WISDOM   5'3m?f Children replay Solomon's first show of wisdom

PEGGY -- Testing, testing, testing. Okay, the cassette is on. 
Let's go.

SALLY -- This is stupid. There are four parts in this story and 
only three of us. 

PEGGY -- Come on, Sally, it's no big deal. One of us can play 
two parts.

SALLY -- Well, who's gonna play God then?

TIMMY -- I have to play Solomon. Sally, why don't you play God?

PEGGY -- She can't play God. God is a boy. So, a boy should play 

SALLY -- This is stupid. 

PEGGY -- God only has a couple lines. Timmy, you play God.

TIMMY -- No, they'll know it's me. Sally should play God.

SALLY -- This is really dumb.

TIMMY -- Places everybody!

SALLY -- Timmy!

TIMMY -- What?

SALLY -- This is a recording. We don't have any places.

TIMMY -- Oh.

PEGGY -- Come on, you two. The recorder is running.

TIMMY -- Okay, here we go.

SALLY -- Solomon.

TIMMY -- Yes, Lord?

SALLY -- Timmy, why are you closing your eyes?

TIMMY -- God appears to Solomon in a dream. I'm dreaming.

SALLY -- We're on tape, silly. Noone can see that your eyes are 

TIMMY -- Geez, you're picky.

PEGGY -- Come on, you two! The tape is rolling.

SALLY -- Okay.

TIMMY -- Okay.

SALLY -- (deep voice) SOLOMON.

TIMMY -- Yes, Lord?

SALLY -- Solomon, you have done what is pleasing in my eyes. You 
may ask for whatever you wish and I will give it to you.

TIMMY -- Lord, I am only a child and I do not know how to rule 
over my kingdom. So, give your servant a discerning heart to 
govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.

SALLY -- Solomon, I am pleased that you asked for wisdom and not 
earthly riches or honor among men. So, I will make you the 
wisest man who ever lived. But I will also give you riches and 
honor among men.

TIMMY -- Gee, thanks, Lord.

SALLY -- (regular voice) Wait, I'm not through yet. (god voice) 
If you obey my commands, I will give you long life.

TIMMY -- Thanks, Lord. I think I'll wake up from my dream now. 
(yawns) Oh, I'm awake now and I just had a dream. I dreamed that 
God gave me wisdom. I wonder if I'm wise. How will I know?

SALLY -- (afar) It's my baby.

PEGGY -- (afar) No, it's not. It's my baby.

SALLY -- (afar) No, it's not. It's my baby.

PEGGY -- (afar) No, it's not. Your baby is dead.

SALLY -- (afar) No, it's not. Your baby is dead.

PEGGY -- (near) It's my baby.

SALLY -- (near) It's my baby.

TIMMY -- Alright, you two, chill out!

SALLY -- This is stupid. Solomon would never say "chill out".

TIMMY -- Would too.

SALLY -- Would not.

TIMMY -- Would too.

SALLY -- Would not.

PEGGY -- Hey, you guys, the tape is rolling. Can we just go on?

TIMMY -- Where were we?

PEGGY -- She stole my baby.

SALLY -- No, I didn't. This is my baby. Her baby died.

PEGGY -- No, he didn't. Her baby died and she stole my baby.

SALLY -- Did not.

PEGGY -- Did too.

SALLY -- Did not.

PEGGY -- Did too.

TIMMY -- Alright, I have a solution.

PEGGY -- You do? Then I can have my baby?

TIMMY -- Yes, but you can only keep half of it.

PEGGY -- Half? What do you mean?

TIMMY -- Hold out your baby. I'll cut it in half with this 
butcher knife, then you can each have half of the baby.

SALLY -- This is stupid. It's supposed to be a sword, not a 
butcher knife.

PEGGY -- What difference does it make? This is a tape. Nobody 
can see that it's not a sword. Besides, where are we going to 
get a sword?

SALLY -- Oh, yeah.

TIMMY -- Okay, so, hold out your baby and I'll cut it in half.

SALLY -- No! You're not cutting my dolly! This is stupid.

TIMMY -- I'm not really gonna cut it, Sally. Daaaa. Solomon just 
threatens to cut it so he can find out who the real mother is.

SALLY -- Well, maybe Solomon wouldn't but I bet you'd cut my 

PEGGY -- Come on, you two we're almost done.

SALLY -- I'm not going on unless Timmy puts away the butcher 

PEGGY -- Timmy put away the butcher knife.

TIMMY -- Oh, alright. (afar) There. Are you satisfied now?

SALLY -- Okay, Let's finish.

TIMMY -- Okay, so, hold out your baby and I'll cut it in half.

PEGGY -- Well, I guess half a baby is better than no baby at 

SALLY -- No, please don't hurt the baby. Here, give it to her. 
Just don't hurt it.

TIMMY -- With the wisdom that the Lord has given to me, I have 
decided that the baby belongs to the one who cares more about 
the baby. So, I give the baby to Sally. Here, it's yours.

SALLY -- Oh, thank you, King Solomon. You are the wisest man om 

PEGGY -- There, see? We finished. Wasn't that fun?

SALLY -- This was a dumb idea.

TIMMY -- Was not.

SALLY -- Was too.

TIMMY -- Was not.

SALLY -- Was too.

TIMMY -- Was not.

SALLY -- Was too.


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