INVENT9  9' Inventor's Daughter: gadgets on a charm bracelet

Michaela was sitting at her desk at school when she heard a
familiar sound.

Tommy shouted, "Here comes that black helicopter again!"

The whole class ran to the windows to see it land. But Michaela,
knowing why the helicopter had come, packed up her things in her

"May I please be excused, Miss Logan?" asked Michaela.

"Yes, of course!" replied her teacher, "Your country needs you!"

Michaela ran out to meet the helicopter as it landed on the
front lawn of the school. When the helicopter door slid open,
her dad reached for her and shouted, "Hello, punkin!"

"Daddy!" shouted Michaela as she climbed in, "I thought those
enemy agents kidnapped you again."

"No," replied her dad as he slid the door closed behind
Michaela, "This time we're going to try to prevent a

"Who?" asked Michaela.

"The daughter of the prime minister of Canada." replied her dad,
"The Canadians have been listening in on enemy telephone calls
and they heard about a plot to kidnapped the Prime Minister's
daughter and ask for a ransom of twenty million dollars."

"The Canadians have their own army." said Michaela, "Why do they
need us?"

"Two things," relied her dad, "First, they heard about how you
used my inventions in other kidnappings. They liked the idea
that you got me back without shooting a gun. Second, the prime
minister's daughter looks like you. We thought we would have you
pretend to be the daughter. Just in case we can't prevent the
kidnapping, you'll be able to use the inventions to escape --
maybe even capture the kidnappers."

"Sounds like fun!" said Michaela, "What do you want me to do?"

"First," replied her dad, "the prime minister's daughter will
get into the limousine and ride over to the hotel for the party.
But YOU will get out of the limousine dressed in HER dress, with
a wig on so you'll look just like her."

"Then, we've got problems!" said Michaela, "I can't go into a
party wearing a party dress with that baseball hat!"

"I know," replied her dad, "I've been working on a couple of new
inventions that should be perfect for this operation."

"What inventions?" asked Michaela.

Dad replied, as he handed Michaela what looked like a charm
bracelet, "All the things your hat can do, this can do."

Michaela examined the bracelet and pointed. "Here's a tiny
squirt gun with a telescope on top. And here's a tiny garage
door opener. And here's a regular size dime. And a teeny tiny
camera. And here's a little tiny glove. Do all these things

"Yes, of course," replied her dad.

"But where's the television screen?" asked Michaela.

Her dad opened a tiny box and replied, "These two contact lenses
will fit right against your eyes. What you look at is where the
other inventions will aim."

Michaela put the lenses in her eyes and practiced with the
lenses and the new inventions during the two hour flight to
Canada. When she stepped out of the limousine at the hotel
wearing the party dress and the wig, even the people who knew
the prime minister's daughter didn't know it was Michaela. She
shook hands with the adults and did everything expected of her.
Noone, not even the kidnappers knew that they were about to
kidnap the wrong girl.

Suddenly there was an explosion! All the lights in the hotel
went off. The room was completely dark. Michaela heard scuffling
and wrestling in the dark but she couldn't see a thing. She felt
a blanket surround her, then someone with strong arms lifted her
up and carried her out of the hotel to a waiting truck. She
heard men's voices in the truck but because of the blanket, she
couldn't see a thing.

As soon as the man sat her on the floor of the truck, Michaela
felt for the triangle charm on the charm bracelet that turned
the whole thing on and she squeezed it. She heard a beep from
the earrings she was wearing telling her that the inventions
were all working normally.

A few seconds later, she heard her dad's voice in her ear,
"Michaela, can you hear me?"

Michaela had to whisper, "Yes, Daddy, I hear you just fine. Is
the tracker working?"

"Yes," replied her dad, "The tracker shows that the truck you
are in is heading toward the harbor. It looks like the
kidnappers are going to try to get you out of the country by
boat. Don't try to get away before you get onboard the boat. We
want to capture all the kidnappers and they won't all be
together until you get to the boat. Understood?"

"Understood." replied Michaela.

When the truck began to slow down, her dad reported, "Michaela,
the police and army are just two minutes behind you. As soon as
you get onto the boat, they'll move in and capture the
kidnappers. Understood?"

"Understood." replied Michaela.

