discipleship, scripture memory, priorities WORKS 4'?m3f Works have no value for salvation WORKS2 5'?m2f Are works the cause or the result of salvation? WORKS3 5'?m3f Salvation, cults, works, faith, deity of Jesus WORKS4 5'?m4f Salvation: grace vs works, ministry WORRY 3'?m2f Worry is merely meditating on the wrong thing WORTH 7'?m2f Giving, self-worth, money, tithing YEARS 6'2m1f A collection of secular Valentine's Day skits YOKED 4'?m2f Missionary dating: unequally yoked