JERICHO  3'1m1f The walls came tumbling down.


ETHEL --- (Bronx accent, smoker's deep voice, afar) Hey! You out 
there! You're disturbing the peace. Get those people out of 

JOSHUA -- Sorry, lady, they're just going to be here a bit 
longer. Besides, they're not making any noise beside playing the 

ETHEL --- (afar) Yes, but they only play one note. That's 
boring. Get them out of here.

JOSHUA -- I'm sorry, I can't do that.

ETHEL --- (afar) Why not?

JOSHUA -- The Lord told me to have them play.

ETHEL --- (afar) And just who do you think you are?

JOSHUA -- I'm Joshua son of Nun. I'm the leader of the Hebrews. 

ETHEL --- (afar) Well, I'm calling the cops.

JOSHUA -- It won't do you any good.

ETHEL --- (afar) Why not?

JOSHUA -- There's two million of us Hebrews out here. The police 
are petrified of us. (shouts) Keep walking everybody.

ETHEL --- (afar) They'll give you a ticket.

JOSHUA -- No, they won't. 

ETHEL --- (afar) Yes, they will.

JOSHUA -- No, they won't. I'm outside the walls of Jericho, so 
I'm outside their jurisdiction.

ETHEL --- (afar) Do you have a parade permit?

JOSHUA -- I don't need one.

ETHEL --- (afar) Yes, you do.

JOSHUA -- No, I don't.

ETHEL --- (afar) Yes, you do.

JOSHUA -- No, I don't. I'm outside the walls of Jericho, so I'm 
out of their jurisdiction.

ETHEL --- (afar) Come on! You've been marching around the walls 
of Jericho every day for seven days. You're giving me an ulcer. 
When are you going to quit?

JOSHUA -- Today.

ETHEL --- (afar) What's the catch?

JOSHUA -- As soon as we've finished our seventh trip around your 
city, we're done.

ETHEL --- (afar) What's the catch?

JOSHUA -- No catch.

ETHEL --- (afar) So, after walking around the city every 
day for seven days, you're just going to walk away?

JOSHUA -- Not exactly.

ETHEL --- (afar) What exactly?

JOSHUA -- After our last trip around the city today, they blow 
the trumpets again and we all shout.

ETHEL --- (afar) You shout. That's it. You shout? Then, you walk 

JOSHUA -- Not exactly.

ETHEL --- (afar) What exactly?

JOSHUA -- Well, the Lord says your city is wicked and that to 
let any of you live would be a sin.

ETHEL --- (afar) I knew it! There's a catch!

JOSHUA -- Yes, there is a catch. We have to let a few of your 
citizens live.

ETHEL --- (afar) Who?

JOSHUA -- Rahab the prostitute and her family.

ETHEL --- (afar) Right. The city is so wicked that we all must 
die, but you're going to spare a prostitute? What's the catch?

JOSHUA -- She's going to marry into the line of our messiah.

ETHEL --- (afar) Right. I guess that makes as much sense as 
walking around for seven days. Frankly, I'm not terribly 
worried. In order to kill us, you gotta get by the city walls. 
No way.

JOSHUA -- We're going to collapse the walls.

ETHEL --- (afar) Right. The strongest city walls in Canaan. How 
are you going to break down our walls, when noone in Canaan has 
even come close?

JOSHUA -- We're going to blow our trumpets and shout.

ETHEL --- (afar) Right. You're going to just play your trumpets 
and shout?

JOSHUA -- That should do it.

ETHEL --- (afar) This I gotta see.

JOSHUA -- You will.

(trumpets, shouting, roar)

ETHEL --- (coughs) You know, Joshua, you ought to take that act 
on the road.

JOSHUA -- We will.

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