FIRE     4'2m0f Two of Aaron's priests are killed: picky, picky

(knock, knock, knock)

AARON --- Come in.

(door open)

ELEAZAR - (teenager) Hi, Dad. How ya doin'?

AARON --- Eleazar, come in and sit down. 

(door close)

Eleazar, I...

ELEAZAR - The guy out there says, "Aaron wants to see you, right 
away." All serious like, you know?

AARON --- Eleazar, I have to ask you to do something for me. 

ELEAZAR - Say, Dad, I was looking for Nadab. Do you know where 
he is?

AARON --- We'll talk about your brother, later, son. Right now I 
need to ask you....

ELEAZAR - He owes me money, Dad. Did he tell you not to tell me 
where he is?

AARON --- Eleazar, please! I need to ask you something.

ELEAZAR - Okay, but if you know where he is, I need to know. He 
told me he'd pay me back yesterday.

AARON --- Eleazar!

ELEAZAR - Geez, Dad, chill out. I'm listening.

AARON --- Eleazar, I need to have you work a double shift in the 
Tabernacle today.

ELEAZAR - A double shift?! Dad, this high priest stuff is really 
cutting into my social life. The other guys are getting all the 
cute babes.

AARON --- Please? This is kind of an emergency. Nadab can't do 
his regular shift and...

ELEAZAR - See, I knew it. That shlimeal will do anything to 
avoid paying me what he owes me.

AARON --- Eleazar, I need to know if you can work extra hours 
today. Now, I've already asked Ithamar and he'll work extra 
hours too. But I need two of you on duty today.

ELEAZAR - I bet Nadab gave you that "Oh, I'm terribly ill." 
He's always pulling that.

AARON --- He's dead.

ELEAZAR - He's what?

AARON --- He's dead.

ELEAZAR - (sniff, sniff) (sobs) Oh, no!

AARON --- You weren't very close to your brother. I didn't 
think you'd take it this hard, Eleazar. 

ELEAZAR - (sobs) Now, I'll never get my money back.

AARON --- Everybody mourns in his own way. Well, I hate to 
interrupt your grieving, son, but I need to know if you'll work 
your brother's shift at the Tabernacle today.

ELEAZAR - Sure, why not? All ya do all day long is burn up some 
offerings. Say, wait a minute. Why can't Abihu work the shift? 
You know there are three brother's left in the family, Dad. 

AARON --- Not anymore.

ELEAZAR - What do you mean?

AARON --- Abihu is dead too.

ELEAZAR - (sniff, sniff) (sobs) Oh, no!

AARON --- Eleazar! I had no idea that Ithamar meant that much to 

ELEAZAR - (sobs) He owed me money too.

AARON --- You'll have to excuse me now, son, I have to arrange 
for the burial of your brothers.

ELEAZAR - Okay, dad. See ya.

(door opens)

AARON --- So, you'll work a double shift at the Tabernacle 

ELEAZAR - Sure, why not.... Hey, wait a minute. How did both of 
them die?

AARON --- Well, actually, son, they were struck dead by the Lord.

ELEAZAR - God killed them?

AARON --- Yes.

ELEAZAR - What did they do? Did they worship idols, steal 
something, kill someone, what?

AARON --- Unauthorized use of fire.

ELEAZAR - Excuse me?

AARON --- They used the wrong fire to burn up the offerings. 

ELEAZAR - The wrong fire.

AARON --- The wrong fire.

ELEAZAR - There's a different fire than the fire that burns 
stuff up?

AARON --- Son, when I taught you how to burn up sacrifices, I 
taught you how to light the fire. Your brothers chose to ignore 
what I taught them and it cost them their lives.


AARON --- What?

ELEAZAR - Is by brother Ithamar working the early shift today?

AARON --- Sure, why.

ELEAZAR - I have to talk to him about fire, right away!  

(rapid footsteps) 

(afar) He owes me money too.

AARON -- Family ties. Tugs at your heart.

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