INVENT7  6' Inventor's Daughter: anti-gravity

Michaela's dad was an inventor. An inventor makes things that
nobody has ever made before. Michaela's dad made things that
were so good that men in army uniforms would come to the house
to see if the latest invention could be used by the army.

But after Michaela's dad was kidnapped by the enemy, he invented
something to make it easier for Michaela to rescue him if he was
ever kidnapped again. All five of the first inventions were
included in what looked like an ordinary baseball cap. The cap
also had a few more inventions to make the other inventions
easier to use. Michaela's dad taught her how to use the new
inventions and then he told her to hide the baseball cap in a
safe place just in case he was ever kidnapped again.

Sure enough, after only one week, enemy agents kidnapped
Michaela's dad again! She called the police and reported the
kidnapping, then she went to her closet and pulled out the
baseball hat and put it on. Then she commanded, "Activate!"

The baseball cap beeped twice and a small red light went on on
the underside of the hat just above Michaela's nose.

Then Michaela commanded, "Locate Daddy!"

Then a tiny television screen came down in front of Michaela's
left eye. On the screen was a map of California. There was a red
dot blinking over the blue Pacific Ocean on the map, and the red
dot was moving away from California out to sea.

Then Michaela commanded, "Look closer."

The view on the map changed. Michaela could now see that the
boat was offshore from Dana Point.

Michaela ran outside. As soon as she was out the door, Michaela
commanded, "Helicopter."

Michaela grabbed the hat with both hands and the hat lifted her
off the ground up to 500 feet in the air.

Then Michaela commanded, "Follow Daddy."

The hat turned Michaela in the direction of Dana Point and
whisked her over the land to Dana Point, then out to sea toward
the southwest. As she whisked along, the red dot on the tiny
television screen came closer. Within a few minutes, Michaela
could see the large boat going at full speed across the ocean.

Then Michaela commanded, "Land on top of the boat!"

The hat gently lowered Michaela to the top of the speeding boat.

Then Michaela commanded, "Helicopter off!"

Just then, three enemy agents with guns came up the stairs
toward Michaela shouting at her in a foreign language.

Then Michaela commanded, "Invisible!"

Michaela immediately became invisible. She ran past the three
men and down the stairs to the pilot house. Then Michaela
commanded, "Visible!"

Michaela shouted to the pilot, "Turn this boat around and take
my daddy home!"

But instead of turning the boat, the pilot, who was also an
enemy agent, pulled out a gun and aimed it at Michaela.

Then Michaela commanded, "Manipulator!"

Immediately the picture on the tiny TV screen in front of
Michaela's eye changed from a map to a television image of the
man with the gun. Michaela moved her head until the tiny "X" on
the screen pointed at the gun in his hand.

Then Michaela commanded, "Pull!"

The gun came flying out of the man's hand. Michaela reached out
and caught the gun and pointed it at the man. He ran out the
other door and jumped overboard.

Michaela turned the wheel until the boat was going back toward
Dana Point. Then, as Michaela ran down the stairs to the decks
below, she commanded, "See-through camera!"

The picture on the TV screen was now looking wherever Michaela
looked. She turned her head toward the rooms along the hallway,
then commanded, "Look through that!"

The tiny television now showed Michaela what was on the other
side of the wall. She looked through the walls of all the rooms
along the hallway until she found her dad. Michaela tried to
open the door but it was locked. So, Michaela commanded, "Shrink

Michaela shrank to the size of a dime and walked right under the
door. Then Michaela commanded, "Grow me!" and grew back to
normal size.

Her dad was tied up in a chair. "I knew you could do it!" said

Michaela untied her dad and the two of them held hands while
Michaela commanded, "Shrink us!". Both of them shrunk and walked
under the door out into the hallway.

Then Michaela commanded, "Grow us!" and the two of them grew
back to normal size.

Just then, the three enemy agents with guns came running at
Michaela and her Dad.

Then Michaela commanded, "Fishing net!"

A fishing net came flying out of the hat and completely wrapped
up the three agents. The more they struggled, the tighter the
net closed. Their guns were useless. They all fell on the floor
in a pile. Michaela and her dad stepped over them and climbed up
the stairs to the main deck.

In the distance, they could see the police boat coming toward
them. But behind them, they could hear the three enemy agents
with guns running up the stairs toward them.

As soon as they reached the main deck, Michaela commanded,
"Fishing net!"

But nothing happened.

Her dad said, "Sorry, honey, there's only room for one net in
your hat. You'll have to think of something else."

Then Michaela commanded, "Mover!"

The tiny television screen, showed a red "X" over whatever
Michaela was looking at. So, she pointed the red "X" at the
police boat that was coming toward her, she grabbed her dads
hand and commanded, "Move us there!"

Immediately, Michaela and her dad disappeared from the boat and
reappeared safely on the deck of the police boat.

A few seconds later the enemy agents turned the boat around and
cruised at full speed away from the police. They were never seen

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