INVENTG  9' Inventor's Daughter: invisible helicopter

Michaela was sitting in her classroom one day when a man in an
army uniform walked in the door. Michaela didn't recognize him.
But she packed up her books and things into her backpack and she
squeezed the "X" charm on her charm bracelet. Then the lens in
her left eye showed the message "All systems GO."

Her teacher said, "Michaela, you need to go with this man."

"I know." replied Michaela as she hurried out the door with the

When they got outside, the man offered his hand to Michaela and
said, "My name is Sergeant Green. I'll be working with you

Michaela asked, "What's going on? They usually talk to me by
radio. You didn't need to come all the way here."

"You don't understand." replied the sergeant, "I'm going with

"Why?" asked Michaela, "What needs to be done that I can't do

"Enemy agents are building a brand new helicopter that's
invisible." replied the sergeant, "The Army wants us to steal it
in order to keep enemy agents from using it to blow up buildings
and bridges."

"But I flew an airplane," asked Michaela, "Why can't I fly a

The sergeant replied, "Airplanes have computers that let them
fly like a video game. But helicopters have difficult controls
for both hands and both feet. So, if you can help me get into
the airplane hangar where the secret helicopter is, I can fly it

Michaela said, "But if you're going with me, you'll need to wear
all the inventions."

The sergeant replied, "I'm wearing all of them."

"But I don't see them." replied Michaela.

"Your dad took the charms off the bracelet and hung them here on
my pocket. The radio earrings are now ear plugs inside my ears.
See?" replied the sergeant as he turned his ear toward Michaela.

"Let's go then!" exclaimed Michaela, "Where to?!"

They both commanded "Satellite view." Then aimed their red "X"
at the airplane hangar in the foreign country. And both
commanded "Take me there" at the same time. Immediately, they
disappeared from the front lawn of the school and reappeared on
the roof of the airplane hangar 7000 miles away.

But when Michaela aimed the "X" at the roof and commanded "See
through that", she exclaimed, "Oh oh!"

"What's the matter?" asked the sergeant.

"The airplane hangar is completely empty!" replied Michaela,
"They moved the helicopter!"

Michaela and the sergeant split up to look for clues. Michaela
transported to the floor of the hangar below, while the sergeant
transported to the outside of the hangar looking for tire

"Sergeant, I found something!" exclaimed Michaela, "There's a
map of the airport on this bulletin board. And there's a pencil
mark on it."

Within seconds, the sergeant transported himself inside the
building next to Michaela. The pencil mark on the map pointed to
a square outside of the fence around the airport. They took the
map outside and compared it to what the airport actually looked

"There!" exclaimed Michaela as she pointed to a tall square
building on the other side of the fence.

"Let's check it out!" replied the sergeant.

Using the "airplane view" and "take me there" commands, they
transported themselves to the roof of the building. Sure enough
there was a huge white circle drawn on the roof of the building.
Inside the circle was a big white cross.

"This circle and cross marks a helicopter landing area." said
the sergeant,

"But there's no helicopter here." replied Michaela, "And there's
no stairway or elevator. There's no way for people to get to the
roof of the building from the floors below."

So, they walked around the edge of the roof of the building to
find more clues.

"Here!" exclaimed the sergeant pointing, "Huge hinges all around
the edge of the roof. And there's a seam down the middle of the

"What does that mean?" asked Michaela.

"That means that the helicopter doesn't land on the roof. When
the helicopter comes in to land, the roof opens up like two

"So, after the roof folds up, the helicopter lands on the floor
down below?" asked Michaela.

"That's the way it looks to me." replied the sergeant.

With that both of them used their see-through cameras to look
through the roof to the floor below.

"There it is!" exclaimed Michaela.

"Let's go!" exclaimed the sergeant. And immediately he
commanded, "Take me there."

"No! Wait!" exclaimed Michaela, "We have to turn off the TV
cameras and alarms!"