But when the truck stopped at the harbor, the kidnappers didn't
get on a boat. The kidnappers were very clever. They carried
Michaela, still wrapped in a blanket, onto a helicopter and took

Michaela whispered, "Daddy, the kidnappers are leaving by

"Oh, dear!" replied dad, "That means we'll be even farther
behind you. They'll probably land the helicopter a the deck of a
big ship out at sea. That will make the rescue a little more

Michaela whispered, "It's okay, Daddy. I can handle it."

A few minutes later, the helicopter touched down, one of the men
lifted Michaela and carried her down some stairs and laid her on
the cold steel floor. She could tell by the steel and by the
engine noise that she was on a big ship at sea.

As soon as Michaela heard the man walk out of the room and close
the big steel door, she threw off the blanket and looked around.
She was in the engine room. There was noone else around, so she
stood up and looked for a way out of the room. But both steel
doors were locked.

So, Michaela found the charm on the charm bracelet that looked
like a dime and squeezed it. She shrank to the size of a dime
and walked under the door. Then she looked around to make sure
noone could see and she squeezed the dime again and grew back to
normal size.

She walked down the hall toward the stairway, but one of the
kidnappers came running down the stairs. She squeezed the tiny
garage door opener charm and disappeared. She pressed her back
against the wall until the guard ran by. Then she let go of the
charm and reappeared as she scrambled up the stairs as the
kidnapper went into the engine room.

Suddenly, Michaela heard some shouting, then red lights and
sirens went on and off all over the ship. The kidnappers had now
discovered that she had escaped from the engine room. He came
running down the hallway and reached the stairs before Michaela
reached the top.

She turned and squeezed the gloved charm on the charm bracelet.
A red "X" appeared over her left eye. She looked at the gun in
the kidnapper's hand and shouted "Pull!". The gun came flying
out of his hand. Then Michaela immediately shouted "Push!"
Before the gun got to Michaela's hand, it flew back toward the
kidnapper, hitting him in the head and knocking him backward
down the stairs and knocking him out.

There was a door at the top of the stairs. Michaela squeezed the
tiny camera charm on the charm bracelet. The contact lens over
her left eye showed a television picture of what was on the
other side of the door. It was a guard standing with his back to
the door with a gun in his hand.

Michaela slowly and quietly tried the door knob. It wasn't
locked. So, she turned the knob with one hand and squeezed the
tiny glove charm with the other hand. The television picture on
the lens changed to normal vision with a red "X". Michaela
pointed the "X" at the door with her eye and shouted "PUSH!".

The door opened fast, hitting the guard in the back, knocking
him off his feet. He dropped his gun. Michaela picked up the

The guard said, "Oh oh!". He jump to his feet and ran down the
corridor and out of sight. Michaela dropped the gun in a waste
basket as she made her way up to the top deck as she heard the
sound of helicopters and boats in the distance.

But before she could get to the top deck, the guard returned
with two more guards and three guns. Michaela immediately
squeezed the new tiny fish charm on the charm bracelet. She
aimed the red "X" at the man in the middle and shouted "Fishing
net". The necklace around her neck leaped off and transformed
into a fishing net and entangled the men. They fell in a heap
and their guns were useless.

Then she made her way toward the top deck.

"Michaela are you there?" came her dad's voice.

"Yes, Daddy. I'm almost at the top deck." replied Michaela.

Dad replied, "Michaela, a man is shooting at us from the top
deck. We can't land until you get rid of him."

"Understood." replied Michaela.

When she got to the top of the last stairway, she saw a man
shooting a big gun at the helicopters. The gun was attached to
the deck of the boat, so the glove charm on the bracelet
couldn't work. So, Michaela squeezed the tiny new helicopter
charm on the charm bracelet. Immediately, she felt motors on the
bottoms of her patent leather party shoes roar into action. They
lifted her off the ground. Wherever she looked, the helicopter
shoes flew her. So, she flew over the gunman's head, kicking him
as she flew over and knocking him in the water.

She turned back to land on the deck again, but the three gunmen
had cut themselves loose from the fishing net, so Michaela
turned and flew toward her dad's helicopter. As she approached,
her dad slid the big door open and caught her in his arms.

"Nice work, Punkin!" he shouted.

They turned and looked down at the kidnappers ship. Six soldiers
slid down ropes from another helicopter to the ship's deck as
police and soldiers jumped from boats onto the lower decks of
the ship. The kidnappers all put down their guns and raised
their hands.

A voice shouted from the radio in the helicopter, "The
kidnappers surrendered! We got them all! Thank you, Michaela for
a job well done!"

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