NECKLACW 4' Detective and the case of the stolen necklace

The necklace was stolen again. Yet another perfect crime! No
clues at the museum! But this time, Lucifer Snidely had no
visitors at the prison. It looked like Lucifer Snidely would at
last be able to get away with the world's most expensive
necklace. So, the policeman asked the prison guards to search
Lucifer Snidely's prison cell. But the only thing they found
there that they didn't find last time they searched it was a
receipt from a dry cleaner.

"It looks like Lucifer Snidely got away with robbery." said the

"Wait a minute." replied Michaela, "Why would someone in prison
have a receipt from a dry cleaner? Prisoners don't wear anything
that needs dry cleaning."

"By golly, I think your right." said the policeman, "Why would
he have a dry cleaning receipt?"

Michaela explained, "I think the robbers hid the necklace
somewhere in the dry cleaning store. Then they got the receipt
to Lucifer Snidely in prison to show him where they hid it."

"But how did they get the receipt to him?" asked the policeman,
"We check the records in the visitors center. Lucifer Snidely
had no visitors after the robbery."

"No," replied Michaela, "But other prisoners had visitors. Maybe
the robbers visited another prisoner who gave the receipt to
Lucifer Snidely."

"By golly I think you're right!" exclaimed the policeman.

The dry cleaning receipt had the address of the dry cleaning
store. So, they headed for the store. On the way, they asked the
policemen at headquarters to check to see if Lucifer Snidely
owns that store. Sure enough, he does.

The police thoroughly checked the walls and floor of the dry
cleaner for safes and vaults, but found none. So Michaela
strolled around looking for a vault that didn't look like a

"There!" exclaimed Michaela pointing at a washing machine.

The machine had a ten-key pad like a telephone, but instead of
numbers on the keys, there were pictures:

a man's shoe

a horse shoe

a loaf of bread

a men's suit

a candle

a vase

a wagon

a rug

a bag of flour

a house

"Now how do we know what keys to press?" asked the policeman.

The policemen search the dry cleaner for clues but found none.
Finally, Michaela, opened the phone book near the wall phone and
paged through it. She noticed that some of the names in the
phone book had circles around them:

Leonard Taylor

William Chandler

Steven Cobbler

Robert Potter

Alan Baker

Charles Wagoner

Fred Weaver

Donald Miller

David Carpenter

Paul Smith

"I don't get it." admitted the policeman, "None of these names
tell us anything about the pictures on the keys."

(can you guess from these clues which keys to press on the
washing machine to open the hidden vault?)

Michaela wrote down the names, then studied them for a few
minutes. Then she exclaimed, "Aha!"

"Find something?!" asked the policeman.

"Yes," explained Michaela, "Some peoples last names came from
the things their ancestors used to make for a living."

"I still don't see it." admitted the policeman.

(can you guess from this clue which keys to press on the washing
machine to open the hidden vault?)

Michaela pointed to the name ALAN BAKER, then she
pointed to the key with the picture of a loaf of bread
and explained, "For instance, the last name Baker comes from the
old days when some people made their living by baking bread."

(can you guess from this clue which keys to press on the washing
machine to open the hidden vault?)

"Yes!" exclaimed the policeman pointing at the name DAVID
CARPENTER and the key with the picture of a house, "A carpenter
builds houses!"

So, Michaela pushed the buttons on the washing machine in this

Leonard Taylor  ==> a men's suit

William Chandler==> a candle
Steven Cobbler  ==> a man's shoe
Robert Potter   ==> a vase
Alan Baker      ==> a loaf of bread
Charles Wagoner ==> a wagon
Fred Weaver     ==> a rug
Donald Miller   ==> a bag of flour
David Carpenter ==> a house
Paul Smith      ==> a horse shoe

There was a click, a buzz and a hum. Then, a small panel on the
back of the washer swung open. The policemen pulled the washer
away from the wall and looked into the hidden vault. There
inside was the world's most expensive necklace!

Michaela, the world's greatest detective, solved yet another

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