But it was too late. As soon as the sergeant reappeared on the
floor below, he set off the alarms all over the building. The
alarms meant that in a minute, guards with guns would come up to
the top floor to kill the intruders. So, while the sergeant
climbed into the helicopter and started the engines, Michaela
aimed the red "X" at the stairway just outside of the door and
commanded, "Take me there."

As soon as she reappeared at the top of the stairway, she heard
heavy footsteps and shouting from soldiers running up the
stairs. She commanded, "Tear gas" as she ran through the door
toward the helicopter. Immediately, pellets of tear gas shot out
of the heels of her shoes and tumbled down the stairs toward the
soldiers as she closed and locked the door behind her.

By now the helicopter engine was running at full speed. The
sergeant shouted, "Get in!"

But Michaela saw that the lights on the elevator meant that
guards with guns were coming up that way. So, she shouted to the
sergeant, "You go ahead! I'll catch up!"

There on the wall next to the stairway door was a grey box with
a big red button. She slapped the button with her hand, opening
the huge doors on the roof overhead.

Then she ran into the elevator control room and shut off the
switches to the electrical power. Then she ran back into the
main room. The helicopter was now out of the building and
climbing higher.

Michaela looked back to see if any of the soldiers had made it
to the top floor. Two men wearing gas-masked burst through the
door and aimed their guns at her.

She aimed the red "X" in her left eye at the helicopter, then
commanded, "Pull that."

Now, Michaela knew the helicopter was much to big for her little
body to pull down, so the PULL THAT command lifted her off the
floor and into the air. Her hand landed against the underside of
the helicopter. If she commanded "Let go" now, she would fall to
her death.

"I'm here, Sergeant. Full speed ahead." shouted Michaela.

The sergeant couldn't see her, but he pushed the throttle all
the way forward anyway.

Just then, Michaela saw the men in the building fire a rocket at
the helicopter.

"Michaela!" shouted the sergeant, "Our radar screen shows a
rocket coming after us!"

"I see it." shouted Michaela, "I'll take care of it. You keep

When the rocket got closer to the helicopter, Michaela grabbed
onto the landing gear of the helicopter and commanded, "Let go"
to free her hand from the underside of the helicopter.

While hanging from the landing gear, Michaela aimed the red "X"
at the oncoming rocket and commanded, "Push that. Push that.
Push that."

Slowly, with each command, the rocket turned further and further
away from the helicopter until it was turned back toward the
building. A few seconds later, the building exploded.

Michaela commanded "Helicopter shoes on. Take me up."

Now, already traveling at high speed, Michaela's helicopter
shoes merely helped her climb up the landing gear and into the

But her adventure wasn't over. Helicopters don't fly as fast or
as high as jet planes. So, the enemy agents kept firing guns and
rockets at the helicopter as it flew overhead. They didn't want
their new helicopter to be used by the United States Army.

While the sergeant flew the helicopter and avoided the oncoming
rockets and guns, Michaela tried to find the control that made
the helicopter invisible. On the floor next to the sergeant's
leg, she found a grey box the size of a briefcase. It wasn't
screwed down. It was only attached to the helicopter by a
computer cable.

Michaela picked up the box and opened it up. Inside the case was
what looked like her dad's laptop computer. But there was a red
switch on the edge. When she flicked the switch, everything
around her, including her own legs disappeared.

Immediately, the gun fire and rockets attacks stopped.

"This is it!" exclaimed Michaela, "There's nothing special about
this helicopter. We could make ANY helicopter or airplane
disappear with this thing."

"Really?!" replied the sergeant.

With that, he took his hand off the controls, and flicked the
switch. Immediately, the helicopter reappeared.

"No!" shouted Michaela, "If they can see us, they'll shoot us!"

But it was too late. A rocket hit the engine and the helicopter
began to spin out of control.

Michaela closed the grey box and disconnected the cable. Both of
them commanded "Satellite view", and aimed the red "X" at home,
and commanded "Take me there".

Michaela returned home with the grey box and, because of her
bravery, all of our army's helicopters could now fly anywhere
without being seen. Michaela was a hero again.

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