INVENTJ  6' Inventor's Daughter: bomb sniffer, helicopter shoes

Michaela was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of
breaking glass. She went to the bedroom window and looked down
at the back yard. She didn't see anything right away. But she
decided that she would watch for a while. Within a minute, she
saw a small flashlight moving around inside of her dad's

Maybe it was her dad working late as he often did. But why the
flashlight? And what about the sound of breaking glass? Then,
when the flashlight shined just right, she noticed a hole in the
glass in the door. This was a burglar. She ran to the phone,
then, while calling the police, she woke up her dad. By the time
they returned to her bedroom window, the burglar was gone.

Her dad went down to the workshop to see what, if anything, the
burglar took.

"Oh no!" exclaimed her dad, "He took the new bomb!"

Before the police arrived, two army trucks pulled into the

"Did they get the new bomb?" asked the captain.

Dad nodded and exclaimed, "We've got to get it back! If it goes
off, it could destroy every house in the neighborhood!"

He went to his computer and activated the tracking device inside
of the bomb.

"Oh no!" exclaimed dad, "The enemy agents usually escape by boat
from the harbor. This burglar is heading toward the airport. If
the bomb goes off there, it could destroy the entire terminal
building and kill thousands of people. Michaela, you need to go
put on all your inventions."

Michaela replied, "But I couldn't even pick up a bomb that big.
How can I help?"

Dad explained, "This new bomb was design to be carried in your
pocket. You'll do fine."

"Okay." said Michaela running to her room, "I'll be ready in a

A minute later, she ran back exclaiming, "My charm bracelet is

"It's okay." replied dad as he fastened the bracelet to her
wrist, "I put another charm on it."

"What does it do?" asked Michaela.

"It's a sniffer." explained dad, "It can smell the two bomb

"The bomb has components?!" asked Michaela.

"Yes." explained dad, "That's how I was able to make this bomb
so small. One component looks like a jelly bean. The other looks
like a tiny candy donut slightly larger than the jelly bean. If
you carry them in separate pockets, they're as harmless as
candy. But if you squeeze the jelly bean into the center of the
donut, you activate the bomb and it will explode in 10 seconds."

He pointed at the computer and said, "Now, I have set your right
eye piece to point at the airport terminal building. Ready?"

When Michaela pressed the "X" charm, the message in her left eye
lens said, "All systems go."

"Ready." said Michaela.

The captain said, "My soldiers are on the way to the airport.
But you'll probably get there before them. You go ahead and
start searching for the bomb with the sniffer. When you know who
has the bomb, you just signal to my men and they'll grab his
arms to stop him from activating the bomb."

"Understood." replied Michaela. Then she commanded, "Airplane
view". Then the red "X" in her left eye lens pointed at the
airport terminal building.

Then she commanded, "Take me there."

Immediately, she disappeared from the back lawn of her house and
reappeared on the roof of the airport terminal building.

She looked down at the roof and commanded, "See through that",
then looked for a private spot to land in. She pointed the red
"X" at a stall in the ladies room and commanded, "Take me

Immediately, she disappeared from the roof of the airport
terminal building and reappeared inside of the ladies room.

Now, Michaela had never seen the burglar's face, so, when she
came out of the ladies room, she pressed the charm that looked
like a nose to turn on the new sniffer. Then she walked as
quickly as she could through the crowds of people until a green
light went on in her left eye lens.

"Daddy," she whispered, "I see a green light."

"That means the bomb is within fifteen feet of you." replied

Michaela took note of all the people near her at the time. Then,
one by one, she walked by them until the red light went on in
her left eye lens.

"Red light, daddy!" whispered Michaela, "I think this must be
the guy!"

Just then, two soldiers walked into the building from opposite
exits. Michaela pointed to the burglar and nodded. The soldiers
moved slowly toward him. Unfortunately, the soldiers were
dressed in army uniforms. So, burglar saw them coming. He
reached into both pants pockets at the same time and took out
the jelly bean and the donut. He pressed the jelly bean into the
center of the donut. Then, he threw the bomb high across the
terminal and ran in the opposite direction.

"Daddy!" exclaimed Michaela as she activated her helicopter
shoes, "The bomb is active! I'm going to take it outside away
from the people."

While the soldiers tackled the burglar and hand-cuffed him, she
flew over the heads of people to the corner where the bomb had
landed. It was brightly colored, so it was easy to see. She
swooped in head first and scooped it off the floor.

"Open the door! Open the door!" she shouted as she flew over the
heads of the people.

But the people were so disturbed by the soldiers and amazed by
seeing a little girl flying through the air, that they just
watched. But Michaela had no choice. If she slowed down to open
the door herself, the bomb would go off. So, she decided to fly
head-first at the door and break the glass with her head. But
fortunately, two more soldiers were coming into the building to
help with the arrest of the burglar. They both opened the double
doors together.

"Coming through!" shouted Michaela as she flew head-first out
the open doors barely missing the soldiers.

"I'm outside, daddy!" exclaimed Michaela, "Where do I drop this

"I can see you on my computer screen." replied dad, "There's a
storm drain beyond the parking lot you're flying over. Do you
see it?"

"I see it!" shouted Michaela as she swooped down toward the
drain opening, "But I don't have time to land, so I'll just drop
the bomb as I fly over the drain hole. There! I dropped it. I
think it fell into the storm drain! I hope it fell into the
drain. Daddy, how long before the..."

Just then KABOOM! The bomb went off!

"Michaela! Michaela! Are you alright?!" exclaimed dad.

"I'm fine, Daddy." replied Michaela, "But three cast iron
manhole covers flew way up into the air. One of them landed on a
parked car and the burglar alarm went off. But I don't think
anyone was hurt."

"Michaela, this is the captain speaking," Michaela heard in her
earring, "You just saved thousands of lives. Thank you for your

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