MANAGER  5'2m0f The parable of the faithful manager

ED --   And now, sit down, put your feet up, relax and listen to 
another edition of... Parables on Parade. Tonight's parable is from 
Luke chapter 12, beginning at verse 42.

The Lord answered, "Who is the faithful manager?...."

FRED -- (door open) Hope I'm not too late.

ED --   Only in my dreams.

FRED -- You didn't notice my outfit.

ED --   Oh, silly me. You mean the bright green tights and the green 
cape? I must have missed them completely.

FRED -- Well, don't you want to know why I wore them?

ED --   I'm sure you'll tell us.

FRED -- Us? Oh, you mean we're on the air already?

ED --   Well, as a matter of fact....

FRED -- Good, because tonight (deep voice) I am the green hornet! 
And you are my faithful companion, Kato!

ED --   Be still my heart.

FRED -- I detect a little cynicism now...

ED --   Oh, really?

FRED -- ...but when we're finished with tonight's episode, our 
listeners will have new understanding of the Parable of the Faithful 
Manager. This is going to be so good! Okay, okay. From the top, 
please, Kato.

ED --   You realize, of course, that our listeners can't see 
your green tights and green cape?

FRED -- Oh. That's right. This is an radio. What a shame. No 
matter. This story will still have a big impact on our 
listeners. Here is your scripts. From the top, please, Kato.

ED --   (Phone rings) Who could that be, at this time of night, 

FRED -- Obviously, someone in great distress Kato. Hello, yes, this 
is the Green Hornet. Say no more, Madame. I'll be right there. 
Goodbye. (click) Fire up my sleek, streamlined Green Hornet mobile, 
Kato. We've got another job to do.

ED --   As you wish, boss.

FRED -- I drove to the address given to me by the woman on the 
phone. It was the huge estate of the richest man in the world. I was 
about to knock on the door, when the maidservant opened the door.

ED --   (pause) I don't have any lines to read. Why are you pointing 
at me?

FRED -- You have to play the part of the maidservant.

ED --   You're kidding.

FRED -- No.

ED --   You want me to play a woman? Here, give me that green cape 
and we'll start from the top.

FRED -- Too late. We've already got the audience sitting on the 
edges of their seats. You're the maidservant.

ED --   (high voice) I'm so glad you're here, Green Hornet.

FRED -- How can I be of service, Madame?

ED --   (high) Well, the master went away on business and left his 
manager in charge of his estate and all of his servants.

FRED -- The master goes away on business often, does he not, Madame? 

ED --   (high) Yes, but this time he didn't come back right away and 
the manager began drinking the master's wine, and when he got drunk, 
he began mistreating us servants and beating us. Can't you do 

FRED -- Yes, of course. I'm the Green Hornet. I will see that 
justice is done!

I cautiously made my way through the cavernous mansion searching for 
the unfaithful manager. Finally, I heard shouting from the kitchen. 
It was the unfaithful manager drinking wine and mistreating his 
servants. I kicked open the kitchen door and stood in the doorway 
with my hand on my hips.

You there! Stop drinking your master's wine and mistreating his 

ED --   (pause) Why are you pointing at me? I don't have any lines. 

FRED -- Read the part of the manager.

ED --   Oh, brother.

FRED -- You there stop drink your master's wine and mistreating his 

ED --   Huh? Who are you? What are you doing in my mansion?

FRED -- I am here to see that you do not drink your master's wine 
and mistreat his servants. This is not your mansion. It belongs to 
the master. He left you in charge but you have been unfaithful.

ED --   Clever dialogue. What comic book did you copy this from?

FRED -- Just read the lines.

ED --   Unfaithful, heh? Well, I'll show you, Green Hornet.

FRED -- The unfaithful manager took a swing at me, but I cleverly 
parried and returned a flurry of jujitsu kicks and punches.

ED --   Ooo! Aah! Ooo! Aah!

FRED -- While I bound the unfaithful manager to haul him off to 
jail, I appointed the maidservant as manager of the master's estate.

Be faithful until the master returns, Madame.

ED --   Oh, you can be sure I will, Green Hornet. (clears throat, 
high voice) Oh, you can be sure I will, Green Hornet. Thank you and 

FRED -- Well, Kato, it looks like justice and truth won out again.

ED --   (high) Good work, Boss. (clears throat, low) Good work, 

FRED -- Thank you, Kato.

ED --   That's the fifteenth bad guy you have apprehended this 
month, Boss. Perhaps you should take a vacation.

FRED -- No, Kato as long as there is crime and unfaithfulness out 
there I will always be on the job.

ED --   Tune in next time for another edition of Parables on Parade.

FRED -- (afar) Do you think they liked it?

ED --   (afar) Especially the green tights.

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