NECKLACJ 7' Detective and the case of the stolen necklace

Michaela had just finished her homework and sat down to watch
her favorite TV game show when BOOM! The window rattled and the
floor of the house shook.

"What was that?!" exclaimed Michaela's mom.

"Sounds like an explosion somewhere." replied Michaela.

Five minutes later, a television news announcer broke into the
game show and announced that there was an explosion at the First
National Bank downtown.

Michaela immediately stood up and went over to the telephone
table and put her hand on the telephone.

"What are you doing?" asked her mom.

Michaela replied, "The First National Bank is right across the
street from the museum. I think Lucifer Snidely hired someone to
steal the necklace again."

Before the words were out of her mouth, the phone rang. Michaela
picked it up before the first ring finished.

Michaela spoke into the phone, "The bomb was in the museum,
wasn't it?"

"How did you know it was me calling?" asked the policeman.

"The bank is right across the street from the museum." replied
Michaela, "I'll bet that the bomb blew out some windows in the
bank, so everyone thought the bomb was in the bank."

"You're right." said the policeman, "As usual, you're right
about everything. The robbers blew a hole in the roof of the
museum and lifted the entire necklace display right through the
hole in the roof with a big helicopter. Can you help us with
this case?"

"Sure." replied Michaela, "Call me when you find the

"But, don't you want to go with me to the museum?" he asked.

"No." replied Michaela, "The explosion probably destroyed any
evidence left behind by the robbers. Your best bet is to find
the helicopter. There can't be more than just a handful of
helicopters that big in the city. And there's probably only one
that was stolen for the robbery."

Sure enough, the next day the policeman picked up Michaela from
school and took her to the airport to inspect the hangar where a
large helicopter had been stolen last night. The owner of the
helicopter pointed to the spot where the helicopter was last
parked. Michaela inspected the area carefully with her
magnifying glass.

"Aha!" she exclaimed.

"Did you find something?!" asked the policeman.

"Yes." replied Michaela, "It's a piece of tree bark or something
that fell off of the robber's shoe. It's brown and hard. I'll
look it up in my picture books."

A few minutes later, she exclaimed, "Found it!"

"What is it?!" asked the policeman.

"According to the book," explained Michaela, "This is a piece of
a seed from inside of a pine cone. And the pine tree this pine
cone is from only grows high in the mountains."

"Well, that's not very helpful." replied the policeman, "There's
thousands of square miles of pine forests in the mountains near
here. We could be searching the mountains for weeks before we
find the helicopter."

"I can save you a little time." explained Michaela.

"How?" he asked.

Michaela explained, "This robbery was obviously planned by
Lucifer Snidely. Have your investigators look in the land deeds
for mountain land owned by Lucifer Snidely."

Sure enough, a few minutes later, the investigators at head
quarters found a deed for a mountain cabin owned by Lucifer
Snidely. Michaela and the policeman flew to the cabin in the
police helicopter. When they approached the cabin, they saw the
stolen helicopter on the lawn next to the cabin. But the
helicopter and the cabin had been abandoned.

"We're too late!" exclaimed the policeman, "The robbers and the
necklace are gone!"

"Don't be so sure!" replied Michaela, "The robbers may have left
the necklace here somewhere for Lucifer Snidely."

While the policemen searched the cabin, Michaela searched the

"Found it!" exclaimed Michaela.

When the policeman ran out to the helicopter, he just shrugged
his shoulders, "I don't see anything!" he exclaimed.

"As usual, Lucifer Snidely disguised the vault." explained
Michaela as she pointed to one of the dozens of instruments on
the instrument panel of the helicopter.

"I still don't see it." replied the policeman.

"The label on it says it's a radio." explained Michaela, "but
it's a vault."

"How do you know it's a vault?" asked the policeman.

"Well, I know it's not a radio, because all radios have a volume
control to control the loudness." explained Michaela.

"Oh!" exclaimed the policeman, "That's really clever! It looks
just like all the other instruments on the panel! But it's got
ten numbered push buttons on it like all the other vaults we've
seen. So, now all we have to do is find the sticker with the
number sequence."

They looked and looked and looked for a sticker or a slip of
paper or even for some scratches that looked like numbers.

"Maybe we're not looking for a list of numbers." said Michaela,
"Maybe we're looking for a list of words that tell us the

So, she looked through some thick books that she found under the
pilot's seat.

"Here it is!" exclaimed Michaela.

The policeman looked over her shoulder and replied, "That's a
list of words, but it's just a page in the pilot's manual."

"Look at the color of the paper." said Michaela.

"Oh!" exclaimed the policeman. "The printing looks like the
printing in the other pages, but the paper is not as yellow as
the other pages. That means this paper was just printed."

Here are the words on the page:











(can you tell the number sequence from this clue?)

The policeman said, "This can't be the sequence. These words
don't even mention numbers."

Michaela replied, "These words are rhymes of the numbers."

(can you tell the number sequence from this clue?)

"Rhymes?" asked the policeman, "I don't understand."

Michaela explained, "Well, for instance, the first word is
STRAIGHT which rhymes with 8. So, the first number is 8."

So, she pushed the "8" button on the vault. Then she pushed the
other numbers in the order their rhymes appeared on the list.

Snore rhymes with 4

Heaven rhymes with 7

Tree rhymes with 3

Spine rhymes with 9

Tricks rhymes with 6

Alive rhymes with 5

Nun rhymes with 1

Clue rhymes with 2

Hero rhymes with 0

As soon as she pushed the "0" button, a green light went on,
there was a click, a buzz and a hum. Then the front panel fell
open. There was the world's most expensive necklace!

Michaela, the world's greatest detective, recovered the stolen
necklace yet again!

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