OILLAMP  4'2m0f The parable of the oil lamp

ED --   And now, sit down, put your feet up, relax and listen to 
another edition of... Parables on Parade. Tonight's parable is from 
Luke chapter 8, beginning at verse 16.

"No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a 
bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can 
see the light"...what is that smell? Do I smell kerosene?

FRED -- This is our object lesson for today.

ED --   You again. You're not going to burn down the studio, are 

FRED -- Oh Contraire, my skeptical friend. This is an authentic 
2000 year-old oil lamp, from Israel, which I will deftly use to 
extract the meaning from this parable.

ED --   I can hardly wait.

FRED -- First, we turn off the lights in the studio and light 
the lamp to demonstrate how this small lamp will light up the 
entire room. So, will you hit the light switch over there?

ED --   Alright. (click)

FRED -- Oh, ah.

ED --   What's the matter?

FRED -- Could you turn on the light? 

ED --   Sure. (click) Why?

FRED -- I can't find my matches.

ED --   (clicks tongue)

FRED -- I know what you're going to say. You're going to say 
that I should have rehearsed this demonstration, so that this 
embarrassing delay would not have hap... oh, here they are!

ED --   I see you're using the authentic first century safety 
matches, with the Greek inscription "Close cover before 

FRED -- You can poke fun at me if you wish. But this 
demonstration will be invaluable to our listeners who hunger to 
know the the exact meaning of the  "parable of the lamp". Hit 
the lights.

ED --   We should have a drum roll?

FRED -- Very funny. Hit the lights.

ED --   Alright. (click, strike match)

FRED -- Now, I am lighting the lamp. Tell our listeners what you 

ED --   The room is filled with the light from this crude first 
century oil lamp. You can't believe how this demonstration has 
increased my understanding of the meaning of this parable.

FRED -- This is only the first part of the demonstration, silly! 
Now, I put the lamp on this table and cover the lamp with this jar, 
as the parable suggests.

ED --   Our listeners should know that the jar is an authentic first 
century flower pot on which we can still see the Hebrew inscription, 
"Polypropylene plastic".

FRED -- Your snide comments will not deter the impact of this 
demonstration, my cynical friend. As I now lower the inverted pot 
over the oil lamp and completely cover it, tell our listeners what 

ED --   The room gets dark.

FRED -- That is correct.

ED --   That demonstration was absolutely breath taking.

FRED -- But wait there's more.

ED --   I don't know if my heart can take all this excitement.

FRED -- I shall ignore your petulance and proceed to the final part 
of our demonstration. I now remove the jar from the oil lamp and 
then slide the lamp under this bed. (from afar) Tell our listeners 
what you see.

ED --   Sparing no expense, we are using an authentic first century 
rental rollaway bed.

FRED -- (from afar) Just tell our listeners what you see.

ED --   The room gets dark.

FRED -- (up close) The meaning of this parable is now clear.

ED --   Well, I'm still in the dark.

FRED -- Oh, hush and turn on the lights!

ED --   Alright. (click) Now, tell us, oh great Lama, what is the 
meaning of the parable of the lamp?

FRED -- The Lord has given us a terrific opportunity for eternal 
life, in his son, whom the Bible calls the light of the world. We 
should let everyone know about this opportunity. We shouldn't hide 
it under a jar or under a bed.

ED --   Ah, what's that smell? Is something burning?

BOTH -- The bed!

FRED -- (from afar) I left the lamp burning under the bed.

ED --   Tune in next time... 

FRED -- (from afar) You'd better unplug the smoke alarm!

ED --   ...for another edition of Parables on Parade.


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