FEED5000 3'2m?f Feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves & a few memories

CHILD -- (approaching) grandpa! My kitten came home! Look! It's a 

GRAMPS - You call that a miracle? I'll tell you a miracle.

CHILD -- (quietly) Oh, brother! Here we go again.

GRAMPS - Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Jesus feed a 
great big mob of people with a little tiny bit of food?

CHILD -- Not more than 2 or 3 dozen times, grandpa.

GRAMPS - I'll never forget it.

CHILD -- I wouldn't count on that.

GRAMPS - Huh? What say? Speak up child!

CHILD -- I said, I can hardly wait to hear about it, grandpa.

GRAMPS - I'll never forget it. We went out to see Jesus on the 
banks of the Dead Sea.

CHILD -- It was the Sea of Galilee.

GRAMPS - Yeah, I saw him walk up and...

CHILD -- He was in a boat.

GRAMPS - Uh huh. As soon as he stepped out of the boat, people 
came from everywhere. We just mobbed him. Must have been 
hundreds of us.

CHILD -- There were 5000.

GRAMPS - Okay. (laughs) He sits down and starts telling jokes 
and having a good time...

CHILD -- He healed the sick and preached the gospel.

GRAMPS - Yeah, that too, then about noon...

CHILD -- It was dinner time.

GRAMPS - Jesus was going to send the people away to find food, 

CHILD -- That was the apostles' idea.

GRAMPS - Like I said, the apostles were going to send the people 
away to find food, but Jesus decided to feed them. How am I 

CHILD -- I'm spellbound, grandpa.

GRAMPS - Wait til you hear this. A little old lady offered Jesus 
her lunch.

CHILD -- It was a little boy.

GRAMPS - Like I said, he took this little boy's lunch. I can see 
it clear as crystal. The lunch had only 2 small loaves of whole 
wheat bread...

CHILD -- There were five small barley loaves.

GRAMPS - Uh huh, and 5...

CHILD -- 2 small fishes.

GRAMPS - I was going to say 2 small fishes. Anyways, Jesus had 
the people sit down in groups of 10 or 20...

CHILD -- 50 or 100.

GRAMPS - Whatever. Jesus gave thanks to the Lord and passed out 
the lunch among the thousands of people. Now, here's my favorite 
part. This is so clear to me after all this time. Jesus had the 
apostles collect the leftover pieces of bread and fish in a 

CHILD -- 12 baskets.

GRAMPS - Like I said, there was more left over than he started 
with. Isn't that a great story, child?

CHILD -- And you tell it so well, grandpa.

GRAMPS - Seems like it was just yesterday.

CHILD -- It was yesterday, grandpa. I was there too.

GRAMPS - Oh. (pause) Did I ever tell you about the time I saw 
Jesus feed a great big mob of people with a little tiny bit of 

CHILD -- (fading) Gee, look at the time, grandpa. I have to go 
feed my kitten.

GRAMPS - Seems like yesterday. Remind me to tell you about it.

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