INVENTA  9' Inventor's Daughter: all inventions stolen

Lucifer Snidely paced back and forth in his prison cell saying,
"That little brat! Every time I steal things, she gets them
back! I can't even lock them in a vault with a computer
lock. She ALWAYS figures out a way to open it! I ALWAYS end
up in jail! This is the last time! Never again! The next time I
break out of jail, I'm going to steal more things than I've ever
stolen before and I'll hide them where that little brat will
never ever find them! Never!"

He thought and pondered and plotted and planned. And, after
pacing back and forth in his cell for days and days and days, he

"Aha!" he shouted, "I've got it! A perfect plan!"

He spent several weeks of planning the details of the plan and
sending his henchman on the outside to carrying out is plan
before his most brilliant escape and robbery took place.

One day, when the doors opened, Lucifer Snidely and the other
prisoners went outside for their daily exercise. Some of the
prisoners lifted weights, some of the ran around the track, and
some of them played softball or football.

But Snidely went out to the middle of the prison yard. When he
heard the sound of a helicopter come his way, he reached inside
of his shirt and pulled out a long heavy strap. The ends of the
strap where attached to a harness under his clothes. He held the
strap in a loop over to his head and faced the oncoming
helicopter. The helicopter passed over the prison walls and
swooped down over Snidely's head, snagging the strap with a
large hook and lifting him off the ground. Before anyone knew
what was happening, Snidely and the helicopter were out of

A few minutes later, the helicopter lowered Snidely to the roof
of Michaela's house, the took off, never to been seen again.
Snidely lowered himself from the rooftop to Michaela's window on
a roped. He kicked the window and broke it, knowing that
Michaela was in school and her parents were both working. Then
he climbed in through the window and went right over to her
closest and found the baseball hat. 

Snidely henchman had hired a detective to spy on Michaela to
find out where the hat was and where she hid it. Then the
detective stole the operating manual for the hat from the army.
Snidely had spent the last several weeks in prison memorizing
the manual and learning how to use Michaela's hat.

He adjusted the hatband to fit his own head and put it on, then
he stepped over to the window and climbed up on the windowsill.

Then he commanded, "Activate." Then a little red light went on
over his nose.

Then he commanded, "Helicopter." And he flew out the window and
straight up to 500 feet. He turned toward the city and flew to
the tallest building and landed on the roof. 

Then he commanded, "Helicopter off."

He walked over to the elevator control room on the roof. But the
door was locked.

So, he commanded, "Shrink me!". Immediately, he shrunk to the
size of dime. He walked under the door and into the room.

Then he commanded, "Grow me." Immediately he grew back to normal
size. He walked over to one of the elevators. He open the door
in the floor and looked down into the elevator shaft. He waited
until the elevator was on the bottom floor, then he switched it
off. Now he had the elevator shaft to himself.

Then he commanded, "Helicopter." He pointed the red "X" over his
left eye at the elevator below.

Then he commanded, "Take me down." He descend several floors
until he saw "47" on the doors.

Then he grabbed the bracket next to the door and commanded,
"Helicopter off."

Then he commanded, "Camera." Immediately, the image over his
left eye changed to a television picture of what was on the over
side of the wall. He looked behind all the walls until he found
the vault belonging to one of the largest diamond jewelers in
the world. He found a good place in the vault wall and cut a
hole through the wall of the elevator shaft and the vault wall
at the same time using a brand new laser torch. The hole was
about big enough for him to reach both hands through.

From the hole, he could see all the drawers where diamonds and
diamond jewelry were stored. He used the "camera" in the hat to
see through the drawers and find the ones full of diamonds.

Then he commanded, "Glove" and pointed the red "X" on the screen
at the selected drawer. Then he commanded, "Pull". Immediately,
the drawer came loose and flew across the room into Snidely's
hand. He poured the diamonds from the drawer into his backpack.
And he repeated this for all the drawer with diamonds. By the
time he finished, his backpack was crammed with diamonds.

Then he commanded, "Helicopter" and pointed the "X" on the
screen at the elevator control room on the roof and commanded,
"Take me up." He flew up the shaft and through the door into the
control room.

Then he commanded, "Shrink me!". Immediately, he shrunk to the
size of dime. He walked under the door and out onto the roof.

Then he commanded, "Grow me." Immediately he grew back to normal

Then he commanded, "Helicopter." He pointed the red "X" at the
mountains in the distance. He flew to the tallest mountain and
landed near the peak.

Then he commanded, "Helicopter off."

Scattered all around the peak of the mountain were hundreds
of rocks large and small. His henchman had climbed the
mountain a few daily before and left ten artificial rocks
that were hollow. So, he commanded, "Camera." He used the camera
to find the rocks that were hollow. Then he pulled out a remote
control and waved it at each hollow rock and the rock opened
like a clam. He filled each rock with diamonds and closed it
with the remote control.

Then he flew away and hid from the police. 

Because of his good planning, from the time he escaped from
prison to the time he went into hiding, one hour had gone by.

Less than an hour after that, Lucifer Snidely had been captured
by police and the diamonds he stole were returned to the

"That little brat! She did it again! How did she do that?!"
asked Lucifer Snidely.

Here's how Michaela did it:

After Michaela saved the Prime Minister's daughter from
kidnappers, everyone agreed that the new charm bracelet worked
perfect. They agreed that Michaela should wear the bracelet,
earrings, necklace and helicopter shoes all the time wherever
she goes. So, she wore them to school the day Lucifer Snidely
broke out of prison.

Immediate after the prison break, Michaela heard the policeman
told Michaela about it through her earrings. He told her the
direction that the helicopter was headed from the prison. She
excused herself from class and ran out of the school. She
squeezed the triangle charm turning on all the devices.

She commanded, "Helicopter, take me up."

She flew straight up to five hundred feet high, then turned
toward the prison.

She commanded, "Magnify." Immediately, the television picture in
her left eye enlarged, showing a helicopter coming her way.

"I see him." Michaela exclaimed, "He's coming this way."

She commanded, "Helicopter, take me lower."

She hid behind trees and buildings as she followed Snidely.

"The helicopter dropped Lucifer Snidely on the roof of my
house and flew away." she reported to the police.

"I'll have my men close in and capture him." said the policeman.

"No no!" replied Michaela, "Let me follow him until he goes into
hiding with his henchman."

"Good idea." said the policeman. "We'll wait until we can arrest
them both."

Michaela watched from a neighbors tree while Snidely broke in
and stole the baseball hat and flew away. She followed him as he
flew toward the city. She lost sight of him behind buildings,
but she knew exactly where he was because she could see his red
dot on the map over her left eyes. So, she remained hidden while
he landed on the tallest building and disappeared under the
elevator control room.

She described to the police what she saw through her left eye,
"He went down the elevator shaft to the 47th floor."

"That's the big jewelry dealer. He's probably breaking into
their vault."

Michaela waited until he returned to the roof and flew off
toward the mountains. She landed on the other side of the
mountain peak and watched while Snidely hid the diamonds in the
fake rocks. She made a note of where the rocks were, then she
followed him to his hideout. 

Then, after she used her camera charm to look through the walls
to confirm that his henchman was there with him, she reported
his location to police. When they arrested Snidely, they emptied
his pockets and gave the remote control to Michaela so she could
open the fake rocks and retrieve the diamonds.

She flew back to the mountain and met a police helicopter. She
used her camera charm to see which rocks contained the diamonds,
then she opened them and gave the diamonds to police who
returned them to the jeweler.

Lucifer Snidely was returned to prison thanks to the inventor's

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