NECKLAC9 7' Detective and the case of the stolen necklace

Lucifer Snidely and all of his henchmen were locked up securely
in jail. Hearing this, the old lady decided it was safe now to
take her necklace out of the bank vault. But Michaela reminded
her that this was the world's most expensive necklace and anyone
could steal it.

But the old lady insisted that the necklace was now safe because
of the tiny tracking device that was glued to the back side of

That night, she fell asleep wearing the necklace. But when she
woke up the next morning, the necklace was gone!

She call the police and they activated the tracking device, but
they discovered that the tracking device had been torn off the
necklace and thrown into a garbage can near a bus stop.

"Michaela, you have to help me!" exclaimed the old lady. "The
police can't find my necklace! There's no trace of it anywhere!"

Michaela brought her magnifying glass and microscope to the old
ladies house and examined her bedroom.

"Aha!" exclaimed Michaela.

"Find something?" asked the old lady.

"Yes," replied Michaela, "A couple of brown hairs... here on the
window sill."

Michaela put the hairs under the microscope and compared them
with pictures from a book.

"These are cat hairs. Do you own a cat?" asked Michaela.

"No. Of course not. I'm allergic to cats. Cat hair makes me
itch." replied the old lady. "How did cat hairs get on my window

"I think the burglar got into your house through this window."
replied Michaela, "I think the burglar wrapped his feet in cat
fur and that's how he got into your house without you hearing
his foot steps. The person who stole your necklace is what's
known as a cat burglar."

Michaela examined the floor between the window and the bed.

"Aha!" exclaimed Michaela.

"Find something?" asked the old lady.

"Yes," replied Michaela, "More cat hairs. And nearly all of
these cat hairs have small pieces of other hair attached to
them. More than one color."

As she examined the hairs in the microscope, the old lady asked,
"What kind of animal?"

Michaela looked in the book and compared the pictures with the
small pieces of hair. "All of these pieces are human hairs. But
there's something else on these cat hairs too... Aha!"

"Something else?" asked the old lady.

Michaela examined the picture books, then replied, "These tiny
particles look like Pollen. It looks like pollen from a tree....
Yes, according to the book, this pollen comes from the purple
blossom of a jacaranda tree."

"What does that mean?" asked the old lady.

Michaela replied as she looked into the microscope, "These
pieces of human hair are cut sharply on both ends. I think your
cat burglar lives or works near a barber shop or a beauty salon.
And, since you don't have any jacaranda trees in your yard, I
think there must be a jacaranda tree blossoming outside of the
barbershop or beauty salon where the cat burglar lives or

Michaela called the city's street maintenance department and
asked, "Are there any jacaranda trees planted along any of the
streets in the city?"

"Yes," replied the manager, "But they're only along third

Michaela picked up the phone book and looked for beauty salons
or barber shops on third street. There was only one, a beauty

Michaela had Papa drive her to the beauty salon. There, right in
front of the salon, was a large jacaranda tree with huge purple
blossoms in full bloom.

Michaela pointed, "The cat burglar either works in the salon
there or lives in the apartment upstairs over the salon.

Papa drove around the block and into the alley behind the salon.
They got out of the car and went over to the stairway leading to
the upstairs apartment. Michaela examined the stairway with her
magnifying glass.

"Aha!" exclaimed Michaela.

"Find something?" asked Papa.

"Yes," replied Michaela, "More cat hairs. Same color."

While the police searched the apartment for the stolen necklace,
Michaela went around to the beauty salon and asked, "Who lives

One of the workers replied, "The owner of this salon lives up
there. But she's not home. She's at the other store."

"The OTHER store?" asked Michaela.

"The toy store." she replied as she pointed, "Next door."

As Michaela was coming out the door, the policeman reported, "We
didn't find the necklace upstairs. Any ideas?"

Michaela pointed and replied, "The lady who lives upstairs also
owns this beauty salon."

While the police search the beauty salon, Michaela went next
door to visit the toys store. The store had only one kind of
toys, stuffed animals. There were teddy bears and panda bears,
kangaroos, snakes, alligators, horses, zebras... every kind of
animal you could think of.

"May I help you, little girl?" asked the lady behind the

Michaela asked, "Are you the owner of the beauty salon?"

"Yes." replied the lady, "Why do you want to know?"

But before Michaela could answer, the policeman came in the door
and reported, "Not there either. Any other ideas?"

"Yes," replied Michaela, "This is the lady who owns the
apartment upstairs and the beauty salon next door. She also owns
this toy store."

The policeman replied, "Then, we'll search this store too!"

"Search my store?!" exclaimed the lady behind the counter,
"What's going on here?!"

The policeman replied, "Someone stole the world's most valuable
necklace last night. We traced the suspect to this building."

"How?!" exclaimed the woman.

"Nevermind that!" replied the policeman, "We're going to search
this store."

"That won't be necessary," replied Michaela.

"Why not?" asked the policeman.

Michaela pointed and replied, "I'd like to buy that stuffed cat
up there on the top shelf."

The policeman was impatient. He replied, "We're after a cat
burglar! Can't you buy a toy some other time?"

Michaela ignored him and pointed again, "I'd like to buy that
stuffed cat up there on the top shelf."

"You can't!" exclaimed the woman, "It's not for sale!"

By now the policeman understood what Michaela was up to. He
asked as he reached for the stuffed cat, "This is a toy store
and the little girl wants to buy that toy. Why won't you sell it
to her? Is it because you're hiding the world's most valuable
necklace inside this stuffed cat?"

With that he turned the cat over, unzipped its belly and pulled
out the world's most valuable necklace.

"Of all these animals, how did you know that she chose this one
to hide the necklace in?" asked the policeman.

"Because," replied Michaela, the world's greatest detective,
"She's a cat burglar. She was wearing cat fur on her feet. I
just chose the stuffed cat that had the same color fur as the
cat hairs I found at the crime scene."

Yet another crime was solved by Michaela, the world's greatest

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