INVENT5  4' Inventor's Daughter: push-button shrinker

Michaela's dad was an inventor. An inventor makes things that
nobody has ever made before. Michaela's dad made things that
were so good that men in army uniforms would come to the house
to see if his latest invention could be used by the army.

Michaela's dad usually kept his workshop locked when he wasn't
working on an invention. But one day, Michaela came by the door
when it wasn't locked and her dad wasn't home.

Michaela didn't get to be in her dad's workshop very much, so
she went in to look around. On the workbench was what looked
like a dime. When she looked closer, she noticed that the dime
had a red push-button in the middle of it.

Michaela looked around to make sure her dad couldn't see her,
then she picked up the dime and pushed the button. Immediately,
Michaela began to shrink! Within one second she was only a half
inch tall.

"Oh, dear!" cried Michaela. "What have I done?!"

Then, she noticed that the dime in her hand had also shrunk and
was still in her hand. So, she pressed the red push-button
again. Within one second she grew back to her original size.

"That was a close one!" Michaela said. "What if the dime hadn't
shrunk with me? What if I was small forever?!"

Just then, Michaela heard the little neighbor girl Emily crying
as she came through the side gate, "Michaela?! Michaela?! Where
are you!"

Michaela ran out of the workshop quickly and closed the door.

"I'm here, Emily. What's the matter?" replied Michaela.

"I locked myself out of the house!" cried Emily.

"Well, just knock on the door. You're mother will open it for
you." replied Michaela.

"No. Mama is taking a nap and she told me not to disturb her."

Suddenly, Michaela realized that she still had her dad's dime in
her hand. She guided Emily back through the gate and told her,
"You go try the front door and I'll go try the back door."

"But I already tried both doors!" cried Emily, "They're both

"Try it again, just for me." insisted Michaela as she pushed
Emily toward the front yard.

"Well, okay," cried Emily, "I'll try it again."

And she walked around to the front of the house. Michaela didn't
really think Emily could get into the front door. She just
didn't want Emily to see Michaela using her dad's new invention.

Michaela ran to the back door and then she pushed the little red
push-button in the dime. One second later, Michaela was short
enough that she could just walk under the back door. When she
got inside the house, she pushed the button again and grew back
to normal size. She hurried to the front door on tip-toes so as
not to awaken Emily's mom.

When she opened the front door, Michaela whispered as she
stepped outside and returned home, "There you go!"

"Thank you!" whispered Emily.

When Michaela got back to the workshop, she realized that she
had locked the door. So, she pushed the red button again and
shrank to a half-inch tall.

But before she could walk under the door, the robin red-breast
in the tree flew down at Michaela and landed almost on top of
her and started pecking at her. The bird thought Michaela was a
worm or an insect that was good to eat. But before the bird
could pick her up and eat her, Michaela ran under the door and
into the workshop.

"That was a close one!" cried Michaela as she pushed the button
again and grew back to normal size, "Now I see why Daddy doesn't
want me to play with his inventions!"

She put the dime back on the workbench and left the workshop
never to return!

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