PREVIEWS 3'0m2f Two roommates review lesser known Bible books

VAL -- Hi and welcome to Bible Sneak Previews.

SAL -- During this series we'll preview some of books of the 

VAL -- So you'll know which book of the Bible you want to read 

SAL -- Tonight, we'll start with some of the lesser known books 
of the Bible.

VAL -- This is my roommate Sally Perkins.

SAL -- And this is my roommate Valerie Jones.

VAL -- This is our first time on radio.

SAL -- And we're excited to be here.

VAL -- Sally, tell the folks which books we'll be previewing 

SAL -- Right you are, valerie. Today we're be previewing the 
third epistle of John, the epistle of Jude and the Paul's 
epistle to PHILamon.

VAL -- That's PhiiiLEEEmon.

(long silence)

SAL -- You're still mad about finding your blouse in my closet, 
aren't you, valerie?

VAL -- Paul wrote this letter to PhiiiLEEmon, a slave owner in 

SAL -- Stupid letter.

VAL -- Philemon's slave apparently stole from him and then ran 

SAL -- It's only one page long.

VAL -- The slave apparently became a Christian after he ran 

SAL -- Not even any chapters. How good could it be if there 
aren't any chapters.

VAL -- The letter is a classical example of tact and persuasion, 
as Paul tries to talk Philemon out of killing his slave.

SAL -- Not a single verse worth memorizing.

VAL -- If you're a salesman or anyone who works with the public, 
this book is MUST reading.

SAL -- Hate it.

VAL -- I give Philemon a thumbs up.

SAL -- Thumbs down. Don't waste your time.

VAL -- You're still mad at me because I told your mother that 
you were dating a non-Christian guy, aren't you?

SAL -- The Book of Jude is a much better book.

VAL -- At least I do the dishes when it's my turn.

SAL -- Jude was one of Jesus' brothers. His real name was Judas.

VAL -- Your bedroom looks like a terrorist attack.

SAL -- Not to be confused with Judas Iscariot, who betrayed 

VAL -- Just like someone I know.

SAL -- Jude warns those in the early church about the perils 
that surround them.

VAL -- Like making your roommate sit alone at Bible study so you 
can sit with Brian.

SAL -- Today, when the attrocities of religious cults are in the 
news, the book of Jude is must-reading for dedicated Christians 
who don't want to stray from the straight and narrow path.

VAL -- Like leaving your shoes right by the front door, where 
your roommate will trip over them in the dark.

SAL -- I give Jude a hearty thumbs up.

VAL -- Thumbs down.

SAL -- And now here's Valerie with a preview of John's third 
letter. Val?

VAL -- No.

SAL -- What?

VAL -- I'm not going to do it.

SAL -- But we still a have time left.

VAL -- Who's idea was this anyway? Who'd want to be on the radio 
with you?

SAL -- It was your idea.

VAL -- (fading) Well, I'm out of here. Play some Sandy Patty 

(Door opens, closes)

SAL -- I hate Sandy Patty. Her voice is too high. I give her a 
thumbs down. Where'd she go? 

(Clears throat)

Next time on Bible Sneak Preview, we'll preview the book of 
Colossians which deals with... forgiveness. Goodbye.

(afar) Hey, you, behind the glass. 

(knock, knock)

(afar) play some music, anything but Sandy Patty.

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