INVENTE  8' Inventor's Daughter: laser listener

"Michaela, honey, can you put on your inventions and come
downstairs?" shouted Michaela's dad.

When Michaela came down, she asked, "What's going on, daddy?"

Her dad explained as he removed the camera charm from Michaela's
bracelet, "The army needs you for another emergency. This NEW
camera charm will give you some new tools to help you."

"What are the new tools, daddy?" asked Michaela.

Her dad explained as he attached the new camera charm to the
bracelet, "Wherever you can see with the camera, you will now be
able to hear, smell and taste."

"Tell me about the emergency." replied Michaela.

"Well, it's nothing specific." explained dad, "That is, the army
doesn't know exactly what's going to happen, but they know that
several enemy agents have been buying explosives here in the

"You mean, they're going to blow up something?!" asked Michaela.

"Yes," replied dad, "but we don't know what they're going to
blow up and we don't know why."

He quickly taught Michaela how to use the new features of the
camera charm and where the Army men needed her. Then, Michaela
squeezed the camera charm and commanded, "Bird's eye view.
Airplane view."

Then, she aimed the red "X" in her left eye lens at the roof of
the city's tallest building and commanded, "Send me there."

Immediately, she disappeared from her house and reappeared on
the roof of the building. Three men in army uniforms were
already on the roof and were looking down over the edge of the
building with a camera, a telescope and a pair of binoculars.

"I'm here, Captain," said Michaela, "what would you like me to

He pointed at a window of the building across the street,
saying, "There's an enemy agent in there buying explosives. Do
you see him?"

Michaela's camera was already on. So, she aimed the red "X" at
the window and commanded, "Closer."

The picture in her left eye lens showed a close-up view of two
men, one counting money, the other looking into three wooden
boxes. She commanded, "Listen to that."

Immediately she could hear the last half of a sentence: "I want
three more boxes."

The man counting the money replied, "That's all you paid for.
That's all you get."

The man looking into the boxes said, "We were thinking of
setting off one more diversion."

The man counting the money replied, "It will take another week
to make more. You want to buy some more?"

"No," replied the other man, "The operation is on for tonight.
We'll just have to go with what we have."

The captain turned to Michaela and said, "I wish we could hear
what they were saying."

"I heard it." replied Michaela.

"You what?!" exclaimed the captain.

"My dad just added listening and tasting and smelling to the
camera charm."

"Well, what did he say?!" asked the captain.

"He said the explosions are just a diversion." Michaela replied.

"A diversion?!" exclaimed the captain. "What do you think that

Michaela replied, "It looks like the enemy agents are going to
set off explosions in order to get the police AWAY from what the
agents REALLY want to do."

The captain asked, "What on earth do they REALLY want to do?"

Michaela aimed the red "X" at the wooden boxes and commanded,
"Smell that."

Michaela expected to smell what was in the box of explosives.
But instead, a computer screen appeared in Michaela's left eye
lens with some graphs and numbers. So, she commanded, "Send

The captain asked, "Excuse me?"

"Oh," replied Michaela, "I just sent my dad an analysis of the
explosive in the boxes. It tells him what kind of explosives are
in the boxes."

The captain exclaimed, "You can do that?"

Michaela replied, "It's daddy's newest invention."

"Hey, that's a good idea!" exclaimed the captain.

Michaela heard her dad's voice in her earrings: "Michaela, can
you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, daddy" replied Michaela.

"The new sniffer in your new camera charm works really well.
Tell the captain that the explosives in the box are nothing more
than fourth of July sky rockets." said dad.

Michaela relayed, "Captain, Daddy says that the explosives are
nothing more than Fourth of July fireworks. They will go up in
the air and make a big bang, but they won't damage anything. I
think you should call the police and tell them to stay where
they are when they hear the explosions and not be fooled by the

The captain did just that.

Meanwhile, Michaela noticed that the man who just bought the
explosives was leaving the building. She used her camera to look
through the building and follow his movements. He carried them
outside and put them into the trunk of his car.

Using her helicopter shoes, Michaela followed the car through
the city streets from high overhead, until he parked the car
next to three similar cars and a small truck. He left the boxes
in the trunk and when into the back door of the nearby house.

Michaela landed on the roof of the house and used her
see-through camera to look and listen to the eight men inside.
They were standing around the kitchen table and pointing to a
map of the city.

There were four red "X's" drawn on the map like corners on a
square. And there was a red circle in the middle of the square.

"Daddy, can you hear me?" asked Michaela.

"Loud and clear." replied Dad.

"Daddy, tell the captain that there's eight enemy agents here."
reported Michaela, "There's a map of the city on the table with
a circle around the arena downtown, you know, where we saw the

"Yes, the arena." said Dad, "Go on."

"The four explosions will create a diversion two blocks in all
four directions from the arena. It looks like whatever they
REALLY want to do is at the arena."

"That's it!" exclaimed Dad.

"What's it?" asked Michaela.

"The president of the United States is speaking tonight at the
arena!" exclaimed Dad. "The enemy agents are either going to try
to kidnap the president or... Oh, no!"

With that Dad stopped talking to Michaela. She assumed that he
was telling the army captain about what was happening at the
arena. So, Michaela sprang into action. She aimed the red "X" at
the lawn near the door, then she commanded, "Take me there."

Immediately, she disappeared from the rooftop, then reappeared
on the lawn in front of the door. As four of the enemy agents
came running out the door of the house on the way out to the
cars, she commanded, "Fish Net."

With that, the necklace came off her neck and expanded to a
fishing net as it flew through the air toward the agents. It
completely entangled them all and held them until the captain
arrived with his army men and captured them. But the other four
agents who ran out the other door got away.

Michaela then commanded, "Airplane View". She aimed the red "X"
in her left eye on the roof of the arena, then commanded, "Take
me there."

Immediately she disappeared and reappeared on the roof of the
arena. Within five minutes, two of the four sets of sky rockets
exploded overhead. But the policemen guarding the president
stayed put as Michaela suggested.

She stepped to the edge of the roof and looked down at a truck
that was speeding toward the arena. It was the same truck that
was parked at the house with the cars of the other agents.

Michaela aimed the red "X" at the roof of the truck and
commanded "See-through that."

She could now see that both agents in the truck were sitting in
the front seat. So, she aimed the red "X" at the floor of the
truck behind them and commanded, "Take me there."

Immediately, she disappeared from the roof of the arena and
reappeared inside the truck behind the enemy agents. She
commanded, "Normal vision." Then she aimed the red "X" at the
parking brake near the driver and commanded, "Pull that HARD."
The truck suddenly slammed on it's breaks sending both agents
flying into the windshield, knocking them out.

They were immediately arrested. But everyone else lived happily
ever after.

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