MOUSE3   3' Two lame mice and two blind cats fight crime

After Mickey the lame mouse found his true love Minnie and Felix
the blind cat met his new friend Felicia, the four of them
decided that they could all use their new found skills to fight
crime. And their first fight would be against the junkyard dog
who bit both Mickey and Minnie for no reason.

A junkyard dog is suppose to keep people from stealing car parts
from the junkyard. But this junkyard dog just liked to bite
people and animals who weren't stealing anything.

So, for the next several days, Mickey, Minnie, Felix and Felicia
practiced and practiced their battle in Felix's backyard. They
practiced until they moved through the battle perfectly. Then,
late one night they went to the junkyard for battle.

To start the battle, Minnie guided Felicia under the front gate,
then they crept up to the sleeping junkyard dog on quiet cat
feet, while Mickey guided Felix under the back gate. When both
cats were in position, they signaled each other by waving their
tails. Now the battle begins!

Felicia let out a loud screech, "Reeeou!" right into the dogs
ears. He awoke barking and growling and bearing his big teeth as
he chased Felix down the aisle between two rows of cars without
wheels, biting at Felicia's feet, but missing every time. This
chase continued up and down between the rows of old cars until
Felicia dived under a car that was just high enough off the
ground for a cat to fit, but too low for a dog to fit. The dog
barked and growled and beared his big teeth at Felicia, but he
couldn't reach her.

That was the signal for Mickey to guide Felix quietly up behind
the dog and let out loud screech, "Reeeou!". This surprised the
dog, who turned and ran after Felix. Again, the chase continued
up an down between the rows and rows of old cars until Mickey
found a car to dive under out of the dog's reach.

Then, it was Felicia's turn to lead the chase. The two cats took
turns teasing the dog until the mice could see that the dog was
getting tired. Then, both cats jumped up on the hood of a car
side-by-side and started leading the chase on top of the cars,
jumping from one car to the next, followed closely by the angry

The dog was now so angry that he didn't notice that the cats
were leading him higher and higher, first over the roofs of the
cars, then toward the edge of the junkyard where the old cars
were stacked one on top of another. Then the stacks of car were
higher and higher, until the cats and the dog were jumping over
stacks of cars four and five high. They were now higher than the
fence around the junkyard.

Suddenly, Minnie looked over to Mickey and nodded, Mickey nodded
and shouted, "Ready cats?"

"Ready!" shouted the cats.

With that, both mice, instead of jumping from car roof to
car roof, guided their cats into the side window of the end car
in the row. The dog's legs were now too tired to stop or change
directions. He tried to stop but the roof of the last car was
too slippery for his paws. So, he slid off the roof, over the
fence and into the street outside the junkyard. When he landed,
his legs were so tired from chasing the cats, that he couldn't
land on his feet. His legs collapsed and he slid across the
street and into the storm drain. 

Noone ever saw the junk yard dog again.

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