CONCEPT  3'1m0f Angel Gabriel gets his orders from the Lord

(phone rings, click)

Angel's Division Archangel Gabriel Speaking.

Oh, yes, Lord. What can I do for you?

The messiah? Yup, you've been talking about it since the apple 
incident in the garden. So, you're finally going to send him, 

Well, frankly, Lord, with no disrespect intended, a lot of us 
here in Angel Division have thought you should have sent the 
messiah a long time ago. But your timing is perfect. (laughs)

A cliche, you're right sir.

The Christians will over use it....

Along with I'll pray for you... (laughs)

(clears throat) Yes, sir, my assignment...

Bring the messiah to earth. Sounds like a slam dunk. Any 
earthquakes or thunderclaps to go with that, Lord?

Save all that? For what? 

...for when the messiah dies, of course. Are you sure we can't 
talk you out of that death thing, Lord. It seems a little harsh.

You're right. That IS why we're sending him.

Oh, yes, we have chosen several virgins from the line of King 
David. But... Lord, are you locked into this virgin birth 
concept? The guys and I were thinking maybe Chariot of Fire 
entrance. Demographics show that a fully adult messiah and a 
grand entrance would win over a lot more folks back into the 

...empathy with the common man. I understand. 

...yes, that does bring us back to virgin birth, yes, sir. Okay. 
The popular choice for virgin here at Angel division is a young 
girl with genes for blond hair and blue eyes. The baby will grow 
up to be a handsome man, over six feet tall. prefer average or even ugly... empathy with the common 
man, of course. 

No sir, we sure don't want any historians to claim that he won 
his thousands of followers with looks or charm. So, I guess that 
excludes this other virgin on our list whose predecessors were 

I understand ...let them be persuaded by the truth, not by 
flashy talk. Okay, and the baby's name, Lord? We came up with 
several names that have some real impact and meaning for the 
messiah. The names that got the most votes around here are 
names sound really good in both Greek and Hebrew.  What do you 

Joshua? But, that the most common name in Galilee, Lord, how...

You want a name that will appeal to the common man. I 
understand, but the name JOSHUA translates into Greek as Jesus. 
Who's going to remember a short name like Jesus?

I know and every knee shall bow. Hey, it's your name, Lord, 
you're the one who has to live with it for 30 years, not me.

Okay, that brings us to the family that our virgin will marry 
into. Of the three virgins who will have plain or ugly babies, 
one of them has goo-goo eyes for King Herod's son. Say! Royalty!

...the common man. How did I know you'd say that? Okay, this one 
has been pledged to marry the son of a wealthy...

(crumples up the paper)

Well, that leaves a virgin named Mary. She's pledged to marry a 

I'm glad you like it, sir. Well, look here! Mary has a cousin 
who's already pregnant. I'm sure you'll want him to have a 
common name, too. I think I'll pay the father a visit and have 
him give the baby such a common name that they'll name a room 
in the house after him.

John, that's right. 

...not funny. I'm going, I'm going. See? This is the sound of me 
leaving. Bye.


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