INVENTD  7' Inventor's Daughter: multipurpose camera

Michaela had been waiting excitedly for her dad to finish his
latest invention. So, when Michaela brought her charm bracelet
down to the workshop to have her dad attach the new charm, she
was a little disappointed. Instead of adding a new charm to the
charm bracelet, her dad took off four of the charms, the camera
charm, the glove charm, the squirt-gun charm and the globe

"Does this mean I don't get a new invention, Daddy?" asked

Her dad answered, "Oh, I have a new invention for you. But I was
worried that there are already too many charms on the charm
bracelet. The more different charms you have, the longer it will
take for you to find the charm you need when you're in a hurry.
Remember what happened when you tried to transport to the top of
the tallest building in the city?"

"Yes," replied Michaela, "The globe charm transported me back in
time to a time when there were no tall buildings in the city.
Instead of landing on the roof of the building, I reappeared
hundreds of feet in the air and then I started falling like a

"How long did it take for you to find the helicopter charm and
activate it?" asked her dad.

"A few seconds." replied Michaela.

"A few seconds is too long if you're in danger, isn't it?" asked

"I guess so. But if I have a new invention, how do I get it to
work?" asked Michaela.

As her dad attached a new camera charm that looked exactly the
same as the old one, he explained, "I have combined the squirt
gun charm and the globe charm and the camera charm and the glove
charm with this new invention into one charm so it'll be easier
to find."

"How does it work?" asked Michaela.

Dad replied, "Try it. You'll see."

So, Michaela squeezed the "X" charm. The television picture in
her left eye lens displayed the message: "All systems GO."

When Michaela squeezed the camera charm, the lens showed a
television picture of what she was looking at.

"I can't see through anything. What happened to the see-through

As soon as Michaela said the words "see through". The television
picture showed what was on the other side of the wall she was
looking at. And then a red "X" appeared in the center of the

"Oh! I get it!" exclaimed Michaela, "The command is

"That's right!" said dad, "Now, while you're in see-through
mode, you can go wherever you can see."

Michaela smiled and asked, "You mean I can go through that

"Yes!" replied dad.

Michaela aimed the "X" at the grass outside of the workshop and
commanded, "Take me there".

Immediately, Michaela disappeared from the workshop and
reappeared on the grass outside.

"Cool!" exclaimed Michaela as she aimed the "X" at the floor
inside of the workshop next to her dad.

"Take me there." she commanded.

Immediately, Michaela disappeared from the back yard and
reappeared inside the workshop.

"Cool!" exclaimed Michaela.

Her dad taught her how to activate the other inventions now
controlled by the new camera charm and she practiced using them.

Less than two days later, Michaela needed to use the new

While she was in class at school, Michaela heard her dad's voice
in her earrings, "Michaela, we have an emergency!"

Michaela immediately excused herself from class and ran out of
the school. By now, her teacher didn't question why she was
leaving class. She knew that Michaela was needed by the
government for an emergency.

While Michaela was running out of the school, she activated the
charm bracelet and the camera. Then she commanded, "Bird's eye
view." The television picture was now a bird's eye view of the
school. Michaela commanded, "Airplane view. Satellite view."

Michaela was now looking at the whole earth as if it was a

Her dad gave her instructions where to aim the red "X". It was a
secret airplane hanger beside a large airport in a foreign

Michaela commanded, "Take me there."

Immediately, she disappeared from the front lawn of the school
and reappeared on the roof of the airplane hanger 7000 miles

Then she pointed the "X" at the roof she was standing on and
commanded, "See-through."

Michaela reported, "I can see several airplanes below. What now,

Her dad explained, "Enemy agents stole one of our army's
super-secret laser guns and they're going to install it in their
newest, fastest jet plane. With that gun on that airplane, the
enemy agents could blow up any building anywhere in the world.
We need to get that gun back. Send us the television picture
you're looking at now."

With that, Michaela commanded, "Send picture." and immediately
her dad and the army men with him could see inside of the
enemy's secret airplane hanger.

"Michaela, can you see that odd looking airplane in the corner?"
asked dad.

"Yes," replied Michaela as she moved her eyes until the "X"
aimed at the odd-looking new airplane.

"We need a close-up view of that airplane." explained dad.

Michaela commanded, "Look closer. Send picture."

"Oh no!" exclaimed dad.

"What's the matter?!" replied Michaela, "Did I do something

"No, punkin. You did good. That's exactly the picture we needed.
But we're too late. The stolen laser gun is already installed on
the airplane."

"What should I do?" asked Michaela, "Should I remove it?"

"No." replied dad, "There are too many people in the hangar and
it would take to long to remove it."

"What should I do then?" asked Michaela.

"One moment, please." said another voice, then there was a long
silence. Michaela got nervous.

"Michaela, sweety?" said dad after a long delay.

"I'm here." replied Michaela.

"As soon as the man at the nose of the airplane finishes
installing the cover over the laser gun, we want you to fly the
airplane out of there."

Michaela swallowed hard and replied, "But I don't know how to
fly an airplane!"

"Michaela, you can do this!" exclaimed dad.

"Tell me what to do. I'll do my best." replied Michaela.

While Michaela watched the airplane mechanic below screwing down
the cover over the lazer gun, she listened to dad's
instructions. As soon as the mechanic finished and walked away,
Michaela commanded, "Take me there."

She disappeared from the roof of the hangar and reappeared on
the wing of the airplane, then quickly jumped into the cockpit.
Then, she commanded, "Normal vision. Send picture."

The army men told her which buttons to push and what levers to
pull. The engines in the airplane roared to life. Within
seconds, red lights flashed all over the hangar and horns
blasted. Someone pushed the big red button to close the big
doors on the hangar to keep Michaela from leaving, but it was
too late. The airplane was already outside.

"Push the throttle all the way forward." said the voice in her

The airplane sped up and within seconds the airplane took off
almost straight up. A few seconds after that, the airplane was
out of sight of the hangar.

It turns out that the airplane was easier to fly than she
thought, because the way Michaela controlled the airplane was
much the same as the way she controlled her inventions. All she
had to do was point an "X" at where she wanted to go and push a
button. Within an hour, she landed the airplane at a United
States Air Force base and Michaela was a national hero again.
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