NECKLAC6 5' Detective and the case of the stolen necklace

On Michaela's walk home from school, she went by the house of
the old lady who owns the most valuable necklace in the world.
She noticed a big truck parked in front of the house. Behind the
truck was a storm sewer with the round steel cover removed.

Michaela stopped to look down the hole. She couldn't see anyone
below. But she could hear the loud roar of a motor down there
and she could feel the ground shaking under her feet.

Michaela's first thought was that someone was trying to break
into the old lady's house and steal the necklace. But the jewel
thief, Lucifer Snidely, was in jail. So, Michaela had second
thoughts and went home.

When she turned on the television, the news reporter was
standing in front of the jail reporting that Lucifer Snidely had
broken out of jail.

"Oh oh!" exclaimed Michaela.

"What's the matter?" asked her grandfather.

"Lucifer Snidely escaped from jail, Papa! I think he's trying to
break into the old lady's house to steal the necklace." Michaela
replied as she reached for the phone.

"Don't bother to call her. She's not home." said Papa, "She's in
Palm Springs for the weekend."

Michaela hung up the phone and said, "Oh."

"What makes you think that Lucifer Snidely is breaking into the
house?" asked Papa.

"There's a big truck parked in front of her house. And there's a
big machine in the sewer that's shaking the ground. I think it's
a tunnel boring machine. Maybe I should call the police."

Michaela picked up the phone again and called the police and
told them what she knew. Then she hung up the phone and ran to
the garage.

"Come on, Papa! We have to hurry!" shouted Michaela.

Papa followed. "Where are we going?"

As Michaela scurried around the garage picking up ropes and
harnesses, she explained, "The police said they wouldn't be able
to get here for ten minutes. But by then, it might be too late!
Can you carry the ladder?"

"Sure," replied Papa as he picked up the ladder, "What's all
this for?"

Michaela said, "We have to steal the necklace before Lucifer
Snidely steals it."

Michaela and Papa ran down the street to the old lady's house.
They climbed up the ladder to the roof. Papa tied the harness
under Michaela's arm pits and lowered her down the chimney with
the ropes. When Michaela got to the fireplace in the old lady's
bedroom, Papa shouted down the chimney, "The necklace is in the
vault, sweety. How are you going to get the necklace out of the

Michaela replied, "I'm going to find the combination."

"Where will you find the combination?" asked Papa.

Michaela knew that the favorite number combination to unlock a
safe is someone's birthday. So she ran to the computer on the
desk and looked up the old lady's birthday on the internet.
Because she was so famous for having the world's most valuable
necklace, the old lady's birthday was easy to find.

"August first, nineteen thirty-one." the computer displayed.

As Michaela ran across the room to the vault, she heard the roar
of the tunnel boring machine change to a grinding sound. The
machine was now chewing at the concrete walls in the basement.

"Hurry, Michaela!" Papa shouted down the chimney, "You don't
have much time! The tunnel is almost finished!"

Michaela punched in the number of the month. August is the
eighth month. So, Michaela poked the 8. Then the number of the
day. It was 1. Then the year. It was 1931.

"Rats!" shouted Michaela.

"What's the matter?" asked Papa down the chimney.

"I tried 811931 for the old lady's birthday. But it didn't

Papa shouted down the chimney, "Try 08 01 1931! Hurry!"

Just then, the grinding sound in the basement stopped and the
motor turned off.

Papa shouted, "The tunnel is finished! He's coming! Hurry!"

Michaela punched in the new number as quickly as she could.


The red light went off. The green light went on. There was a
click. Michaela turned the handle and pulled on the vault door.
There was the necklace on the black velvet display!

Just then, Michaela could hear heavy footsteps coming up the
stairs. She grabbed the necklace from the display and ran back
to the fireplace. Papa lifted her up the chimney just as Lucifer
Snidely kicked open the bedroom door.

A few seconds later Michaela and Papa heard Lucifer Snidely
crying, "It's gone! It's gone! The necklace is gone! It was that
little brat! I know it! Where is she?! Where is she?"

Just then, Michaela and Papa heard the sound of police sirens
coming toward the house.

Lucifer Snidely shouted, "The police are coming! Let's get out
of here! Hurry!"

Then, Papa and Michaela heard the sound of footsteps running
down the stairs. All this time, Michaela had been hanging half
way down the chimney of the fireplace waiting for Lucifer
Snidely to leave. So, after he left, Papa lowered Michaela back
down. Michaela put the necklace back into the vault and closed
and locked it.

Then Papa pulled Michaela up to the top of the chimney with the
rope and they watched from the rooftop as Lucifer Snidely and
his assistant crawled out of the sewer. They were immediately
surrounded by police with guns and they were arrested.

Even from the rooftop, Papa and Michaela could hear Lucifer
Snidely crying, "Curses! Foiled again!"

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