NECKLACN 6' Detective and the case of the stolen necklace

When the phone rang, Michaela shouted as she ran to the phone,
"That's probably Aunt Laura calling to wish us Merry Christmas!
I'll get it!"

Picking up the phone, she smiled, "Hello?"

"Michaela, we need your help again." said the man's voice.

Michaela knew who it was. It was the policeman.

"Don't tell me." She replied, "Lucifer Snidely hired someone to
steal the necklace on Christmas day!"

"I hate to interrupt your Christmas celebration." said the
policeman, "But we're completely stumped! Can you please help

"Sure." replied Michaela.

On the way to the museum, the policeman explained as much as he
knew: "A robber dressed himself in the uniform of a security
guard and knocked on the front door of the museum. The guards on
duty inside the museum thought he was from the security company.
So, they let him in. But as soon as he got inside, he pulled a
gun and forced the guards into the office, where he tied them
hand and foot to the chairs. As soon as the guards were tied up,
there was another knock at the front door."

"The robber took the keys from the guards and let in his
accomplice. According to the recordings from the security
cameras the second robber was carrying a large cardboard box
when he came in. But the security cameras showed that when the
robbers left the museum, they had nothing in their hands."

Michaela replied, "Maybe one of the robbers had the necklace in
his pocket."

"We'll never know because we didn't catch them," replied the
policeman, "

Michaela replied, "I'm sure that Lucifer Snidely is behind this
robbery and he would never let the robbers carry the necklace
just in case they get arrested."

"Well," replied the policeman, "My men searched the entire
museum and we didn't find the necklace anywhere."

When they got to the museum, the first place Michaela went was
up on the roof. Sure enough, the big cardboard box the robber
carried into the museum was there. Opening the box, all she
found was an empty helium tank.

(Can you tell from this clue how the robbers got away with the

"What on earth is that for?!" asked the policeman.

"Helium is for balloons." replied Michaela. "The robbers
attached the necklace to a lot of small helium balloons or one
big balloon and floated it away into the air."

"Oh! Maybe you're right!" replied the policeman, "But which way
did it go?"

Michaela pointed to the flag pole in front of the museum,
saying, "That will tell you."

(Can you tell from this clue how the flag told Michaela which
way the balloons carried the necklace?)

The policeman scratched his head, saying, "I don't get it."

Michaela explained, "The flag on the flag pole is blowing toward
the east. So, the balloon floated toward the east too."

Michaela and the policeman got into the police helicopter and
flew straight east, across the city, over the mountains and into
the valley. There, just below them was the same lake where they
found the rocket used in a previous robbery. The lake and the
nearby mansion were both owned by Lucifer Snidely. A large
orange balloon lay deflated on the lawn near the front door of
the mansion.

When they landed on the lawn near the house, a man dressed in
the uniform of a security guard went running out the back door.
He was arrested a few minutes later.

"What did you do with the necklace?" asked the policeman.

"I'm not telling you nothing!" replied the robber.

Inside the mansion was an office. Behind one of the paintings on
the wall of the office Michaela found a wall safe.

"Nice work!" said the policeman.

Then when the policeman noticed that the safe had no key hole in
it, just a ten-key pad like that on a telephone, he asked, "But,
how do we know which buttons to push to open the safe?"

"There are clues around here somewhere." replied Michaela as she
looked around the office. "Lucifer Snidely always leaves clues."

Finally, she pointed to a sticker on the door of the safe
saying, "There it is!"

"There what is?!" asked the policeman, "It's just a sticker with
the name of the company that made the safe and the serial number
of the safe."

Michaela peeled the sticker off the door of the safe saying,
"I'm not interested in what's on the front. It's what's on the
back that I'm interested in."

Sure enough, on the back of the sticker were a list of nineŘ
items. The first two items were:

Golden rings.

Partridge in a pear tree.

Immediately, Michaela recognized what all the clues have in

(Can you tell from these two items what all the clues have in

Michaela explained, "All nine of these items on this list are
from a Christmas song."

(Can you tell from this clue what song is the key to the nine

Michaela explained, "The song is 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'.
And the last nine days in the song are:

9 ladies dancing

8 maids amilking

7 swans aswimming

6 geese alaying

5 golden rings

4 calling birds

3 french hens

2 turtle doves

and a partridge in a pear tree"

Here are the nine clues that were listed on the back of the
sticker from the safe:

golden rings

partridge in a pear tree

maids amilking

french hens

ladies dancing

turtle doves

geese alaying

calling birds

swans aswimming

(Can you tell from these clues what numbers to push to open the

Here's how Michaela opened the safe:

golden rings --> 5

partridge in a pear tree --> 1

maids amilking --> 8

french hens --> 3

ladies dancing --> 9

turtle doves --> 2

geese alaying --> 6

calling birds --> 4

swans aswimming --> 7

Michaela pressed 5,1,8,3,9,2,6,4,7. The green light went on and
the wall safe clicked open. There inside was the world's most
expensive necklace! Michaela, the world's greatest detective
solved the case again!

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