NECKLACT 6' Detective and the case of the stolen necklace

Michaela came down the stairs expecting to sit down to
breakfast, but instead, her mom handed her a paper plate full of
food and a styrofoam cup of orange juice.

"What's this for?" asked Michaela.

Her mom replied, "Detective Sanchez is waiting for you in the

"Don't tell me. Let me guess." said Michaela, "Lucifer Snidely
hired someone to steal the world's most expensive necklace

While Michaela was eating her breakfast on the way to the
museum, the policeman explained, "This case has us completely
stumped. When we looked at the recordings from the security
cameras, we saw that the robbers weren't carrying anything in
their hands when they left the museum. And from past experience
we know that they either hid the necklace inside the museum OR
they used a balloon or a rocket to carry the necklace away
through the air. But we searched the museum top to bottom and we
couldn't find any evidence of a hiding place inside the museum.
Nor could we find any evidence on the roof that they used a
rocket or a balloon.

Michaela asked, "What were the robbers carrying when they came
into the museum?"

"We only looked for what they were carrying AWAY from the
museum." replied the policeman.

When she got to the museum, Michaela looked at the recordings
from the security cameras showing the robbers coming into the

"One robber is carrying a tool box." said Michaela as she
pointed to the television screen.

The policeman replied, "They used the tools to break into the
display case and then they left the tools and the tool box on
the floor beside the display when they left."

Michaela pointed at the screen again saying, "The other robber
is carrying what looks like a football. Did you find a football
anywhere inside the museum?"

"Nowhere." replied the policeman.

Immediately, Michaela stood up and ran up the stairs to the roof
of the museum.

"We already looked up here!" exclaimed the policeman as he
followed her up the stairs.

Michaela said, "I know. But I think I know what he did with the

"What?" asked the policeman.

Michaela stood in the middle of the roof of the museum and
turned a complete circle. Then she turned back toward the
building across the alley.

"There!" she exclaimed.

The policeman replied, "I don't see anything."

Michaela explained, "That football we saw in the security
recordings was not really a football. It was actually a vault
that was shaped like a football."

The policeman scratched his head and admitted, "I still don't
get it."

(Can you guess how Michaela knew where they'd find the necklace)

Michaela explained, "A football is shaped the way it is so you
can throw it a long way. I'm pretty sure the burglars put the
necklace inside the football shaped vault, then threw it over
the alley onto the roof of the building next door. After the
police go away, Lucifer Snidely will send someone up to the roof
of that building to get the necklace."

"Well, that sly fox!" exclaimed the policeman, "No wonder we
couldn't find the necklace here!"

Sure enough, when they went downstairs, across the alley and up
to the roof of that building, they found what looked like a

"Well done!" exclaimed the policeman.

Then he picked up and examined the football-vault and exclaimed,
"Oh oh!"

"What's the matter?" asked Michaela.

"We've got two problems." explained the policeman, "This vault
has a ten key pad like a telephone. But there are no numbers on
the keys. And we have no idea which order to press the keys to
open the vault."

"What's on the keys?" asked Michaela.

"Pictures." replied the policeman, "What good are pictures?"

Michaela explained, "The pictures just make it more difficult to
open the vault. I'm sure the robbers left some clues. All we
have to do is find them."

(Here are the pictures that appeared on the keys:)

A woman's dress

A man's shoes

A man's big toe

A tree

A nail

A baseball cap

A maple leaf

A woman's chin

A lake

A light bulb

Michaela examined the football with her magnifying glass. Except
for the ten-key pad, the vault looked just like a football. It
was covered with leather and fastened with laces on one side.

"Aha!" exclaimed Michaela.

"Did you find a clue?!" asked the policeman.

"Ten clues!" exclaimed Michaela, "One clue for each picture on
the keys. The clues are written in very small writing on the

(Here are the ten words written on the laces)











"Well, I'll be!" exclaimed the policeman as he peered at the
words through the magnifying glass. Then, he frowned, "Wait a
minute, these words have nothing to do with the pictures on the
keys. Not one of them is the same!"

(Can you tell from these clues which keys to press to open the
football-shaped vault?)

Michaela studied the list of words and the ten keys for several
minutes, then explained, "If you say the words out loud, the
ends of the words are what's in the picture."

The policeman studied the football for a few seconds, then
admitted, "I don't get it."

(Can you tell from Michaela's explanation which keys to press?)

Michaela pointed to the first word on the laces, saying, "Look
here. The first clue is COUNTRY.

The end sound on the word COUNTRY is TREE.

The end sound on the word SNAIL is NAIL.

The end sound on the word FLAKE is LAKE.

The end sound on the word SATELLITE is LIGHT.

The end sound on the word CASHEW is SHOE.

The end sound on the word HANDICAP is CAP.

The end sound on the word TOMATO is TOE.

The end sound on the word BELIEF is LEAF.

The end sound on the word URCHIN is CHIN.

The end sound on the word ADDRESS is DRESS."

So, Michaela pressed the keys in this order:











There was a click, a buzz and a hum, then the vault opened like
a clam shell revealing the world's most expensive necklace.
Michaela, the world's greatest detective solved yet another

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